What to Wear Running

I’m a big believer in taking care of yourself and doing everything you can to make sure you’re keeping yourself healthy and fit. Running has been a sport that I’ve done for years on my own. There’s nothing like running outside on a warm morning, it’s my favorite time to workout. I’m not the fastest runner by far and I’m not amazing at it, but I enjoy how it makes me feel. But here’s the big question I get from other moms when I walk about running… it’s all about what to wear running! Women like to know what brands work the best and (most important) feel the best on you.

What to Wear Running

What to Wear Running

When it comes to trying to figure out and determine what to wear running, you need to really think of a few things:

  1. What’s the weather like when and where you’re running. I love in New England, so I can really only run outdoors without being bundled from head to toe 6-8 months out of the year. I use a treadmill on the colder months, so that impacts my clothing, too.
  2. What do you feel comfortable running in? I love to wear sports bras because I sweat a ton and the more layers I have on me, the more sweat I seem to get! I love just running in the least amount of layers that I possibly can run in.
  3. What would inspire you to get up and get out running? Don’t laugh when you read this, I’m very serious here. The right workout clothes can motivate you and inspire you to keep going! It’s something that I truly believe to the core. Clothing can give you an emotional response to something, so when I see something pretty or eye appealing it makes me WANT to wear it! Make sure you know what kinds of styles and prints and colors will keep you moving!What to Wear Running

I personally love me some New Balance! New Balance has style and comfort and fit for everyone. They have athletic shoes and fitness apparel. They have tons of different styles and options, too. If you’re looking to do yoga or tennis or biking or cross fit, they have something for you. They have so many different selections and each style gives you what you’re looking for on your fitness journey. Since I’m talking about what to wear running, I wanted to work through what I have on and why it’s GREAT for running outside and inside, too!

What to Wear Running

What to Wear Running – I’m breaking down my look right here, this is my go to look right now! I’m OBSESSED with each one of these pieces.

What to wear running

New Balance High Rise Transform Pocket TightOur High Rise Transform Pocket Tight for women features a flattering, high-rise fit that’s run-ready. Great for studio workouts, too, it’s made with power mesh insets at the leg and on the back of the contour waistband that add breathability as you stretch and strengthen, while angular fabric blocking lends modern style points A reflective logo adds a touch of shine, and two side pockets store keys, cash and cards. I’m OBSESSED that the waist is higher because (I’m being mad real here) it tucks it all in! I’ve had 5 kids, so I need to make sure I feel as comfortable as can be. The colorblocking on these pants is AMAZING and I just think it’s super cool looking! I love these pants!! They are awesome and really give me the breathability I need!

New Balance Sports Bra NB Pace Bra 2.0Athletes and runners: support your workout in our updated Shockingly Unshocking 2.0 high impact sports bra. A stabilizing foundation to your workout gear, this bra has convertible straps that can be worn over the shoulder or criss-cross. The gel-infused hook-and-eye closure delivers a comfortable, custom-like fit as you chase your next personal best or tackle high-intensity intervals.  I’m not (ahem) endowed on top, so this bra really keeps my comfortable and together! You need something that’s going to make you feel good and supported. I love this option!

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante PursuitWe packed our New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit running shoe for women with technology to help enhance your run, based on data from real-life runners. The result: A soft and responsive Fresh Foam midsole with laser-cut perforations that delivers a fast feel without sacrificing cushioning. Plus, an innovative HypoKnit upper offers soft yet strategic support from heel to forefoot. These are the lightest ever on my feet! I am loving these right now because they really just feel like feathers. I’m ALL OVER THESE! And – let’s face it – the purple just POPS! I love them so much! I wear these with jeans, too!

What to wear running

What to wear running is something that you need to try on and try out… New Balance is just the brand that I love to gravitate towards when it comes to my running. I feel good and support and fit in everything to a T! I also don’t feel that I can’t be out and about in them!

new Balance fitness clothes

new Balance fitness clothes

I’m including some of my other New Balance options that I love, too! Again – they have everything you need for running. So if you’re looking for items to wear, take some time to head over to their site and check out the options. You can really see what they have and check to see what would work the best for you and your workouts! I love everything so much, so I’m here if you need any recommendations or suggestions, too! We’re all in this together mamas!!

There are also some other New Balance options you can bring in, too! Whether you’re training for a 5K, training for a half marathon or working out for you, you need to make sure you’re dressed for the part. If you have any questions about what to wear running, let me know!!  I’m all about sharing what works best and what I feel like you should and could be adding on in!!

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    This is good advice for running clothes.

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    I love the outfit! It’s fashionable and looks very comfy! It would motivate me to exercise more.

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    A comfortable pair of running shoes is important to me. New Balance definitely has some nice and stylish running apparel. I love your purple New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit sneakers.

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    Cute clothes!

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    I like how your outfit is monochrome with a pop of color at the bottom (the shoes.) It’s cool!

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    Maybe if I had some of these cute running clothes it would motivate me to run! LOL

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    I’m sure this would work for walking, too, right?

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    Love this!

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    I wear my swimsuit because I run in the pool. Much easier on my joints.

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    I like the New Balance pieces!

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    New Balance shoes are great!! I haven’t tried their clothing yet though, & love the look of those tights!

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    I love these workout outfits looks comfy

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    mami2jcn said:

    I’ve never been a runner because of asthma but I wish I could!

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    Starla said:

    Audrey! You look so amazing! I have to be honest, I have never been a fan of running, but lately I have been picking up my habit of walking, hopefully to eventually jog. 😉

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    Dandi D said:

    I would love to get into running again now that I’m not pregnant or nursing.

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    I love the purple running shoes!

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