Beach Date Ideas

Whether you’ve been married for 50 years or dating for 2 weeks, date nights are the best nights. With summer here, there are so many beach date ideas that you can do with your love. Embrace the beauty of the season!

Beach Date Ideas

Beach Date Ideas

One of my favorite places to go is the beach. It’s a place that you can truly just relax. The crashing of the waves. The softness of the sand. The beauty of the sun. The glistening of the water. It’s natural beauty all around you. It makes it a very romantic place to go for a date.

If you’re looking for some beach date ideas, I’ve got some great ideas for you. The beach is such a romantic spot to head to with the one you love. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s a great place to go any time of the day.

Audrey and Matt McClelland

One of the very first spots I went with my (now) husband was the beach. There are so many different and fun beach date ideas that you can do. I love that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, the beach will always be such a fun spot to go with the one you love.

When you’re thinking about some beach date ideas, you can really have a ton of fun thinking about what to do. The great thing about the beach is that you can go in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Your “date night” can be during any of these times.

Beach Date Ideas

I want to share with you some of my favorite Beach Date Ideas for you to keep in mind. I’ve always lived about 2 miles from the beach. The water has always called my name and calmed my heart. I love the beach. I will always prefer the beach over snow. The beach soothes my soul.

What Beach Date Ideas do I have in mind?

Beach Date Ideas

1. Romantic picnic on the beach at sunset

2. Walk along the beach in the evening

3. Bonfire on the beach

4. Watch the stars while holding hands

5. Movie night on the beach

6. Making s’mores on the beach

7. Enjoy a moonlight picnic

8. Go swimming in the water in the evening

9. Build a sandcastle

10. Sleepover on the beach

11. Listen to music while sitting at the beach

12. Watch fireworks on the beach

13. Watch the sunrise

14. Run along the beach with your love

15. Host a cocktail party with other couples on the beach

16. Play a board game on the beach with a blanket

17. Enjoy some dessert on the beach

18. Read books together at the beach

Beach Date Ideas

There’s just something really fun about a beach date and I hope these beach date ideas help you figure something special out! I know that if there’s one place I can go with my husband, it’s the beach. We love walking and sitting and just watching the water. We hold hands. We kiss. We snuggle. It’s the perfect spot.

Family Beach Trip with Teenagers

If you’re going to take some of my beach date ideas to heart, make sure you have some beach date essentials:

1. Blanket (you need a cozy spot to sit)

2. Extra towels (you need to stay dry, especially if you head into the water)

3. Snacks (food is always a good thing to bring)

4. Drinks (make sure you bring something to enjoy)

5. Extra layers (the beach gets chilly at night, bring some layers)

I’m all about trying to make your dates as romantic as can be, so by heading to the beach it does bring an extra dose of romance. When you stop and think about it, truly it’s a great place to bring a date. If you’re in high school, it works. If you’re in college, it works. If you’re in your 20’s, it works. If you’re married, it works. It just works always for everyone.

I also think beach date ideas are great for first dates. You might not want to go somewhere too crowded, but you want to be outside with other people. The beach is perfect for allowing you to feel “alone,” but also with others, too.

A beach date is always a cheap date! Not that this is about free dates or cheap dates, but it’s a great spot to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You might even be able to get in for free depending on when you head to the beach. I know our beach stops charging at 5PM.

I’m someone who has been married for (almost) 19 years. We have 5 kids and I know that it’s tough to “get away” because we’re always so busy. I love the beach because we can “escape” the world, but be home in less than 5 minutes. It’s a place to breath in the salty air. It’s a place where I’ve always felt all my worries go away.

The beach is an escape from the world and it can be as romantic as you need and want it to be on a date. I hope these beach date ideas inspire you to do something different. It’s a spot you will love and go back again and again. Stop and look up at the night sky at the beach, there’s nothing prettier!

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  1. 6.16.20
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    These are great ideas. We are overdue for a beach trip.

  2. 6.18.20
    Rosie said:

    I love these ideas. We used to be near the water, and so were able to enjoy many fun times without a long drive to get to the beach and then home. I like it best when the sun has gone down, but before it gets dark, and the crowds have dispersed, too. Nice. This brings back good memories!

  3. 6.18.20
    Jessica Staley said:

    great ideas. Good way to go out and social distance.

  4. 6.22.20
    Calvin said:

    With the weather getting warmer, it sure is good to know about these ideas.

  5. 6.22.20
    S. C. said:

    A board game? LOL it better not have any paper components whatsoever or somebody a mile down the beach will be collecting your Monopoly money! XD

  6. 6.29.20
    rana durham said:

    i love this , the beach is calling my name. i will be using some of these iideas

  7. 6.29.20
    Krista said:

    Great ideas! The beach really is a special place.

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    Daniel Scott said:

    We are going on vacation in August and these are some great ideas.

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