Neon Nike Sneakers

I’ve been into NEON this summer big time. I’ve been buying items here and there with some neon touches and I’m (kinda) obsessed with it. I actually had my mom buy a few neon pieces, too! It’s just a hot trending summer color. My sons are into finding Neon Nike Sneakers. Apparently they’re the BIG trend right now for the teens. We started looking last week and (holy moly) there are awesome selections out there!

Neon Nike Sneakers

Neon Sneakers

I’m trying to find some of the best Neon Nike Sneakers to share with you guys today on the blog because if you’re into the neon trend, you’re going to love these picks. I think what I love most about neon is that it’s just a bright – here I am – color that is summer fun. Not to mention, it’s a fun color to wear in the winter, too. I feel like neon colors just make me happy and there’s something cool about that for me on the fashion front.

Top Picks of Neon Nike Sneakers for the Ladies

OK, ladies – are you ready for my top picks? I’m kinda gushing hard on all 3 of these! My husband laughs because he keeps telling me that I “must workout just for the fashions.” Maybe he’s right! I don’t know! I love wearing things when I workout that I’m in love with on the style front. It’s cool to love what you’re wearing, even if it’s just at the gym. There’s something within that that keeps me moving!

How cute are these!? I love love love these sneakers! The shade of these sneakers are gorgeous! I’m all about this pink/peach neon pop of color this season. I think it’s just fun for people to wear and I love how versatile it is for working out and casual wear, too.

Nike Air VaporMax 2019

Neon Nike Sneakers

I personally love the tri colors in these sneakers! I thought they were super cute looking! I’m all about color and these are color enhanced! The look and feel is chic and trendy, but I love that they’re great for working out, too. They are just adorable and super sweet. I feel like my daughter is going to want a matching pair, too!

Nike Air Max 270

Neon Nike Sneakers

I love the neon stripe along the bottom. Very cool to wear not only working out, but around town! I love to be able to use my sneakers for casual looks and these fit the bill perfectly! I’m obsessed with the colors pink and purple, so these are top picks for me and totally (and ultimately) cool.

Nike Air Force 1

Neon Nike Sneakers

Top Picks of Neon Nike Sneakers for the Men

Loving the green on these sneakers!! My husband would wear these every single day. I love that these are neon, but also just a really cool shade of green.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Mens Sneakers for Working Out

OK, these are amazing! I love the pop of pink! They are the coolest and the cutest and perfection for any guy to wear for working out! I love how Nike has pink on the sneakers because it’s a great way to add color and really give it a fun look. These are fantastic and know that my husband would wear these in a heartbeat!

Nike Air Zoom Wildehorse 5

Mens Running Shoe

Basketball shoes are BIG for the summer! My sons love to have shoes for basketball because they’re different shoes than just for running. I am obsessed with these sneakers for the court! I love the orange! It’s a bright color that makes you happy all around and it’s super cute for game day! I love how these work well for guys off the court, too. Orange is one of my fave colors when it comes to sneakers for men and woman.


Neon Nike Sneakers

Up your sneaker game this summer with some pops of Neon! So many different sneaker brands are rocking the bright and bold colors right now! It’s NOT just Nike, but I wanted to highlight some of the cool options that they have for both men and women. I feel like these sneakers are just GREAT for this time of year because everything is so fun and bright and bold in the summer sun! It’s great to have some fashions that fit with the season, too!

I’m all about making sure people are staying fit in the summer, so make sure you check out some of my content for the fit moms out there! I love working out for my mental state and it’s something that has always relaxed me and made me feel whole. There’s that body, mind and soul connection that just works.

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See my YouTube Channel to check out more about our family and our life, too! And don’t forget to add some neon into your life!!


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