3 Ways to Style a Velvet Bow for the Holidays

The holidays are here and there is nothing more gorgeous than a velvet bow in a hairstyle. I just think velvet bows are the perfect hair accessory for this time of year. There are so many ways to style one, but I’m going to share 3 ways to style a velvet bow for the holidays.

3 Ways to Style a Velvet Bow for the Holidays

When I was a little girl my mom would always use velvet bows in my hair during the holiday season. It’s probably why I love using them in Victoria’s hair so much because it really makes me smile to think back.

If you’re looking for a cute way to style a velvet bow or just to create some super cute and easy hairstyles for the holidays, I’ve got you. Hairstyles for the holiday don’t need to be difficult or hard. The easiest ones are sometimes the best ones.

I recently bought a few new velvet bows for the holidays and I wanted to share with you how to style them. I personally think you could just clip on in the hair along the side and have it look pretty, but I wanted to make sure I showcased a few actual hairstyles.

These 3 hairstyles are all simple and easy to do, I promise!

How To Style a Velvet Bow 3 Different Ways

This video was so quick to film because each one of these hairstyles only takes a couple of minutes to do. Victoria loved looking at the photos of each one when we were done! 🙂


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Hairstyle #1 – Topsy Tail Braid

Cute Holiday Hairstyle

This one is a cute one! Simply pull the hair into a mid to low ponytail and then topsy tail the section. Once you’re done, braid the tail and then add the velvet bow directly under the topsy tail.

Hairstyle #2 – High Bun

Cute Holiday Hairstyle

This is such an elegant and pretty one, probably my favorite out of the 3 of them. Take the hair into a high ponytail. Once the ponytail is secure, create a wrap bun. Then take your velvet bow directly under the bun.

Hairstyle #3 – Half Up Bun

Cute Holiday Hairstyle

I love this one for the holidays because it’s cute seeing the hair down. Pull the hair into a half-up hairstyle, but once you’re about to go through that final hair tie pass through, create a little bubble bun. Pull the bun upward and then clip the velvet bow directly underneath.

I just love these 3 hairstyles and I hope you do, too! Let me know if you try this out on your hair or your child’s!

Where to Buy Velvet Bows

I was able to find some beautiful and high-quality velvet bows at incredibly reasonable prices and wanted to share them with you.

Here are (4) Large Velvet Bows

Large Velvet Bows for the hair

Buy these here. Only $13 for the 4 of these large bows. These are the ones I’m using above in Victoria’s hair.

Here are 10 velvet bows in various colors.

These aren’t as big, but a perfect size for hairstyles at 5 inches.

Buy them here. You can 10 of them for $12 in all these colors!

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