What to Wear to a Winery

Today I’m talking about What to Wear to a Winery. I’m all about visiting some incredible vineyards and wineries when I can getaway with my husband and friends. Living in Rhode Island there are some beautiful ones right around here in Newport. I love being able to get to one in less than an hour and really just relax and enjoy some delicious wine.

What to Wear to a Winery

What to Wear to a Winery or Vineyard

Dressing for a winery is something you need to think about, so excite to share some ideas! Here’s the thing about a winery, you don’t have to dress like you’re heading to a black tie affair, but you do what to look good. What I love about heading to a winery is that you can get away with wearing jeans and boots, but wearing pretty dresses is just so much more fun for the day!

What to Wear to a Winery

When you’re think about what to wear to a winery, think flowing pretty dresses! That’s what I think is the most beautiful and acceptable for a visit to a winery. You’re heading there to relax and enjoy and celebrate. Maybe it’s just an ordinary celebration, but regardless – it’s a special time to be away and laugh and be part of a really cool experience.

What to Wear to a Winery

My go to dress for what to wear to a winery or what to wear to a vineyard? Easy, my cabi Drama Dress. This dress is a SHOWSTOPPER. I’m just telling you right now, whenever you wear this dress you will be stopped and asked where you got it, I’m prepping you now. It’s that kind of different and that kind of gorgeous.

What to Wear to a Winery

What to Wear to a Winery

I love this because it’s bright and bold and it’s a dress that just makes me happy. When I’m heading to experiences or parties or events, I’m excited and I want my outfit to reflect that, too! I want my outfit to make me feel confident and carefree and pretty. I love this look because it’s fabulous to wear to an easy outing because it’s just a easy effortless dress. It doesn’t require anything other than putting on!

Dress Code for a Vineyard

Dress Code for a Vineyard

I’m going to share with you some other wrap dresses that I’m over the moon for that you could easily wear to a winery, too. If you’re hunting for some looks on what to wear to a winery, I want you to see some of these wrap dresses below and see about how these work for you. I love that with a loose and flowing dress, it just sort of goes with the relaxation that a winery brings!

See these gorgeous options here:

When you’re also thinking about what to wear to a winery, think WHITE dresses, too! You usually head to a winery in the summer (although you CAN head there in the fall, too!). I love finding some gorgeous white dress options to wear because it really is such a fun summer experience.

I don’t have many white dresses in my closet because well, I have 5 kids… but I do love a fabulous white dress. I think it’s fun to have a few that you can go to for just about anything if need be. I love being able to pop on a quick white summer dress and head out because it’s a look that’s always in style and always classic and always elegant.

You can make a white dress as fun as you want it to be with some shoes and accessories! I love amping up a dress with some super fun shoes and some over the top accessories. Whether you’re going to pop on a hat or some statement necklaces, it doesn’t matter – you can really have some fun with a white dress. You can even get away with flip flops!

Here are some adorable white options:

If you’re in Rhode Island (or local!), these are some of my fave places to go:

Newport Vineyards
Middletown, RI

Newport Vineyards was originally planted in 1977 on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound with the goal of producing fine wines and as a way of preserving beautiful agricultural land from rapid development. Aquidneck Island is blessed with one of the most desirable farming areas in the country, if not the world.

This extraordinary micro-climate is created by a combination of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream to the south and the moderating effects of Narragansett Bay. These conditions provide a long, cool growing season ideal for developing complex flavors in wine. Since the original vineyard plantings in the 1970s, Newport Vineyards, under the ownership of John and Paul Nunes, has grown to 60 vineyard acres.

Greenvale Vineyards
Portsmouth, RI

Greenvale Vineyards produces small quantities of exceptional estate grown wines. We are located along the Sakonnet River in Portsmouth, RI, five miles north of downtown Newport.

Come tour the vineyards, taste and learn about delicious wines, enjoy the beautiful tasting room, the lovely views of the vineyards and the river and hear about a piece of cultural history.

We host live jazz every Saturday from May through November 1-4 p.m. with accompanying food by local and regional food trucks.

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard
Little Compton, RI

Founded in 1975, Sakonnet Vineyard rests on 150 acres of land, 30 of which have produced
our award-winning wines for over four decades. Our grapes are grown locally, picked by hand, and barrel-aged in French, Hungarian, Russian and American oak.

Nestled between two waterways, Sakonnet has distinct maritime conditions. Cool air
combines with a humid subtropical climate—rarely found in northern America. These
conditions foster a longer ripening season and a later-than-average harvest.

Sakonnet’s soils are more mineral-based with fewer nutrients, which allows for heartier, deeper-rooted vines. The grapes are slow to develop, and mature into a fruit with low
sugar levels and high acidity—maximizing freshness and a depth of flavor.

what to wear to a winery

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