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When we moved to our new house 2 years ago, my main goal was to get my 5 children settled. I was very concerned about making sure they felt home and comfortable in our new house and our new town. They had – pretty quickly – been uprooted from everything they knew their entire lives to a place they only knew as “the town mom grew up in.” They didn’t know many kids. They were starting a new school. They were getting used to a new neighborhood. Everything was new. The move was a success for our family and (quite honestly) the best thing we ever did for our family, but it was a move that was truly centered around making sure that my kids were happy and that my kids felt settled.

Fast forward to present day.

The only ones who still aren’t completely settled into our new house (even 2 years later!) are me and my husband! Ironic, right? We were so focused on making sure everyone else was settled that we put ourselves on the back burner. It’s time to do something about it because we owe it to ourselves to feel HOME in all the rooms in our house. The one area in the house that I knew we needed to upgrade and make our own again was our bedroom.

In our last house our bedroom was my sanctuary. I’m not kidding, I used to actually work up in my bed because it was that kind of comfy and relaxing for me. I loved everything about our bedroom in our old house – our Sleep Number® x12 Bed, our linens, our headboard, our curtains and paint choices. Everything about our bedroom reflected touches of comfort, peacefulness and relaxation.

When we moved into our new home we weren’t able to take along our Sleep Number® x12 Bed, so we’ve (literally) been sleeping on a queen size spring mattress for the last 2 years. When you’re used to sleeping on a Sleep Number® (ANYTHING) it’s very noticeable when it changes. Throughout the last 2 years I’ve noticed back and neck stiffness, my husband snoring like a champ, and just not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep well. With 5 kids, as you can imagine, sleep is a MUST for me. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I feel it all day long. I started to realize a few months ago that my husband and I were actually dragging our feet when it came time to head to bed. It was almost more comfortable to just fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the wee hours of the morning and then go up.

That’s not right, and so we decided it was time (way overdue time) to upgrade our bed and our space. With the help of Martha Stewart Living and Sleep Number® we were able to literally create the bedroom of our dreams. We had a goal and a vision in mind for our bedroom with Sleep Number® and we knew we wanted a place that we would be excited to go to at night and (most important) where we knew a good night’s sleep was upon us, always.

Since we knew that we wanted a Sleep Number bed to be the cornerstone of our bedroom, we went to a local Sleep Number retail store in Cranston, RI, to actually see, try and feel the different variety of beds. There’s nothing more precious or important than getting a good night’s sleep, so we knew that we were in good hands with Sleep Number. There are so many incredible selections, so we really wanted to make sure we found one that would be the very best fit for us.

We fell in love (I mean – head over heels in love) with the Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed. The second we tried it out, we both looked at each other said, “This is it!” It checked every single box we had and filled boxes that we didn’t know we needed and wanted for our sleep. This time around we needed to really think about our well being, our health and our sleep patterns, so when we saw all the Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed features, we knew that this bed was IT.

Smart Bed

Why the Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed?

Smart Bed

We opted to go with the king size (76” x 80”) this time around. Last time with our Sleep Number® and with the mattress we had been using, we opted for a queen. My husband is 6’2” and I’m 5’ – not to mention we have 5 kids, one of which (our littlest Victoria) still loves to come and sleep with us in the middle of the night. We knew we wanted and needed the extra space. After sleeping on the king for over a month, I don’t know how we did it so long with a queen!

Smart Bed

When it comes to sleep for me and my husband, there are a few ways in which we’re different:

He’s always hot, I’m always cold.
He’s a snorer, I’m not.
He’s someone who likes his mattress firm, I like it soft.
He likes his feet elevated, I don’t.

Sleep Number 360 Review

These 4 things are big differences when it comes to sleep. Knowing that with Sleep Number’s 360® i10 that we can BOTH get a perfect night’s sleep and that all of our differences are addressed and (in all honesty) handled, is a HUGE deal!

Sleep Number 360 Review

There’s Dual Adjustability:
Adjusts to your comfort on both sides – your Sleep Number® setting.

There’s Responsive Air® technology:
Automatically and effortlessly adjusts comfort to each of you as you sleep. Absorbs excess heat and releases it as you cool, so you sleep just right.

There’s SleepIQ® technology:
Tracks how you’re sleeping, so you know how your day affects your night.

There’s Pressure Relief:
Effortlessly responds and automatically adjusts firmness on each side. And – a big perk for me, the Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed is even smart enough to gently raise your partner’s head to help relieve mild snoring.

