Vamousse Lice Treatment: Get It Ready for Back to School Time

There’s one thing we’ve never, ever had to deal with in the McClelland house – LICE! I know just putting it out there into the universe like that, we’ll probably get a case of it tomorrow… but it’s true, we’ve never had to deal with lice at home. I’ve been a stickler throughout the years to defend against it and do what I can to prevent it from entering our house, or better yet – our hair! Vamousse Lice Treatment is one way to make sure you can defend against it and (if it happens) fight it off.

Vamousse Lice Treatment: Get It Ready for Back to School Time

Vamousse Lice Treatment

As we’re all getting ready for back to school time, it’s also VERY important to be bringing in products that will help you out too during the school year. Head Lice (pediculus humanus capitis) is one of the most common human parasitic infestations worldwide and it’s something we all need to prep and be ready for during the back to school season. In the United States, an estimated 6-12 million people are treated for head lice each year, and studies have shown that it’s most common among preschool  and school-aged children. My advice would be to check out the Vamousse Lice Treatment products. It’s important to have them in your home so you’re armed and ready!

I feel like every parent gets that dreaded letter at one point during the school year, “there’s a case of lice” in your child’s class. And (of course) every parent starts to panic (rightfully so) that their child will be next. It’s not fun to get a case of lice, it can be painful and you most certainly have to separate yourself from your class and just about everyone until you’re all clear!

Vamousse Lice Treatment

With 5 kids – I know more than anything that if lice enters my house, it’s like a domino effect! I don’t want that to happen to me or my family. With my 4 sons, it’s always been a little easier to detect lice since their hair has always been super short and super cropped. My daughter? It’s another story! She has VERY thick hair and lots of it! I need to really make sure I’m doing what I can on the prevention scale.

Vamousse Lice Treatment

This is what I love about Vamousse Lice Treatment products – they’re here for you if you get lice and they’re here for you to help defend against lice.

Let’s start with the basics: How to Check for Lice (according to Vamousse)

  • Under a bright light, part your child’s hair and watch for movement as lice will quickly travel away from the light. Using a nit comb, start at the scalp and work your way to the end of your child’s hair. It may help to drape a cloth or towel across your child’s shoulders. This will catch any lice they may fall off while searching
  • Examine the comb after each stroke. Adult lice (including super lice) are light brown and their bodies will be about the size of a sesame seed. Nits may be brown, yellow, or white. Also look for eggs stuck to the hair shaft near the scalp which is about the size of a poppy seed. They often look like dandruff that can’t be easily removed.
  • Pay particular attention to the back of the neck, behind the ears and your child’s bangs to the crown of their head. Recently laid eggs are nearly transparent so it’s helpful to examine hair from different angles.
  • If lice are present, rinse the comb under the faucet to remove any lice that may have been picked up and immediately implement lice treatment to eliminate an infestation effectively and safely.

I personally think it’s important to make sure you’re stocked and ready for these little buggers if they happen to be present OR if you hear that they’re present within your child’s social circle. Vamousse Lice Treatment is fantastic for actual Head Lice Treatment and/or Daily Defense against lice and super lice. The best part? It’s all available without a prescription.

Let me bring you through the Vamousse Lice Treatment Products:

Lice Treatment
Clinically proven to kill lice and eggs including super lice.
Foaming mousse targets lice and eggs where they hide.

Vamousse Lice Treatment - Lice Treatment

Kills lice and eggs, including resistant super lice in 1 treatment
Once and done – eggs are killed by the mousse rather than waiting for them to hatch to treat
Easy to rinse and smells great

Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

Once your child has been exposed. Check for signs of lice! Lice are hard to spot – don’t wait for the itch! Switch to a daily shampoo with lice killing benefits!

Vamousse Lice Treatment - Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

  • Kills recently contracted super lice before detection
  • Replaces regular shampoo for ongoing lice defense
  • Use 10-14 days following exposure or treatment
  • For use by the whole family during: school outbreaks, summer camp, sleepovers, treatment of a sibling
  • Pesticide-free
  • Made with Eucalyptus

Lice Repellent Leave-In Spray:

Repels lice for up to 8 hours. For daily use, even before an outbreak occurs.

Lice Treatment - Lice Repelleant Leave-in Spray

  • Made with essential oil
  • Unscented when dry

Lice Elimination Powder:

Home treatment for non-washable household items. For peace of mind following treatment.

Lice Elimination Powder

  • Kills lice by contact
  • Shake on and vacuum to clean household items of lice in the environment
  • No sticky residue
  • Clean scent

Definitely take the time to add some of these products into your house for the back to school! It’s essential to make sure you’re ready and armed with everything you need for the new year. As much as we don’t want to think about lice entering our home, it’s something that can happen and you want to be ready.

Vamousse Lice Treatment is such a great resource for you and your kids. Make sure you add this to your back to school essentials! You’ll be glad you did once you get that dreaded school note! Vamousse Lice Treatment

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