Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series – First Week of School Feelings

It’s Sunday! We made it through the 1st week of school! This year was a little different than other years because the kids went back to school after Labor Day. We actually felt like we had a full summer. Usually they go back the week before Labor Day and then we have to start it up all over again after Labor Day. It’s like hitting a reset button and the kids go through (I swear) another 1st day of school.

I personally loved it this year that they were able to enjoy a full summer – which to me is always the entire month of August! I could really see how excited the kids were to actually go back to school this year. Nobody was dreading it. Nobody was scared. Nobody was super nervous. I mean, I know there were butterflies in the first day (for me, too!), but nobody was upset to go back. As a mom? That’s a HUGE win for me.

As always before the 1st day of school I took a photo of all the kids together. I joke with them that this photo opp is non-neogiotable. They need to take it. They have to take it. I’ve had one of all of them going off to school since they all started school. I don’t care how “cool” they get or feel, this photo is always going to happen. I’ve even used the SAME notebook to make my signs on since William’s 1st day of Kindergarten! It’s become “my” personal back to school notebook and I love seeing the consistency with the signs.

1st Day of School for the McClellands

William started high school this year. It was a tough one for me to swallow this year. I held it together as much as I possibly could, but right here in this photo my eyes were swelling up a little bit. He was ready for high school, as ready as ready can be for high school. I knew it was something that he’s been looking forward to and we’ve done everything we can and could to prep him.

I just can’t believe that I’m the mom of a high schooler. I feel like all moms probably say that when their 1st goes off, but mama mia! HIGH SCHOOL. It’s crazy to me. He was just this little boy and now he’s a man. It’s crazy to me. He came home the first day and told me that a lot of the guys seemed big, but he knew that in a couple of years he’d be “that” big, too. I didn’t want to break it to him that he’s already “big!” I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and now that it’s here, I’m perfectly fine. But it’s just weird to think that in 4 years he’ll be off to college.

The tears will be flowing then, believe me! They will be flowing in full puddles, so for now I’m going to love high school and love knowing that he’s still at home and not in some faraway city yet.

1st Day of School for the McClellands

(And for the record, that’s Victoria’s lunchbox – not William’s!)

Next up! Victoria! As much as it was bittersweet to see William go off to high school, thank GOD we have Victoria! She is a big girl going into 1st grade this year. Last year was horrible on the first day of school for her and me! She didn’t know anyone in her class and she was crying as she marched off with everyone last year. My heart was broken for her and it shattered me for the day. As I know how it goes… she DID make friends and was perfectly fine throughout the year, but that 1st day slayed me.

This year was different, thank GOD! She knew almost everyone in her class and it was actually funny watching her take off without me without any tears! She was cool as a cucumber and I needed that, I needed it big time for her. This year her school is starting a little earlier than it did last year, so that’s been the only big adjustment for our family. She’s not a morning person and mornings have been tough getting her up. I know she’ll get used to it, well… I’m hoping she will!

1st Day of School for the McClellands

I caught this quick pick of Victoria going off! She was off to her new adventure into 1st grade with her friends. I also loved how she volunteered to help one of her little besties carry in this heavy bag. They were so cute trying to get it up the steps, but they did… and I felt like it’s the way 1st grade is going to be now. She’s off to do things on her own now and I’ll be there to help and watch as best as can be!

1st Day of School for the McClellands

This week was a big one in our family for the kids! As much as I was coming off of my Permission to Hustle high, back to school took precedence pretty quickly. It’s funny how that happens in life. Your work and your home life gets blended together. It’s all there. It’s all important. But these kids? They have my life. They are my top priority over everything.

I also co-hosted this week at The Rhode Show while one of the host’s is still out on maternity leave. It’s still a ton of fun for me! As they were off to school this week, two of the days I was working and helping out at The Rhode Show!

What to Wear on TV

If you saw me on TV, let me know!! You can also watch from wherever you are on their live stream platform. Head to and look for the “Rhode Show” drop down! It’s right there!

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