30 Ways to Have Fun at Home this Summer

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This summer is a different kind of summer, and though my 5 kids are worried that this summer might not be their most favorite of all, I’m determined to make it FUN for them! I’ve even told them that this will probably be the summer that they will remember forever because it’s so unprecedented! And the good news? We’re all in this together right now!

When it comes to finding FUN this summer for my family, it’s about looking at our home and our neighborhood and our town and really finding what we have around us and creating as much fun as we can. We live in Rhode Island which is known as the Ocean State, so when it comes to the summer for us – it’s ALL about the water and exploring the beauty of nature for us.

I feel like that’s ONE thing every family can do this summer right from their home, FIND THE FUN around them! Whether you live on the east coast, west coast. Whether you’re in the north or the south. Whether you’re in the heartland of our country, you can do this with your family!

I know we’re all so busy in our “normal” lives, but right now we have the opportunity to really look at where we live and see what we have around us within walking distance or biking distance. It’s time to find the fun at home and get a new outlook on where you live this summer! Find those hidden gems. Revisit spots you love. Be open to new experiences with your family!

One way that we’ve been finding FUN at home this summer is by enjoying breakfast down by the beach. We live within walking distance from our local beach, so it’s a place we can get to quickly and easily. Usually we’re so busy in the summer with camp, swim team, tennis lessons and swim lessons for the 5 kids that we never have time to STOP and be together in the mornings.

Fun at Home this Summer with Kids

This summer is different already with everything on pause for the summer (at least right now!). We’ve been able to get up late (which we’ve never been able to do in the summer!) and walk down to our favorite spot and enjoy some breakfast while we watch the boats go by and enjoy the Rhode Island beauty around us.

One cereal my kids ALL love is Quaker LIFE Cereal (we buy Original and Cinnamon). Since we have 5 kids, I always have to buy the Family-Size box because we seem to go through it so quickly! It’s super easy for me to pack up 5 bowls and spoons, along with my boxes of cereal, container of milk, fruit for everyone and juice for us to enjoy a morning picnic.

LIFE Cereal for Families

I know everyone is so used to picnics for lunch or dinner, but having a breakfast picnic is a ton of fun for our family. It’s kicking off the day right and with Quaker LIFE Cereal, you really are kicking the morning off right! Life cereal is a delicious cereal where each tasty square is made with whole grain goodness, with at least 24 grams of whole grains per one cup serving, so you can feel good about what you’re eating, and please even the pickiest members of the family (and believe me, I have a couple!).

30 Activities To Do this Summer

We’re literally always on-the-go and this summer won’t be different in that sense, so I love knowing that Life Cereal offers an excellent Source of 5B Vitamins and a good source of calcium, too. It’s a great way to get my kids ready for the morning with a nutritious, healthy and delicious breakfast option. I always love to add fruits to our breakfast round-up, too. We love bananas, watermelon, strawberries and oranges. It’s wonderful to have yummy and healthy options so they won’t be asking for snacks within 5 minutes of eating (always a score for me!).

LIFE Cereal breakfast

The one thing I love while watching them all sit together and enjoy their morning breakfast is the conversations! They’re all so funny with each other and I love knowing that one thing from this summer that we’re creating is an extra sibling bond. They’ve gotten to know each other VERY well over the last few months and I know that this is cherished time. They won’t have this kind of “opportunity” to be together like this again, especially with my oldest 2 in high school and heading off to college in a few years (hold me!).

30 Activities this Summer

I just love that Life Cereal is easily bringing them together in the morning.!!

So what else can you do for some Fun at Home this Summer?

Here are 29 Additional Ideas for YOU:

Beach Visits (depends where you live)
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Virtual Drawing Classes (tons online)
Fly a Kite in the Park
Virtual Trips Around the World
Hike in the Woods
Fishing Trip (if you have rods)
Bike Ride Around the Neighborhood
Create an Obstacle Course (super fun idea)
Write a Letter for Someone Special
Dress Up for a Fancy Dinner
Create a Fort in the Living Room
Create a Music Video (this is a fun one)
Learn a New Language Virtually
Watch the Sun Rise
Watch the Sun Set
Create a Family Tree (really interesting to do with parents)
Create an At-Home Spa
Yoga Outside in the Morning with your Family
Start a Family Journal
Send a Video Message to your Favorite Teacher
Play Board Games
Jump Rope
Create a Puzzle (always fun for everyone in the family)
Make a Time Capsule (this is a cool one to do)
Hop Scotch
Create some Hairstyles for your Child (watch my videos to be extra inspired)
Water Balloon Fun (this one is great for the summer)
Draw Pictures in Chalk on your Driveway

I want to inspire you to really make sure you’re doing everything you can this summer to have some FUN with your kids. Our pool club has opened up, but it’s restricted hours and face masks must be worn. Our beaches have opened up, but everyone has to remain 6 feet away from each other. I’m not allowing my kids to go to anyone’s house this summer because I just want to eliminate any potential risks. So this summer is ALL ABOUT CREATING YOUR OWN FUN!

Activities To Do with Kids

I truly do encourage you to use some of my ideas above! I really hope that you’re motivated to explore your town or city with your family. See what you have right in front of you! A morning picnic is something we never would’ve done before! It would’ve been a quick eat and rush out the door to a summer activity. Now we can take a moment to relax a bit and enjoy the summer!

Thanks to Life Cereal for helping make our mornings nourished!

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