5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

Happy FALL! I hope you’re adding lots of fun new fashion items into your wardrobe. I’ve been about finding some adorable fall dresses and wearing them a million and one different ways. I’m kidding, but seriously – I’m all about taking a fall dress and styling it in a variety of ways. I call it “fashion longevity”… seeing how many ways you can easily and effortlessly change the look of an outfit.

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

I keep telling with my friends that if you buy key items that will last over time, it’s like hitting the fashion lottery. I love being able to style something a variety of different ways, it makes me feel like it’s money well spent! I bought a few fall dresses a few days ago that I love, but the second I got them – I showcased how to change their look up. I love showing my husband that it’s money well spent!

Let me start from the fashion beginning here. I bought an adorable RACHEL Rachel Roy Floral Print Dress from Macy’s last week and just fell in love with it. It was the perfect fall dress. Floral print. Long sleeve. Super chic and cute. Super easy to make work for the new season ahead!

RACHEL Rachel Roy Dress at Macy's

I saw this dress and I knew it would be a dress that I would get my money out of because it’s easy to mix and match it with a bunch of different items in my closet. I knew that if I just paired it correctly with a few key pieces that I would definitely have a different look for me. Since I’m someone who has a full life centered around work and family and friends, I knew I wanted to make sure I could make it work for all 3 of these important areas in my life.

Here are my 5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress! These all might not work for you, but hoping one of them does!

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

Look #1: Faux Fur Teddy Blazer (or – just find a super fun blazer!)

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

OK, so I love this look because it’s chic and fun and just fashionable! Teddy blazers are trending like crazy right now, so I bought one at Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale. I got this one for like $45 marked down from $90. I really love this paired with this fall dress because it’s just a fun way to add some dimension to the look. I’m soft. I’m cozy. I’m on trend right here.

You don’t have to use a Teddy Blazer! If you’re got a blazer that it bright and bold… bring it out! I’m thinking a hunter green or navy blazer or royal blue blazer… all these colors would go great with this dress! Even a bright red one, too! Just think about color and some added fun with this look.

Look #2: Boyfriend Blazer with your Fall Dress

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

I love this look for work, it’s professional and appropriate all at the same time. I feel like a boyfriend blazer should be an essential in everyone’s closet. I wear this all the time and it’s really just a great item to fall back on when in doubt. I know this sounds silly, but if you remember Julia Roberts in the last scene of Pretty Woman, she’s in a boyfriend blazer. It’s just that easy and awesome go-to.

Look #3: Long Cardigan Sweater

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

If you don’t have a long cardigan sweater, add this to you to do list right now! I bought this one at H&M for $19.99. That’s not a typo, I got it for $19.99! It’s the softest. It’s the coziest. I’m all about this particular sweater and I think it’s just a fun add on with this fall dress. You don’t need this one to wear with it, I think you should have some fun adding a long sweater to your fall dresses! It gives it a fun different look.

Look #4: Denim Jacket

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

A denim jacket goes with just about anything. I’m not even just saying that, it truly goes with just about anything. You can toss it over and anything and go! You don’t need to check in the mirror to see if it works. I bought this particular denim jacket at Sears YEARS ago for like $10! I’ve worn it forever! I also love that it’s just a casual, yet professional look. You don’t need to overthink fashion. Have fun with it and go with it.

Look #5: Moto Faux Leather Jacket

5 Ways to Style a Fall Dress

If you know me in real life, you know I live in my moto faux leather jacket. Live. In. It. I wear it as soon as the weather rolls around to the chilly side. I’m someone who just always thinks that by adding a little moto jacket, you’re amping up the look just like that. It’s chic. It’s edgy. It’s trendy. I know that it’s the kind of look that won’t work for everyone, but if this works for you – you’ll love it!

I hope you like these fun styles! I had so much fun piecing them together for you! If you have any questions about fashion or style or “what to wear” or “how to wear” please let me know! I love to be able to share my tips and advice with you! I love to look good, but I also don’t want to break the bank.

I started a Facebook Group called Fashion Over 40 that I would love to have you be part of with me! Everything single day I share styles and trends, sales and deals and just everything that you need to know to keep you in the know! It’s been a passion project for me and I just love being able to share my love online with other women who love it, too!

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