I personally love that Sleep Number 360® i10 Smart Bed lets you choose your ideal firmness, comfort, and support on each side. I’m a 35, which means that my side of the mattress is on the softer side. My husband is in the 50’s, but the best part is that we can adjust and change until we find our ideal setting.

Every morning, the bed shows you how well you’re sleeping — your SleepIQ® score — with personalized insights for your best sleep. When our daughter comes in you can definitely see that there’s a difference in our SleepIQ score, but it’s so cool to be able to dissect and really analyze how you’re sleeping.

Sleep Number 360 Review

That’s not all, too! Sleep Number® also offers bedding and pillows to assist you that much more in getting a perfect night’s sleep! We’ve never had Sleep Number bedding or pillows before, so this was all new to us! Taking inspiration from Martha Stewart Living, I wanted to create a classic and gorgeous looking room when it came to our bedding. I love blues and creams and grays, so I really focused on these specific colors while creating a palette for our bedroom.

We opted for Sleep Number’s Supima Cotten Sheets and Pillowcases in Pacific Blue. I knew that adding some blue s hades into our bedroom would give our room a sense of relaxation for us. These sheets stay secure all night long with Sleep Number’s SmartFit™ design. The Logic™ Labels make it easier to make your bed and the ExactFit™ sheet design offers a flexible fit that moves with you. You’ll never be worrying about sheets coming off mid night again!

Sleep Number 360 Review

We haven’t had to really use our new Sleep Number® PrimaLoft® Down Alternative Comforter yet because we’re in the throes of summer here in Rhode Island, but I’m thrilled to have this soft, cozy comforter for the cold winter ahead! I opted for the Navy Herringbone print and I’m OBSESSED with it! It’s very nautical looking to me and I love the print and how it really works with the paint in our room.

I chose this particular comforter because with Matt being so hot all the time and me being so cold all the time, I loved how it was designed to prevent you from overheating so you stay comfortable through the night, with PrimaLoft® ThermoBalance® fill. It really is super lightweight, warm and hypoallergenic.

And let’s talk PILLOWS! Hello, PILLOWS! We opted for Sleep Number’s PLUSHCOMFORT Pillows and they are fabulous! We got the curve ones because they nestle so beautifully into our necks, I’m just truly in love with his pillow. I’ve never felt this way before about one! They’re silky-soft and hypoallergenic, the down alternative pillow’s microfiber fill mimics the softness of premium down combined with a smooth, brushed cotton cover for plush comfort and support. You will love, love, love, them!

Smart Bed

We’ve been excited to add some additional accents into our space, so we went to Macy’s and bought 2 elegant lamps, one for each side of our bed and a gorgeous blue ottoman to place at the foot of our bed. I love being able to easily upgrade my bedroom with pieces that are timeless, classic and just beautiful. Thanks to Sleep Number® and Martha Stewart Living, I finally feel home.

Disclosure: Sponsored content, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 8.9.19

    Good beds, mattresses, pillows, comforters allure essential for a fitful sleep, especially when one is aging. I loved reading your article and though I will never get Sleep Number products in my country, its something to look forward to if my son moves to a bigger home in Canada because I’m sure he’ll be able to source them there.

  2. 8.9.19
    Brianna S said:

    I have always wanted a Sleep Number! I’m so glad you love it!

  3. 8.10.19
    Rosey said:

    I’ve never been on a Sleep Number bed. I think they sound awesome though. Your makeover looks great.

  4. 8.10.19

    Getting the right bed is so important and such a luxury. Waking up after a good night sleep is the best thing in the world. I love your bed spread!

  5. 8.10.19
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra said:

    Having a Smart bed would be awesome. I am like you – I love a soft mattress. My husband deals with chronic back pain so he needs a firm mattress. I will have to discuss this with my husband. Hopefully our next month’s budget would allow us to purchase this Sleep Number Bed.

  6. 8.10.19

    That is the bed I want to get when we buy our house. I think it would help with the difference in how we sleep.

  7. 8.10.19
    Lavern Moore said:

    A sleep number bed is a great reason to think of refreshing my bedroom. I am inspired!

  8. 8.11.19

    Sleep Number® seems like a great smart bed! It looks so comfy too! I hope I can use it soon.

  9. 8.11.19
    dreaming.loud said:

    That sounds like a great stuff for a better sleep..! It’s perfectly fine to rearrange your bedroom once and for all, two years is long enough for those uncomfortable sleep.

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