Royal Caribbean CocoCay – How to Have the Perfect Day

I have 3 words for you – ROYAL CARIBBEAN COCOCAY. You will literally (and I promise you this) have the most perfect day at CocoCay while cruising with Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay - The Perfect Day at CocoCay

I had the opportunity to visit CocoCay with Royal Caribbean a couple of weeks ago and I was beyond impressed with the amount of things to do on the island. I’m telling you right now, this is one of the best family destinations I have ever traveled to and I highly suggest you visit! I’m thrilled to share ALL about it with you!

Royal Caribbean CocoCay – The Perfect Day at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean CocoCay - Perfect Day at Cococay

We’re always on the hunt for the best destinations to travel to with our 5 kids. We’re all about making sure there’s something for everyone – mom and dad, the teens (William is 14, Alex is 13), the tweens (Ben is 12 and Henry is 11) and our youngest (Victoria is 5 years old!). Believe it or not, it’s not always easy to do without dividing up for the entire day. This is something I don’t like to do because when we’re on vacation, I want to be with my entire family.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay was mind boggling for me. It is the PERFECT place for a family, hands down. It is the PERFECT place for a couple, hands down. It is the PERFECT place for a girl’s weekend, hands down. How many destinations can you truly say that about? Not many. I was simply in awe of all that there was to do for everyone and anyone, at any age.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay - Perfect Day at Cococay

The $250 million transformation of CocoCay debuts a combination of first-of-their-kind thrills and one-of-a-kind ways to chill that forever changes what is possible in a vacation destination. From plunging down the tallest waterslide in North America and traveling up to 450 feet in the air in the Up, Up and Away helium balloon, to conquering the Caribbean’s largest wave pool, thrill seekers can find plenty of ways to put their courage to the test.

Royal Caribbean Cococay

For those looking to relax, Royal Caribbean CocoCay Perfect Day features the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, Oasis Lagoon; and pristine, white sand beaches with crystal-clear tropical water, so guests of all ages can create their perfect beach day. It was like a found my mecca, my try heave on earth for a day. I actually (kind of) felt bad not having my kids with me! It was very cool and different exploring with JUST my husband, but we enjoyed and took in every single second.

Audrey and Matt McClelland

I want to outline for you exactly what there is to do on CocoCay! We made a point to try and enjoy everything that we possibly could. They cool factor about CocoCay is that when you want the thrills, they’re right there. When you want the chill, it’s right there.

There is something for everyone to enjoy while on vacation and that’s something that I appreciate and really love that Royal Carribbean CocoCay offers. If you want to lay out under the sun, you can… and then when you want a water slide, you’re feet away!

My husband captured our day at CocoCay on video where he really did an excellent highlighting all of the awesomeness that the island has to offer! You’ll see that you truly do have the perfect mix of thrill and chill. You’ll see that you truly do have so much to do while visiting. It’s simple awesome to have this kind of everything right here in ONE SPOT!

Let me walk you through everything that Royal Caribbean CocoCay has for guests:

THRILL TIME: Daredevils Wanted at Thrill Waterpark

Perfect Day at Cococay

Perfect Day at CocoCay

At the heart of Perfect Day at CocoCay is Thrill Waterpark, daring the most adrenaline-seeking guests to conquer two brag-worthy towers with 13 waterslides – as well as the Caribbean’s largest wave pool and the Adventure Pool with a family friendly obstacle course. Key features include:

  • Daredevil’s Tower – Guests can push their limits on seven exhilarating single-rider waterslides of various heights, including the 135-foot-tall Daredevil’s Peak – the tallest waterslide in North America.
  • Additional highlights are the twin Dueling Demon drop slides, launching riders from a vertical position; the Manta Raycers, where friends can race down twin open flume slides; the high-speed, fully vertical Screeching Serpent; and the coiling Green Mamba, a massive aqua tube slide.
  • Splash Summit – Adventurous families will share the thrill with six multi-rider slides, including The Slingshot, a zero-gravity slide for four; The Twister, a winding tube slide for two on a tandem raft; and the four-lane Splash Speedway racing slides.
  • Wave Pool – Vacationers can ride the tide at the largest wave pool in the Caribbean, where a timer on the back wall counts down to the start of big waves.
  • Adventure Pool – This interactive obstacle course on water features floating lily pads, a rock-climbing wall and two swing ropes for guests to bounce, climb and swing to their heart’s content.

I’m thrilled (pun intended!) to share that we did EVERYTHING over at Thrill Waterpark. It was just awesome and so much fun to play and take advantage of all that it offers! We were giggling and laughing the entire time! It was so cool to see how much fun we had as adults! My kids couldn’t believe that I conquered Daredevil’s Peak, but there’s actually video to prove it!

