How to Pamper Yourself at Home

If not now more than ever, many of us are looking for ways to indulge and pamper ourselves at home. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been asked the question – How to Pamper Yourself at Home – from my readers. I get it, I do. We’re at home unable to go out with friends or visit places we love, so we need to do the next best thing and indulge ourselves at home.

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

When it comes to learning how to pamper yourself at home, you need to be creative. I know it’s not easy to do, but I promise you – there are ways to make sure you’re pampering yourself the best way possible. With 5 kids, I’m pretty good at knowing how to pamper and indulge myself… but right now, I’m making sure I do this as often as possible.

It’s funny because if you asked me before everything happened how I pampered myself, I’d say getting my hair done, meeting up with friends, walking the beach, getting my nails done… all of these types of things. I love to try and pamper myself – well, as much as a full time working mom of 5 can pamper herself!

Since now we all have to think about how to pamper yourself at home, it’s important to come up with a variety of ways to accomplish this. It’s funny – I’ve never thought of some of the simplest things at home as ways to pamper myself, but this is what has happened lately. I’m finding relaxation in things at home that I’ve never thought about doing!

So How to Pamper Yourself at Home?

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

How about if I share with you 101 ways to pamper yourself! I know that all of these won’t work for everyone, but I’m hoping a handful stick out to you to try. I’m all about making sure that I’m pampering myself to keep myself sane right now. We all need a little R&R.

Sleep Late (make sure you clear it ahead of time so everyone knows!)
Take a LONG HOT Shower
Buy Yourself a New Pair of Shoes ONLINE in your jammies
Stay in your Pajamas all Day
Rent all your FAVE OLD Movies (or shows!)
Call your Best Friend and TALK FOR HOURS
Go for a Walk on your Treadmill (my personal fave)
Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in the early morning
Do a DIY Manicure (or have someone help you)
Do a DIYPedicure (or have someone help you)
Work on your eyebrows
Enjoy a Spray Tan (Love doing this at home)
Lose yourself in a Really Good Book
Enjoy a Gossip Magazine
Plan a Special Date Night with your Partner (think FUTURE!)
Indulge in a Massage from your husband
Get a Tarot Card Reading Done on the Phone
Yoga Time at home
Watch videos of travel destinations you love
Redo a Room in your House you’ve been DYING to do-over
Unplug all Technology for the Day
Dance Party in the Kitchen
Go Hunting for some Fashion Deals
Ride your Stationary Bike
Indulge in a Hot Tub (if you have one)
Bubble Bath
Enjoy a Glass of Wine
Virtual Dinner with your Best Girlfriends
Start Scrapbooking
Bake something Delicious
Cook a Gorgeous Meal for yourself (and family)
Organize your Closet
Take some time to Knit (or learn to!)
Movie Night in your bedroom alone
Blow out your hair
Try to color your own hair
Watch your FAVE TV Show (LIVE!)
Buy yourself a New Pair of Jeans ONLINE
Try some new makeup while you can at home
Buy new BEDDING (always the best!) ONLINE
Plant some flowers in your garden
Zoom visit your Parents
Call your Grandmother (if you can)
Watch the sunrise
Start a Vegetable Garden
Look Back at Old Photos
Reconnect with an Old Friend
Enjoy a Cardio Class ONLINE (Les Mills is great)
Pilates Time
Sit and Write
Respond to Emails you’ve been meaning to get back to
Devour a Fashion Magazine
Create a Vision Board for yourself
Make a Bucket List
Give yourself the time to organize your Workspace
Afternoon Tea Time
Enjoy Breakfast for Dinner
Make a NEW cocktail for yourself
Learn how to make Sushi
Find a really cool Cooking Class ONLINE
Play an instrument or listen to someone play at home
Make yourself an Ice Cream Sundae
At Home Facial
At Home Seaweed Wrap
Plan a Trip and BOOK IT
Learn How to do Couponing
Wear a new Lipstick Color around the house
Clean out your Handbag
Read your Horoscope
Write a Poem
Learn a New Language Online
Bring fresh cut flowers into your house
Paint a canvas
Create a pottery project
Tie Dye something for your closet
Eat ANYTHING chocolate
Sit and Play GAMES
Watch a theater production online
Watch the sunset
Devour some milk and cookies
Write a Letter to someone
Start a Journal (it’s never too late)
Pick out Paint Colors for your House
Try a new Restaurant for TAKEOUT
Whiten your teeth at home
10 Minutes of Stretching in the morning
Put your kids to bed early
Have your kids make dinner one night
Buy yourself all new office supplies (always something I love to do!)
Sit outside your house and breath in the air
Start a Sketch Journal
Shave your legs (this is pure indulgence)
Go to Church ONLINE
Enjoy some crafting at home
Sign up for TikTok and get ready for some FUN
Enjoy a Twitter Party ONLINE
Start a Virtual Book Club
Lose yourself on Pinterest
Make yourself a yummy Smoothie
Look ahead on your calendar and keep a FULL DAY with no activities (heaven, right?)

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

There they are! How to Pamper Yourself at Home – 101 things for you to do! I hope this list is a list that you will refer to even when we’re allowed to be out and about. There’s something nice and calming about being at home right now. It’s a nice feeling to be safe somewhere. I’ve never loved my home more than I do right now. I appreciate it.

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

And are you pregnant? Best ways to pamper yourself while pregnant. It’s important to make sure you’re taking care of you.

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