BJ’s Wholesale Club Back to School Haul

It never ceases to amaze me that when August rolls around, I suddenly start to go right back into back to school mode. I start prepping and planning and getting myself as ready as can be for the weeks to come. The summer is my favorite time of year (because I’m a sun loving girl), but I crave the routine and regularity of the back to school season so much!

BJ’s Wholesale Club Back to School Haul

BJ's Wholesale Club Back to School Haul

BJ’s Wholesale Club is my destination of choice when it comes to getting my family prepared as can be for back to school time. BJ’s is (literally) a weekly destination for our family. We’re a family of 7 – with 5 kids – so we’re always looking for the best prices and the best quality when it comes to household items, food, electronics, clothing, etc. for our family! With 5 kids all heading back to school, from elementary through high school, there are certain things I need to make sure we are stocked with to the brim. BJ’s always has everything on my “mom list” readily available.

BJ's Wholesale Club Back to School Haul

One thing that I’ve done since all the boys were in elementary school is start getting myself back into the breakfast, lunch and sleep time routines NOW. I don’t wait until the first day or week of school to try and get myself and the kids going. When it comes to breakfast in the summer, it’s usually a quick on-the-go type item on the way to swim team. With school in session, I like to make sure that the kids are eating something hearty before they hit the bus stop.

Back to School Essentials

At BJ’s I stock up on frozen pancakes, frozen waffles, eggs and (my kids favorite) BJ’s Wellsley Farms® bakery muffins. I love letting the kids have choices in the morning when it comes to breakfast because they all have different likes and dislikes. They’re also old enough now to grab a frozen pancake or waffle and pop it in the toaster. I love that I have the convenience of help now from the kids in the morning! It’s not just me, myself and I getting everyone fed and out the door.

Back to School Essentials

When it comes to lunch, BJ’s saves my mom life. All of my kids prefer cold lunch, they never (ever, ever) buy hot lunch. I appreciate the conveniences that BJ’s offers me as a busy mom on the go! I LOVE their exclusive Wellsley Farms® brand for my cold cuts and cheeses. I make 5 sandwiches every single morning – 1) ham and cheese with mustard 2) ham, turkey and cheese with mustard 3) turkey and cheese with lettuce 4) PBJ 5) ham and turkey. I love that I can get all my weekly fixings right at BJ’s. Not to mention, all the snacks that accompany the lunches, too. I keep snacks fully stocked and loaded all year, but during the school year with lunch and after-school activities it’s imperative to always have snacks on hand.

BJ's Wholesale Club Back to School Haul

Back to School Essentials

I’m also able to stock up on notebooks, folders, backpacks and clothing essentials for back to school time, too at BJ’s! I just bought a bunch of notebooks and folders and socks for the kids for back to school! How funny is that combination? But how amazing is it that I can get all of my stuff (from food to notebooks to clothing to household goods) in one spot? I don’t have to go to a bunch of different places! We’re talking a big-time saver for me!

Back to School Essentials

What I just love about BJ’s is the true convenience. All of my family and friends know that I love BJ’s for our family, and I tell them all the time it’s because they genuinely have unbeatable value and assortment on products in-Club and online for their members. They also offer the best prices and convenient shopping options, including in-club shopping,, and buy online, pick-up in club, helping members save time and stress.

Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

With 5 kids I’m all about any way I can save myself time and money. I love that BJ’s offers their members different and convenient ways to shop. I can literally buy my groceries online and then have them delivered to my FRONT DOOR in as little as 2 hours! That’s right, I can do my full weekly shop for my family of 7 and have everything delivered. I don’t have to worry about rushing over to the store and potentially hitting lines as the registers while I’m trying to get somewhere with the kids.

I will say… sometimes it’s just so relaxing to head to BJ’s and peruse around the store by myself without anyone with me! Shh… don’t tell my kids!

Truly, BJ’s offers the easiest way to save additional money with their already marked down prices, in addition to that their special no-clip Add-to-Card coupons which are available on the mobile app, too! They just make it easy, and I love and appreciate that BJ’s takes the guessing game out of couponing for me by making it super easy and straight forward!

My best friend from home just joined and she called me up and told me that she didn’t know that she got a FREE Household Card with her membership. That’s right, BJ’s Members receive a second card for a household member at no extra charge, which I love! You don’t have to worry about each having an individual account.

I’m always asked how we get 5 kids ready for back to school time and I’m telling you right now, it’s in the decision we make where we shop. We make sure to make it easy on ourselves. We make sure to take advantage of the incredible conveniences at BJ’s Wholesale Club. There’s always so much stress about back to school time for families, I like to take the easiest parts that I can control and stay in that lane!

Here’s to a successful and happy back to school year!

If you’re not a member, here’s why you should become a BJ’s Wholesale Club Member.

Disclosure: Partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club

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  1. 8.16.19
    Stacie said:

    BJs is such an awesome store. Their value is crazy good. It’s unbelievable how much you can get.

  2. 8.17.19
    Melanie williams said:

    Not heard of this store before, but looks like a great way to save for school lunch supplies etc xx

  3. 8.17.19
    Heather said:

    We are actually about to do this today! We have a list of things we need, but of course, we will wind up buying 10x that amount.

  4. 8.17.19

    BJ’s Wholesale Club seems like a great initiative. It’s fun to buy supplies for back to school! I hope to visit it.

  5. 8.17.19

    BJs is my go to place for everything back to school! They have it all at great prices.

  6. 8.17.19
    katrina Kroeplin said:

    that’s a great haul! i wish i had one close to me. i’m a bit jelly right now.

  7. 8.18.19
    Ruth I said:

    This is a perfect place for almost everything you need! I love that you can order online and just wait. Makes life a little easier for busy people.

  8. 8.18.19
    Brianna S said:

    We have one right by our house but have never been! I think I nee to check it out!

  9. 8.18.19
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra said:

    Wow. This is one awesome store. It is sad we don’t have a BJ’s Wholesale Club where I live. I wish we had one. I’d love to do my grocery shopping there.

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