Fun Places To Go with Friends

Are you dying to see your friends?  I want to share some fun places to go with friends right now. I know that we’re still all at home, doing everything we can to stay healthy and stay safe. States are re-opening in phases, but the good news is that there is a way to still see your friends. The one big catch? You need to do it the safest way possible.

Fun Places To Go with Friends

Fun Places To Go with Friends

I know when it comes to coming up with fun places to go with friends, the best is making sure it’s outdoors. When you’re outdoors it’s not as confined. I know the one thing I’ve been missing is hanging with my girls, so I’ve tried to come up with some ways to safely “see” my friends.


When it comes to coming up with some fun places to go with friends, think about places around you. Stop and try to come up with places that everyone can get to easily, but also with enough room for people to have the appropriate distance from each other.


I know this isn’t the most ideal situation for anyone, but it’s one that we can all get through together if we stick together. We need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to stay sane, but also stay safe. It’s tough to have these two worlds come together, but it’s not impossible!

Where are some Fun Places To Go with Friends? Here are some of my suggestions (in no particular order):

1) Beach Trip – If you live near one, this is a great space to meet up with some friends. What I love about meeting up at the beach is that there’s ample space to spread out and it’s outdoors in the open air. You can set up chairs that are appropriately 6 feet apart, so everyone is at a safe distance but you can still see everyone.

Hyannis Beaches

I love a good beach trip because it’s so relaxing and peaceful. There’s nothing like going in the morning, afternoon or evening. You just can catch up and enjoy the sun and (if you’re daring) go for a quick dip. It’s a great way to see your people without feeling nervous.

2) Picnic at the Park – I’m a big picnic person, too. I think it’s wonderful to be able to sit and eat in a beautiful park. When I first moved to NYC after college, I found do picnics with my husband all the time. It was just fun for me to “chill” out with him and a beautiful spread.

things to do with friends

If you invite a few friends to the park for a picnic, everyone can bring their own food and blanket. You can just set-up your picnic areas near each other and enjoy a great lunch or snacks with each other. You’ll have the beauty of the outdoors, but also the intimacy of being able to see each other.

3) Outdoor Restaurant / Cafe – This depends where you live, but if you’re able to head to an outdoor eatery right now you can meet up there. This one is a good option if you’re meeting up with 1 or 2 friends. You would be able to do the social distancing easily (just made sure you pick a good spot where you are able to spread out your chairs).

Fun Places To Go with Friends

I love that with this option you’re doing 2 things. You’re able to see your friends and catch up, but you’re also supporting local businesses. I know there are a few spots that I loved to go with my friends to just relax and enjoy a bite, it’s nice seeing this option “open” again.

4) Drive-in Movie – I saw some friends do this recently and I loved the idea! Head to a local drive-in theater. You can each bring your own car, just park next to each other. This is a fun one because it’s just different. Head there a little earlier to get a good spot and enjoy some conversation time before the movie starts!

Fun Places To Go with Friends

5) Driveway / Backyard – When it comes to thinking of fun places to go with friends think your place, too. You can have a fire pit roaring in the backyard and have it be BYOB (or bring your own food, too!). You can set-up chairs in a social distance circle and make sure everyone is 6 feet apart.

Start the fire pit up in your backyard

I love this option because as long as you’re doing it in a smart way, it’s a nice way to see friends. I know we’re all trying to rack our brains for fun places to go with friends, but the answer might be right in front of you! Just make sure you are doing what you’re supposed to do and keep the number of people small.

6) Golf Course- I’ve got a bunch of friends who love to play golf and it’s a wonderful place to meet up with a couple of friends for a nice game. It’s one of those sports where you are in charge of your own clubs and balls, so you’re able to stay in control of what you’re touching.

Can you golf when pregnant

It’s just a nice time to be outside and enjoy your friends. I don’t play golf, but if I did I know this would be a nice option right now to enjoy!

7) Tennis Courts – Kind of like with tennis, it’s a nice way to be outside and with a friend or 2. Bring your own tennis balls and racket. My advice? You can sharpie an X on one of your tennis balls and make sure you’re the only one pick them up. I like that you’re outside with tennis and it’s easy to breath in the fresh air and be way more than 6 feet apart.

Playing tennis during quarantine

8) Walk in the Park – I’ve seen many of my friends meet up with small groups of people (or just one other person) and head out for a walk. You can maintain the proper distance and wear masks, but it’s just a nice and fun way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful park or neighborhood (if you don’t live near a park).

Ten-acre park against historic and modern architecture in the heart of downtown. Lagoon and waterfalls, walking paths, gardens, playground, amphitheater and sculpture garden; connects to Heartland of America Park. Also the centerpiece for the Annual Holiday Lights Festival.
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I hope these 8 fun places to go with friends seem like a good idea for you! I feel like right now we’re all searching for the best ways to be with friends and feel a little normal again. It’s not easy to do, but we can take advantage of the options that are out there right now.

We all need to be smart so we’re stopping the spread, but you can start to take the steps to do more regular things again. Granted you need to be 6 feet apart and wear a mask, but it’s still a doable ask and something that you can absolutely do!

And when you’re (and we’re!) ready to venture out with friends, here are 70 things to do with friends.

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  1. 5.26.20
    Katrina Williams said:

    I haven’t been to a drive in since I was a kid!

  2. 5.26.20
    Helga said:

    My personal favorites are the backyard, outdoor cafe, and walk in the park.

  3. 5.26.20
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    These are great ideas. I really wish drive in theaters would make a comeback!

  4. 5.26.20
    Dana said:

    I love playing tennis and golf.

  5. 5.26.20
    Tiffany C said:

    Great ideas! I was just chatting with my friends for a get-together because I haven’t seen them in ages! A bunch of my Gf wanted to celebrate a birthday but we ended up just doing a drive by celebration. I like the beach or picnic setup! It’s hard to find out which restaurants do outdoor seating but will keep a lookout, wonder if we can do dining outdoors if it is the six of us?

  6. 5.27.20
    mami2jcn said:

    A drive-in movie would be so fun! I only went to a drive-in once in my life, to see E.T. when I was a kid.

  7. 5.27.20
    Gabrielle said:

    I am actually delighted about the resurgence of drive-ins. I have great childhood memories.

  8. 6.10.20
    shelly peterson said:

    I would love a beach trip. I sure wish our Drive-in movie theater was still open. I loved going there as a kid.

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