Audrey Confidential – Sunday Series: The Fashion Buzz (9/15)

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your week was a good one! I’ve been settling into back to school routines and after school schedules. With 5 kids the degree of difficulty seems to be raised a bit! I have 5 kids going in 5 different directions now every day after school. It’s a bit chaotic and hectic, but I’m trying to get it down to a well oiled machine. I don’t know if it will ever be well-oiled, but I’m certainly going to try hard!

Audrey Confidential – Sunday Series

Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

If you’ve been a regular reader of Mom Generations and have been over the years, you know that fashion for moms used to be a very big portion of my blog. Throughout the years I’ve kept the fashion component alive here because I just love clothing and shoes and accessories and have a passion for style. I also love a really good fashion deal and have shared them here a bunch throughout the years.

As what happens with everything in life, sometimes you need to go back to basics. You need to go back to what you love. You need to go back to what know. When I entered the world of mom blogging it was a different “era” in the world. This was a time before all the social media. I didn’t have anything attached to my blog other than my blog when I started back in 2006. Crazy, right?

This past summer I started to feel “stuck” on my blog. I love sharing about my everyday antics and experiences with my family, but I started to see so many of my friends enter into the world of recipes and DIY and crafting and home decor. I don’t have a true passion for any of those things. I understood the need to bring in different lifestyle verticals, but when I was bringing a bunch of that content in I was relying on contributors.

You see – I’ve always had a struggle with Mom Generations and having contributors. I started Mom Generations as a personal blog with my mom and my sister. I love it when people come on they know they’re getting US. I didn’t always like the idea of having people come on and not know who they were getting content from. I hope that makes sense! It’s just always been a personal struggle for me with “do I bring regular contributors on or not?” I’ve loved having help throughout the years with content, but it’s always just been a “what do I do?”

It’s different for every blogger. It’s different for every content creator. I need help with so much on the business end, which I have a great team in place. And so… for the content, I just realized and had a “ah-ha” moment this summer that I really just want it to be from me, always.

I may not be a dynamo in the kitchen, but I know how to dress. I’ve also always believed that there’s no such thing as an “expert” in life. Who deems who an expert? I don’t know. I think that people are just really good at certain things, and that’s a good way to be. I would never consider myself a fashion expert or a mom expert or a business expert… I love all these areas in my life and I’ve lived them inside and out, but it’s all about what works for YOU. What strategies work for you in motherhood. What fashion works for your body and type. My style might not be your style. It’s interpretation. My business is different than your business.

It’s all different.

It’s all personal.

It’s all what works for you.

I want to bring it back to the fashion content.

Exactly 1 month ago I decided that I wanted to bring back more fashion content on a regular basis. I didn’t want it to just be something here and there. I wanted it to be a regular feature on my blog. Now being 41 years old, I’ve come to a point with teenagers where I’ve seeing fashion in a different light. I’m not a new mom anymore. I’m a seasoned mom. With 5 kids I’m all about looking my best and feeling my best and I want to share that with other moms.

I’ve gotten so much feedback lately from readers saying “thank you” for sharing the fashion buzz again. Thank you for sharing that deal. Thank you for sharing that trend. Thank you for sharing that “how to” or that “what to wear.” You never know what will resonate with readers. A ton of it is just tossing out into the universe what you like and what works for you, you just hope that someone – just 1 person – will connect with it. I’ve been so happy to see my fashion content connecting with more than 1 mom.

So yes… you will see a ton more fashion here and I hope that that works for you. As you can tell – I’m still keeping up with my regular content, too… but I’m in love with sharing my fashion love again, too. I love being able to bring that side of me forward and share the fashion fun!

If you haven’t already, love for you to head to my Facebook Group called Fashion Over 40. I share fashion trends and style. I share hot fashion deals. I share a ton over there multiple times throughout the day.

And as always – if there’s something you want to see – let me know!


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