How to Clean Vans

I just got my very first pair of Vans and I’m in sneaker love! I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase my first pair. Since I love them to pieces, I want to take care of them. The first thing I looked up was how to clean Vans because I want them to look as good as new as long as can be. Cleaning Vans is super easy, you just need to make sure you do it regularly.

How to Clean Vans

If you’re wondering how to clean Vans, I hope this helps you and guides you along the way. I’m all about making sure I stay on top of cleaning my Vans. I love when they look new and fresh and fabulous! When you’re looking on how to clean Vans, please make sure you’re referring back to this post.

How to Clean VANS

I know that there are all sorts of styles of Vans, I really wanted to gear this post for canvas ones. I’m all about trying my black and white checkered Vans (and my daughter’s rainbow ones). They’re dirty right now and need a good cleaning. I know I’m not alone in trying to keep my Vans clean, so this way you will learn how to clean your Vans.

3 Ways on How to Clean VANS:

How to Clean VANS

OPTION #1 Detergent and Water: This is an easy one and can be done by anyone. I love this because I feel like we all have detergent in our homes. All you need to do is take a bowl of warm water and add in a few drops of detergent. Just take a moment to mix it up to get a good solution. You’ll know it’s done when it’s all bubbles (and that’s the way it should look). Take a washcloth and dip into the mixture.

Detergent for cleaning clothes

My best advice is to take your time doing this, but start going over your Vans with the cloth. Spot check all of your Vans sneakers. The point is to get a good coating on the sneaker, so don’t be afraid to get them saturated and really get the cleaning mixture over them. The point is to get it good clean, so make sure you’re washing it well. This is key to this cleaning option.

OPTION #2 Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture: I love this one so much because it’s super duper easy. This is great, but the only thing, if you hate the smell of vinegar – this is a tough one at first! You will not like this one and you won’t be able to stand the smell.

How to Clean White VANS

Take (2) tablespoon of baking soda and (4) tablespoons of white vinegar and mix them together in a about 2 cups of water. Mix it up as best as you can. You will start to see a paste come into play and then you’ll know you’re on the right track. If you have a smaller brush (cleaning brush or even a toothbrush would work!), use that to clean the entire sneaker.

You’ll see the mixture start to get dry because well, it’s baking soda! That’s OK! Just keep using it and you will see that the areas that need to be cleaned are getting cleaned. Then just take a cloth and wipe away the mixture. I love to let my shoes sit outside in the sun for a quick dry, too (depending on the weather!).

3. Use toothpaste. Yes, I said it. If you can brush your teeth, you can brush your sneakers! How do you do this? Well… you brush your teeth. The logic is there, right? Brush your teeth, brush your sneakers. Buy a toothbrush that is super cheap and use it to literally brush your sneakers.

How to Clean White VANS

When I started my research on How to Clean VANS, I never thought about toothpaste. This is really a great tactic to use for your sneakers. I love this one so much for cleaning your sneakers. This is such an easy way to do it and I think its doable and practical for everyone to try on your own.

How to Clean VANS

As you’re brushing your sneakers, make sure you’re really getting in there with some good and solid scrubs, don’t be gentle. I think it’s a great and easy way to get your sneakers clean and I love that all of these are non-toxic options. I kinda don’t want to use toxic chemicals on my sneakers. I really do get scared washing things that I wear with harsh chemicals.

I hope these (3) ways on how to clean Vans help you out. I know that Vans aren’t super expensive, but any money you invest in anything is money. Make sure your sneakers are clean and tidy whenever you can. You want to make sure you’re taking care of your sneakers and keep them looking as good as new.

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