Pretty Holiday Bedazzled Hairstyle

Looking for a cute and easy (emphasis on the easy) holiday hairstyle? Try this pretty holiday bedazzled hairstyle. It’s perfect for any party and it’s one that people will definitely think looks super cool and fun!

Pretty Holiday Bedazzled Hairstyle

Pretty Holiday Hairstyle

For me, the holidays are all about the sparkle and fun. I love creating holiday hairstyles that people will love and think are so pretty. But most of all, I think it’s just a blast to create a hairstyle that is over-the-top festive, regardless of age!

The reason I love this easy holiday hairstyle is because there’s not much to it other than using your bedazzler. That’s the one catch, you just need to make sure you have it! I will share a few below that you will absolutely love to use, and are user-friendly.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyle

But first, I wanted to share how this beautiful hairstyle comes together. It really is a great one that you can make work on shoulder-length hair and longer. It’s as sweet as can be and super pretty to show off.

Hair Video Tutorial

As you can tell, this is an easy one. Just follow along to my tutorial to see how to bring this one together!


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1. Brush the hair nice and smooth.

2. Section off both front sections, I like to use a hair styling cream to make sure it’s extra smooth.

3. Take these 2 sections and hair tie them together.

4. Take your hair bedazzler and bedazzle the smoothed sections in front. Go crazy and have some fun!

As you can tell, this is a fun one to do and just comes out looking so great! I love how it’s just a great hairstyle for anyone, at any age. It’s simple and elegant at the same time.

My favorite Hair Bedazzlers

I’m going to share (2) of them with you that I’ve used and I love. They’re both reasonably priced (under $25) and they both work easily and well in the hair.

Conair Quick Gems – This one is a good one and also very easy to use, which is the best part about it! Not to mention the gems stay put and come out just as easily too when you want them to.

Conair Quick Gems

  • Fun for All Hair Types: Quick Gems is a fun, easy way to add some sparkle to your hair! This hair blinger set includes a variety of sparkling pastel gems in assorted shapes and sizes.
  • Get Bejeweled: Quick Gems is the coolest way to add the crowning touch of sparkle and shine to your hair. The Quick Gems Hair Jeweler comes with 30 decorative reusable gems in assorted shapes and sizes. 2 gem disks included.
  • Add Bling To Your Hair In Seconds: Separate a 1/4″ thick section of hair and comb through. Insert your hair section into the gem transfer slot. Push and hold the ON button to transfer the jewel onto the hair section.

Conair Quick Gems

Buy here.

Hair Gem Stamper – This is one that I’ve been using quite a bit lately (and the one I used in this hairstyle below). I love this one because it’s literally like stamping gems into your hair. Works beautifully and easily.

hair gem stamper

  • The hair jewels stamper meets a girl’s princess dream and is an essential item to add radiance to your hair. It allows you to create DIY hair accessories in various colors and styles for any occasion. The Hair Gems press mold adopts a front outlet design, which can achieve fast and accurate water drill applications.
  • 【Hair Colorful Decoration】This hairstyle set includes 1 hair accessory tool and 120 rhinestones, divided into 10 different types, allowing you to match hair accessories with any outfit and easily apply them to your hair, keeping them in place all day without any residue.
  • 【Easy to use】The hair bedazzler kit is easy to use, with just one click to create sparkling diamonds, perfect for creating a dazzling appearance. This hair gems stick machine not only has a cute design, but is also suitable for all hair types and is easy to peel off.

hair gem stamper

Buy here.

Here is how to bedazzle your hair.

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