Royal Caribbean Cococay

Above and Beyond with Up, Up and Away
On Up, Up and Away, everyone scores a view unlike any other from a colorful helium balloon securely tethered to the ground by cable. The signature attraction floats up to 450 feet above Perfect Day at CocoCay, allowing guests to take in the island from the highest vantage point in The Bahamas and capture the ultimate selfie with the private island and the pristine blue waters of The Bahamas as their backdrop.

Swim mats

Playing it Cool at Oasis Lagoon
Guests can explore the coves of Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean – whether looking to spend time with family, share a few cocktails with friends or simply sit back under the tropical sun. Sunbathers can make their way through three distinct coves, each with a vibe of their own, and swim to the beat of the underwater sound system.

Families with small children can splash through water features and jump right into the excitement at the kid-friendly beach entry. On the south side of Oasis Lagoon, pool-goers can sip a frosty Coco Loco at the expansive swim-up bar, catch some sunrays on one of three swim-up islands with in-water loungers, or treat themselves to total relaxation in a private cabana, complete with its own cabana attendant.

Perfect Day at Cococay

Dining Harborside
At Captain Jack’s, the island hangout and meet-up spot, guests can grab a drink at the rowboat bar, settle into a rope swing seat or snack on the house specialty – chicken wings and fries dipped in signature sauces like mango-habanero and Caribbean jerk. Live jams and harborside views put vacationers in an island state of mind in no time. For more delicious eats, vacationers can also head to Skipper’s Grill for complimentary lunchtime favorites like salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, fresh fruit and desserts.

Small Hands on Deck at Captain Jill’s Galleon and Splashaway Bay

Perfect Day at CocoCay features an array of exciting features for kids of all ages. From three dry slides and 16 water cannons, to rope features and a splash pad, Captain Jill’s Galleon is an interactive play structure loaded with swashbuckling thrills.

Splashaway Bay, the coolest aqua park at sea, is breaking out beyond the deck and coming ashore as the largest one yet. Kids can enjoy bigger adventures than ever before with more fountains, sprinklers and geysers – plus two massive drench buckets and five waterslides, including three racers. Located along the harbor between Captain Jack’s and Skipper’s Grill, this complimentary attraction offers plenty of seating and tables for families.

Zip Lining at Royal Caribbean CocoCay

High-Flying Hangout at the Zip Line
Leave cares on the ground and soar on the 1,600-foot-long zip-line course that crisscrosses the island, beginning near the arrivals plaza and ending across the harbor.

Audrey McClelland in Bathing Suit

An Out-of-Office Oasis at Chill Island

Miles away from ordinary with pristine, crystal-clear tropical waters and white powder-like sand is Chill Island, the island escape travelers dream about. Chill Grill, the largest dining venue on the island, serves up beachside dining at shaded picnic tables on the sand. Guests can also find beach day favorites here, including snorkeling, jet-skiing excursions as well as plentiful cabanas and daybeds for relaxation under the shade. Add in beach bars
with roaming bartenders, and guests will truly wish they lived here.

Perfect Day at Cococay

It’s Game on at South Beach
Vacationers can fuel their competitive fire on the action-packed South Beach with volleyball, beachside basketball, soccer and paddle boarding. After working up an appetite, grab a bite at the Snack Shack or wade out to the floating bar to cool off with a drink. If relaxation is the game plan, beachfront cabanas are perfect for lounging in the shade.

Audrey McClelland in Bathing Suit

Elevating the Perfect Beach Day
Among the final experiences to be completed, Coco Beach Club is set to open in December. Here, travelers will experience an upscale take on the island’s authentic Caribbean vibes.

  • Overwater Cabanas – The first overwater cabanas in The Bahamas will offer discerning guests a new level of laidback luxury. Each with its own slide into the ocean, overwater hammock, shower and dedicated attendant, the exclusive cabanas will have everything vacationers would want for a day of complete indulgence.
  • Infinity Pool – Spanning an expansive 2,600-plus feet, this beachfront infinity pool is at the center of Zen with in-water loungers.
  • Club and Deck Area – Beachside cabanas and daybeds will provide a private slice of paradise. Elsewhere, guests can enjoy an exclusive dining venue that serves up freshly made Mediterranean fare with a side of ocean views.

This was just the coolest experience ever and we cannot wait to bring our 5 kids back! We know they’re going to love it, as will you! The entertainment, the food, the activities, the pools and slides, the bathrooms, the chairs and mats available, it’s all amazing.

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