What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt

I don’t wear skirts enough and I don’t know why. I love skirts and I love looking and feeling pretty in them. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but 1/2 of the skirts in my closet are collecting dust! I had to put a stop to that ridiculousness immediately! I grabbed my fave black mini skirt and wore it out to dinner with my husband! The second I put it on I knew I needed to dive deeper into my skirt collection!

What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt

What to Wear with a Black Mini SKirt
This black mini skirt used to be one of my fave items in my closet.  I love that it’s so versatile and can be worn a variety of different ways. I wanted to share some of the easiest and cutest ways to rock a black mini skirt. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just need to make sure you know what fits the best on you and what styles you prefer the best for yourself.
As you’ll see from my look of the day, I wanted to showcase this look because it’s super easy to do. I feel like everyone should have a white tee at home, along with a black skirt. If you’re not comfy with a black mini skirt, grab a black pencil skirt or a long black skirt. You don’t have to go mini if you don’t want to. I know that for me – mini is better for me because I’m only 5 feet tall!
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
I wore this look on a date night with my husband.  I wanted to wear something elegant and sexy at the same time. I didn’t want to overkill it, but I also didn’t want to make anything too sexy for myself. I want to make sure that I can wear a look out and about with the kids, and also with the hubs, too!
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
What I love about this black mini skirt in particular is the thick waistband. I love that it elongates my frame, but I also love that it helps skim my look down. After having 5 kids I know that I have a mom pooch and I don’t care. I’m proud of every single wrinkle, c-section scar and pooch that I have on my body. My 5 kids were worth every single second of it. I love that this skirt is flattering for a mom’s body… more so, my body!
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
This outfit is one that is a pretty “regular” looking look, but I love that about it. I feel like it’s just an easy go-to look for anyone to pop on! I love pairing with a pair of espadrilles, too. It’s super easy to pop these on and make sure they work for your look. I love that you can tie the entire look together with one simple shoe. I love me a good shoe! It’s the perfect bookend to an outfit!
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
The best part is that you can pair just about ANYTHING with a black mini skirt. No – really – you can pair anything with one, which is why I love it so much. You don’t have to look high and low and you can literally grab just about anything out of your closet to pair with it. I love this look because it’s easy, but you can make it  as fun or as bold as you want to make it!
What to Wear with a Black Mini Skirt
I’m excited to share some additional black mini skirt tips with you, too:
1. Make sure you have a length of a skirt that you feel the most comfortable with, you don’t want anything too short. My rule of thumb? As long as you can change a diaper on the go, you’re good! That’s always been my litmus test.
2. Find a black mini skirt with a fabric that you can wear year round. This one is 100% cotton, so I can wear it throughout the year. You don’t want anything too heavy or too light. You want to makes sure it works for you.
3. Make sure you know how to wear it with confidence. You want to make sure you wear it proud and boldly. I love a good black mini skirt because it’s just a fun item to have. You want to make sure you have these key pieces in your closet to wear whenever you need them.
I’m all about making sure you have key pieces that you love and that you will wear over and over and over again. I love that these great pieces are so important to have on hand for different occasions. I wore this on a date night with my husband, but you can wear this type of skirt to work or out to play! You want to make sure you always have pieces like this on hand in your closet. I’m not kidding – think fashion versatility!
Love for you to share with me what you love and how you would wear you fave black skirt. You know that you need to make sure you have something that makes you look fabulous! I love a good skirt and now I’m knowing that I need to have more and more in my closet. Tell me what your key pieces are in your closet and share with me! I would love to put together a what to wear with them post!

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