How to Style a Romper

I’m all rompers this summer, it’s just knowing how to style them and rock them in a variety of ways. The best part about a romper is that you can dress them up and dress them down. If you’re wondering how to style a romper, here are 6 ways to do it. I love that you really can stretch their fashion life.

How to Style a Romper

I recently just bought a romper at Target that is as simple as can be. This scoop-neck romper made from a lightweight knit fabric for comfortable wear has a soft feel that features adjustable straps for a secure fit. The second I put it on, I LOVED it! It’s so comfortable.

How to Style a Romper

There are usually 3 things I look for when I’m buying rompers (because they are super comfy!) since I don’t buy them so often.

1. Is it comfortable? (do you feel comfortable wearing it)

2. Does it fit well on you? (you don’t want it too tight or too loose)

3. Is it age appropriate? (yes, it’s important to ask yourself this question, too!)

I love a good romper because it’s just an easy outfit. You don’t need to worry about a top and bottom to match. You don’t need to worry about anything, it’s just there! It’s easy to toss on and go just about anywhere. I feel like they really are the best kind of item in the summer because it’s just practical and relaxing.

Looking for how to style a romper? Here are 6 easy ways to make sure you have some different looks from the one you’ve got. I thought it would be easiest to show on this new one because I (literally) knew I could get a bunch of different looks quickly with it! I had some fun with one!

How to Style a Romper – Style #1

I wanted to create an easy everyday look for this style. I grabbed my belt bag and leopard flats for this style. I feel like this is a great and easy style to wear around town or out running errands. It’s a quick, easy style. I love this cut so much!

How to Style a Romper

How to Style a Romper – #2

I’m all about a camp print, so I wanted to see what my favorite “warmer” layer would look like with my black romper. There are always chilly nights here in Rhode Island, so this top layer just worked easily and seamlessly with this romper. Try with a fleece or sherpa or sweatshirt zip up!

How to Style a Romper

How to Style a Romper – #3

The easiest of all! I grabbed some of my fave sneakers and tossed them on with my romper. I love this look because it’s laid back and relaxed. Very chill and easy to wear around town. I love that it is THAT easy to dress down this cute romper.

Easy Summer Style for Moms

How to Style a Romper – #4

I wanted to dress it up for this style. If you’re followed me long enough you know that I love and adore blazers. I love cropped blazers, double breasted blazers, long blazers, printed blazers… you name it! I haven’t worn this tuxedo white blazer in awhile, so when I saw it – I paired it immediately with it. I love the look with my fave espadrilles!

How to Style a Romper

How to Style a Romper – #5

How easy it this style? Grab a thick brown belt and wear it away! I love how you can easily break up this look with a belt. It now looks like it’s 2 pieces when it’s only really one. I feel like this style is super easy and always on trend. It’s one that I think you can wear to just about anywhere!

Easy Summer Style

How to Style a Romper – #6

When it comes to a romper, I love a denim jacket. Denim is always a safe way to go when it comes to dressing. You can dress a denim jacket UP or DOWN. For this look I thought it would be nice to dress it up with my espadrilles. I feel like this style is super easy and a great option for just about any occasion.

Easy Summer Style

As you can tell, I love a good romper. You really need to make sure you’re finding one that you know you can wear a variety of different ways. You don’t want to grab one and then just be done with it after one style. Really stop and decide how you can get some great fashion longevity out of it!

I have a red romper that I love wearing, too. I guess I seem to gravitate towards solid colors when it comes to my rompers. They’re the easiest for me to pair things up with. Forever 21 Rompers are reasonable and super comfy, too! I love the red because it’s so loud and bold.

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Make sure you share with me if there’s something you love and I missed it on the blog! See my last post on How to Protect your Hair at the Beach! I also figure a little hair talk and beach cover up talk is good for the soul! I’m all about sharing everything I can when it comes to fashion and beauty! Hope these posts help you out!


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