White Ladies Jacket – 8 Casual Finds

With the spring coming soon, it’s time to find some casual jackets for your closet. I just found the cutest white ladies jacket last week and it gave me the inspiration to blog more about it. I can’t wait to share with you today 8 casual find I found on the white jacket front.

White Ladies Jacket

white ladies jacket

I did something that year that I haven’t done before, I bought myself a dressy long white ladies jacket. I’ve eyed them for years, but never had the “fashion guts” to dive right on in. I knew that with 5 kids it would be tough to have a white coat (I mean, lets be real – right?), but I’ve always loved them from afar and really want to get one.

With sales being so incredible in January and February, I knew when I found my fave long white ladies jacket on sale that I needed to snag it. I was just head over heels for a particular coat I found at Nordstrom, so I watched it like a hawk – just waiting and waiting. When the white white coat went down to $90, I bought it!

All the time I was worried about having a white coat because of my kids and now I know how silly I was about it! Granted – yes, I can still stain it in seconds, but I just don’t wear it around the house. I knew after falling in love with this dressy one that I wanted to find a casual white ladies jacket for the spring months ahead.

I found a super cute option at a ridiculously low price online.

white ladies jacket - casual finds

I was keen on finding a white ladies jacket that wasn’t too heavy. I knew that I just needed a light layer for the spring months ahead. I wasn’t looking for anything to bulky. I wanted to make sure I found a jacket that was simple, yet chic. I love that it’s a bit longer, too. I usually have “short” coats that just go to my waist, but this one was adorable and I love that it hit just above the knee.

white ladies jacket - casual finds

white ladies jacket

You know what I love about the color white? A white jacket or coat goes with EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it works. White and black jackets are just timeless and classic. This white ladies jacket works with jeans and tees and tanks for a casual day or evening. I love the fact that it’s an easy toss on and go!

Spring jacket

white ladies jacket

I decided to go with an easy look and style to pair with this jacket. But here’s the thing when it comes to spring jackets, you don’t really need to think so much about what you’re wearing underneath! The “showpiece” is the jacket itself. I have always just really loved a light coat because it’s an essential item for a spring season. This one in particular is great because it’s almost just like wearing an additional shell.

My fedora is a staple on my head whenever I need it. I’m obsessed with wearing it and having it as a go to accessory. I think it works great with this jacket because it really makes the white in the jacket POP and not to mention, it makes the jacket look whiter, too! It really just works well together for the look I’m trying to go after and accomplish.

I’m sharing below 8 casual white ladies jacket options for you. I want to make sure I find some that aren’t crazy expensive for you because it’s not something that you need to spend a ton of money on.

As you can tell these light jackets would be perfect during the spring and summer and even fall months! If you’re someone who lives in the south, these jackets might be what you actually use year round. I love see how easy it is to find the perfect kind of jacket. The thing is that you need to make sure you’re finding one that works best for YOU and your NEEDS.

I hope you like these and I hope that one or two jump out at you!!

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