Virtual Back to School Bash RECAP #BTSBash

It’s a new world right now and we’re all adapting the best way we possibly can! As many of you know, hosting events is a huge part of my business. I love, love, love hosting events and having the opportunity to connect brands and bloggers. I also love being able to see my fellow bloggers who are my colleagues. We learn from each other and we grow from each other.

When everything needed to be halted due to COVID, events stopped. They needed it. They had to. And to be honest with you, I’m not sure when they will start up again.

So what do you do when this happens? You PIVOT. You still want to deliver what you love to do, but you need to serve it differently to your friends and workers and partners.


As you know – I run all of my events with Vera Sweeney, but we’ve also partnered UP with Sherri Schubert Events this time around, too! We hosted our 1st collaboration together – Back to School Bash with Staples, GoGoSqueeZ, Clean & Clear, Eggland’s Best, Mabel’s Labels, Vamousse Lice Treatment and Joules USA.

I want to say this up front because I think it’s worth nothing this as someone who helped plan this event. I need to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the 7 brands who partnered with us for our BTS Back 2020. This was a new one for all of us, so we weren’t sure how it was going to go, but we knew we needed to plan something. I love love love that these brands took the leap with us as we embarked on the “new” normal for events.

I also want to thank the 25 influencers who joined us, too. Just as the brands were coming into unchartered territory, so were our fellow influencers. We had nothing to base it off of from before. We had nothing to share with them as to how it would run. They trusted us to be part of it and we cannot thank them enough! You’re all the best!

One of the first things people asked us when they found out we were hosting a Back to School Bash was, “Even if school doesn’t start up again? You’re still going to plan something?” YES. Yes a million times over. If not now more than ever our kids need some sense of normalcy for back to school. The ONE thing that we can provide them right now is prepping an stocking up for back to school essentials and setting a routine.

The ONE saving grace throughout March, April, May and June for me was keeping a set schedule for the kids. I had them wake up at a certain time. I had breakfast ready. I had lunch routines ready. I had snacks stocked up. I had desks and spaces set up for them. I had routines in the afternoon and night in place. Routines saved me. Organization saved me. Being prepared saved me.

I loved that each brand “came” to our event sharing how their products can help this new back to school season. It’s important to have these brands in your life for back to school time because they can help you out and solved a solution for you. They’re that kinda key.

We ran our Back to School Bash where our (7) brands partnered with influencers and each gave a demonstration on some important back to school messaging for each brand. It was wonderful having influencers give the presentations because it gave it more of a authentic spin. We got to see how each influencer works a particular brand into her mom life.

Let’s kick off with Mabel’s Labels! Mabel’s has ALWAYS been a go-to for me for my labeling needs. I love hearing my friend Geanine from Trendy Chaos share how she labels all of the items for her kids for school. She shared how with COVID, especially right now it’s important to make sure all of her daughter’s items are labeled.

Next up we had Tamara from Tamara Camera Blog share her back to school experience with Staples. They have ALWAYS been the place I got for all of the back to school supplies. I’m obsessed with their offerings and have always loved the prices there, too. Tamara’s daughter was ADORABLE sharing her faves. If you’re looking for the best prices and best selections… Staples is where you need to do. Period. 

We also had Kerri from Raising Three Savvy Ladies share all about Vamousse Lice Treatment and Prevention products. These are KEY for making sure you’re protected in case live hits your family. It’s something nobody wants, but we need to be ready for it. I have all of their products on hand and there’s also preventative products, too.

We had Clean & Clear part of our Bash, too!! We’ve been using Clean & Clear products for years. It’s so important to make sure your teens have a teen skincare routine. I’ve found that a good skincare routine for your teens bring confidence to a child. I love that Clean & Clear (literally) has something for every kind of skin (oily, dry, acne, etc.). You will find something to fit your child’s needs.

It was awesome having Natasha from Twindollicious join me as we discussed finding skincare routine for tweens and teens. Her daughters are so beautiful and it was so cute seeing them discuss what they love. I had my son William join me and share what products he loves and how he uses them.

GGoSqueeZ was part of our Back to School Bash and showcased a NEW product launch GoGoSqueeZ BIG! These pouches are 33% bigger than the regular pouches and made the same way with real fruit. Gluten free, nut free, dairy free. The perfect on the go snack and I love that they’ve now thought about the BIG kids, too!! I have to say – we’re OBSESSED with GoGo!

We had Eggland’s Best at our Bash where Vera shared all about what you can make with their Eggland’s Best egg whites. I’m really into eating healthy, so I loved seeing this option for people to use when creating smoothies (who knew you could use egg whites in here?) and yummy, easy bites! It’s light and a healthier option and I love it for my family.

And then we had Joules USA there for our fashion sponsor. We had Porsha from Porsha Carr showcase her beautiful kids in a mini fashion show – which was adorable!

It was just a GREAT time and it was wonderful to see our event still go off online! We all need to find better ways to connect and engage right now, so it was amazing to see that our Back to School Bash could still happen!

*Sponsors paid to be part of our event.

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