Knot Bun Tutorial

If you’re looking for an easy tutorial for a Knot Bun, this is it! If you’re someone with longer hair, you can easily knot your hair and create this bun. This is a popular style for weddings, but it’s also a really easy look for day to day, too.

Knot Bun Tutorial

Knot Bun Tutorial


My daughter is 6 years old with very long hair, so she’s usually my model for my hair tutorials. This knot bun looked super cute on her and I’m excited to share the step by step video with you, too!

The knot bun actually is created exactly how it sounds. You knot sections of hair to create a knot bun. It’s easier to have longer hair because it’s easier to knot and twist. I personally love this style because it’s just easy for me to do.

Nothing drives me more crazy than watching a tutorial and losing my place because the steps are so intricate.

Sharing my full hair tutorial video of the Knot Bun. It’s super easy, I promise! Hope you like it!

1. Divide hair into 2 sections.

2. Tie hair into a knot.

3. Tie hair again into another knot.

4. Band the knot with an elastic.

5. Take the ends that are sticking out and wrap them around the bun.

6. Take an elastic or scrunchie or bow and knot it.

Super easy and super fun!

Knot Bun Tutorial

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