Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

I thought it would be fun to start a new series called Audrey Confidential. Actually – it’s not really a “new” series, I started something like this a few years ago called “Audrey Confidential” where I recapped what was going on in my life. I don’t know why I stopped, but with some many big changes coming up soon and school being back in session, I felt like now was the perfect time.

Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

It’s funny, I started blogging years ago (12 to be exact) to share my daily chronicles as a mom. I used to (literally) document my days on my blog when I first started out and I loved seeing what other moms had going on at the same time, too. Many of the moms I followed at that time had kids the same exact age as my kids, so it was nice to know that I had a tribe online to learn to and to vent to. I miss those days. Blogging really turned into a numbers game when it turned into a business and it was sad to see many of the storytellers that I lived to read tap out of the blogging waters.

Here I am now with a 6, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old. Mom of 5. Full time digital influencer. Married to my husband for 18 years. I always think of September 1st as my true 1st day of the “New Year.” It’s when my family transitions to everything new – new grade, new teachers, new routine, new activities, new friends, new everything. I always reflect towards the end of the summer as one does towards the end of the actual year. The last year has been a good one and for that I’m thankful. I thought it would be nice to start chronicling life here on Sundays so I have these posts to look back at in the years to come. I love searching random dates on my blog now just to see what was going on in my life at that point.

Recently I searched “potty training” for my sister. And HOLY Sh*%! So much goodness and funny stuff came up! I don’t remember potty training. I know I HAD to have done it because all 5 are (thank God) potty trained, but I don’t remember the moments. I saw this photo and post on Ben when we bought him his first “real” potty and I died laughing! When was Ben that small? My god time flies by!

My William starts high school in a couple of weeks. High. School. When the hell did William get so old? I’m drafting out a post right now for the TODAY Show Parents team and it’s really bittersweet for me. I am so happy that William is excited about high school and I know he’s ready, but I just can’t believe that he’s already in high school. 4 years are going to go by in a flash and I don’t even want to breathe the words, but COLLEGE is up next. That’s CRAZYtown to me. I have so many hopes for my William as he starts high school and I’m excited to share them on the TODAY Show page. I will link it up when it’s live.

This summer has been one of no trips, no travel and no plans. As much as I’d love a summer of activities and visiting and traveling, having nothing to do this summer was the next best thing to a plate full of chocolate cake. We have actively been trying to be smart with money, so traveling was not something that we wanted to invest in this summer. Traveling with 5 kids isn’t easy – PERIOD – so just letting us be this summer and enjoy the daily swim team, swim lessons, tennis, basketball, etc was plenty enough. We joined a swim club again this summer and it was the best $1000 to spend. This is out 12th year being part of a summer swim club and I’ll tell you what – we have ALWAYS gotten our money’s worth.

I love our swim club because the kids are at the pool every single morning from early swim team by 8:30AM. They stay and play with friends, swim, play tennis, basketball, chill out, beg me for money for the snack bar and just lounge around. The best part? Technology is down. Nobody even asks for it. It’s like walking into 1995. I love it and I will forever be grateful for ours summer pool club. It’s actually the same one I belonged to as a kid, so I know firsthand what kind of memories the kids are creating and I love it.

Summers are tough for me because I NEED to work full time, but I don’t have help with the kids. It’s pretty much me, myself and I. My sons are terrific in helping out and getting themselves ready to rock and roll. Victoria is 6 years old, so I know there’s really only so much she can do. I’ve been working poolside (trying my hardest) to bang through my to do list. I started getting up extra early this summer before any of the kids around 5:30AM to workout and then work before getting everyone up around 8AM. It worked like a charm, but I’ll tell you what – that early morning alarm slayed me. I was EXHAUSTED by 9PM every single night. Finding the summer balance has been something I’ve failed at every single year, but I’m OK with that. I do what I can do and that mentality has only come with age. I used to be a stress ball about it, but now? Now I’m OK with it. I want the kids to remember mom with them in the summer, not walking around with her hands up in the arm stressed out and overwhelmed.

I know this is me just kind of rambling, but this is what I wanted Audrey Confidential to be about. I didn’t want it to be anything other than a quick brain dump.

OH! If you’ve noticed recently my blog has been amp’ed up on the fashion content and I’m thrilled about it! I don’t know if you know this, but when I started – I had a full section dedicated to JUST fashion. My background is in fashion (I worked at Donna Karan International in NYC after college), so I always loved trends and styles and making women feel beautiful and confident. My area of interest has always been on MOM. I wanted to share some easy fashion advice for the moms out there, but relatable fashion advice… not unrealistic – how are you a size triple zero after having a baby 2 weeks ago fashion. I wanted it to be able how to look and feel your best. I launched 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms back in 2009 and that kind of changed everything for me. My blog literally took off at that point. Fashion as always been a piece of this blog because it’s my passion, but I wasn’t doing it as much.

This is changing.

I want to bring in more and more fashion and beauty content because it’s an area I love. It’s an area that I just get excited about and really enjoy! So be on the lookout!

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And I started a Fashion over 40 Facebook Group, too – if you “fit” the bill! Although – ANYONE AND EVERYONE is welcome!

Love you all for reading and please keep tuning on in every Sunday for my latest installment!




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