Young Chefs’ Club Kit: Kid-Tested and Kid-Approved

Victoria has always been my little chef. Ever since she was a little girl she loved being in the kitchen with us. She would just sit and watch us bake and cook, even as a little baby. As she got older she would start asking, “Can I pour that into the bowl?” She would want to get more and more proactive in the actual cooking and the actual baking. My husband is a major foodie, so this always made him so excited.

As Victoria has gotten older, we’ve spent more and more time honing in on her love for cooking and being a “little chef!” She got a kitchen set from Santa a few years ago that she uses all the time. She loves to “cook” full meals for her brothers. Thankfully everyone plays along and gets excited about the meals that she serves (and even ask for seconds, too!).

I’ve been looking high and low for something that will keep Victoria’s love for cooking alive and I’ve finally found it from America’s Test Kitchen Kids. Say hello to Young Chefs’ Club! This is a true dream come true from Victoria! Honestly… the cutest part was that she didn’t even know what was inside the box and she was already excited because she was able to read the word, “Chef!” She smiled and said, “That’s me, Mommy!”

Young Chefs’ Club

Young Chefs' Club Kit

Young Chefs’ Club Kit comes right to your door every month. The themed-box Young Chefs’ Club Kit arrives every month for kids ages 5 and up. The theme will always be a surprise for kids (grown-ups will receive shopping lists ahead of time via email), so it will be fun to see the excitement each month for Victoria.

The cool thing is that themes range from specific ingredients (such as cheese or bread) to cooking techniques (such as cake decorating), scientific subjects (such as food texture or molecular gastronomy), and cuisines or types of food (such as tacos). The themes will not repeat—you’ll have a new box filled with new recipes, activities, and experiments every month.

Everything in the Young Chefs’ Club Kit is kid-tested and kid-approved. I personally love that it’s so interactive for your child. Your kids get hands-on activities and experiments and other creative things to do. I love anything that inspires and motivates a child to do something creative and fun, especially in the kitchen!

How to Make Tacos

Young Chefs’ Club is meant to inspire your child to lead the way in the kitchen. It’s a way to open this beautiful door into a fun skill that they can and will use throughout their entire lives. I’ve always felt that the kitchen is the hub of our home and I love having my kids in there with me and this way they’re truly getting and being involved in the process.

The Young Chefs’ Club Kit that we got this month is the Taco Truck Box! We LOVE tacos in our house and every Tuesday night is designated as “Taco Tuesday!” We’ve been doing this as a family for years, ever since Victoria was a baby! As soon as she saw Tacos she knew that she wanted to do this on a Tuesday (thankfully it was a Tuesday when we opened the Kit)!

Young Chefs Club

What’s INSIDE the Taco Truck Box for Victoria?

DIY Corn Tortillas
Chicken Tinga Tacos
Veggie Tacos
Pickled Red Onions
Cabbage Slaw
How to shred meat
Awesome avocados and amazing acids
Make It Your Way Challenge
Creative projects
Build your own taco truck
Create your taco truck menu
Color in the secret science of corn tortillas
Custom plastic tortilla squisher
Chipotle Chile powder

Young Chefs Club

Victoria dove right on in! Literally dove right on in! She loved it right away and we worked on it together because she wanted me to help her out. I let her lead the way with it, when she wanted me I told her to tell me. I read through all the recipes with her. I read through the “Make It Your Way Challenge.” I read through the experiment with her (that she loved!). It was all about “Awesome Avocados + Amazing Acids!” We have avocados in the house all the time, so this was a cool one to do with her.

Young Chefs Club

One of the coolest things that Victoria loved was the “Build Your Taco Truck Menu” where she got to actually build her own Taco Truck Menu! She Named her Truck. She made a menu. She created the logo (super cute!). She created her menu. It was so cute. It wasn’t extensive, but it was all her. And the fun part is that we went through the word bank and talked about the words.

It’s all about having fun and teaching your child. It’s AMAZING. I’m telling you right now, it’s INCREDIBLE. Anything that my daughter can have fun with while she’s learning is a win win… never mind that we’re in the kitchen doing it, too! The best part for me was watching her 11 year old brother Henry help her out, too. I thought Victoria would be the only one getting heavily involved, I was wrong! Her big brothers joined right on in, too!

Young Chefs Club

How to Make Tacos

How to Make Tacos

I highly recommend this to parents, it’s awesome! And just so you know upcoming month’s themes include “Say Cheese,” “DIY Cake Decorating” and “Textures: Snap, Crackle, Crunch.” The price points vary per month ($24.99), every 6 months ($21.99) or per year ($19.99)! You can find the price that works best for you!

How to Make Tacos

When you subscribe, you also get access to bonus content for each Young Chefs’ Club box, plus a library of kid-tested, kid-approved recipes, hands-on STEAM activities, videos, fun quizzes, and more!

If you have any questions, drop me an email (Audrey523 at mac dot com) OR leave a comment below!

Disclosure: This is a partnership with America’s Test Kitchen. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 9.13.19

    Wow, I never knew about the Young Chefs’ Club kits. Those tacos look delicious and I will be looking more into this for my nephews.

  2. 9.13.19
    joy said:

    what a clever idea. i love the idea of a young chefs club kit. i bet this is a big hit for families. who doesn’t love cooking dinner with mama?

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  3. 9.13.19
    Ronnie said:

    What a great idea to teach kids how to be more independent and learn the value of cooking and nutrition! I love the idea and plan on joining once my kids are old enough. 🙂

  4. 9.14.19
    Cinny said:

    That such a fun idea for kids to learn. I think my son would love it even at his age.

  5. 9.14.19
    Kelly Martin said:

    This would be so fun for kids! It’s great to get them involved in the kitchen.

  6. 9.14.19
    Rhea said:

    how long is your subscription for Young Chefs’ Club Kit ? I just remember the Glam box, This sounds fun for kids.
    it’s very innovative and this will be a cool activity for the whole family. I bet your daughter is excited every time she receives the box.

  7. 9.14.19

    Wow….that’s a nice kit, America’s Test Kitchen! No one will certainly go hungry with this around.

  8. 9.14.19

    The idea of the young chef’s club kit is awesome!I also believe in this idea. Actually i also inspire my kids in cooking and the value of cooking.

  9. 9.14.19

    I like the Young Chefs’ Club kit! It looks so fun and easy to do. I’ll let my niece do it.

  10. 9.14.19

    This is so great! what a fantastic way to teach little ones to cook. Maybe I need to get one for me, since Victoria probably has better cooking skills than I do :))

  11. 9.14.19
    Heather said:

    My kids love to cook and they would love this kit! I’ll definitely check it out for them.

  12. 9.15.19

    What a fun idea! This looks like fun for kids, would love to gift this to my friends children!

  13. 9.16.19
    Jessie said:

    How did I not know this existed?!? My four year old is obsessed with cooking. I am DEFINITELY getting this thank you!!

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