High School Hacks for Teenagers

I’ve got 2 high schoolers this year. I don’t know when or how time went by so quickly that my William and Alex are literally in HIGH SCHOOL! I’ve been researching some high school hacks for them lately, just so to make this year a little more seamless and easy. They’ve already got a lot on their plate with so much uncertainty that I wanted to pull together some each hacks.

High School Hacks

Easy High School Hacks for Teens

High school is such a milestone and I know there are a ton of pressures and stresses that come with high school, too. I want to make sure I find high school hacks that are doable, but will also (dare I say it) make high school a little more easy on them and for them.

High School Hacks

With 5 kids I know that our home life can get a little hectic and busy. I feel like my attention is always divided into a million directions. I try my best to make sure everyone gets from me what they need, but it’s not always easy. I know when it comes to high school it’s an important time, so I need them to know that I’m here for them for anything and everything.

High School Hacks

These high school hacks aren’t in any particular order, I just wanted to list out as many as I could. I’m taking all of these to my sons and hoping that they help them out a ton.

(1)  Be On Time – It’s always important to be on time for school, but when you’re in high school it’s different. You have to be on time. You can’t pass off any excuses when you’re in high school. One great hack to make sure you’re always on time is to set your alarm 20 minutes early. Every clock in the house should even be set 10 minutes early, too.

Allow your high schooler to build themselves in some padded time. It’s key for them to be on time and sometimes you need some extra time hacks. Encourage them to set their alarms 20 minutes before they need to actually have it set for, it will help!

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(2) Sleep Cycle – Sleep is one of the most important things for high schoolers. When you’re trying to some up with some high school hacks for sleep, don’t think too outside the box. Make sure your high schooler is getting enough sleep. They have a ton of work in high school, so many times they’ll be up late working. Here’s the thing, try to see if they will track their sleep.

If they can see how much sleep they’re actually getting in and how they’re feeling hopefully they’ll realize the importance of a great night’s sleep. Tracking sleep is key and a great way to keep yourself on a healthy school pattern. It’s a wonderful hack to keep in mind while you’re planning the high school year out.

(3) Remember Your Schedule – When you’re heading to high school, it’s tough to remember everything. One of the easiest ways to remember you schedule is to snap a photo of it and make it your screensaver. This is one of the easiest high school hacks because you have it at your fingertips and won’t forget it.

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(4) Record Class – If you’re in a class where you feel the information is going to be tough to learn and/or digest, ask your teacher if you can record the class on your phone so you can go back and listen later. I know I’ve done this during meetings and conferences and it’s really helped me out.

It’s important to make sure you ask before you just start recording. You don’t want people to feel that you didn’t ask or that you were trying to be sneaky. This is just a really good way to make sure you’re absorbing everything as you listen to the seminar/class/instruction.

High School Hacks

(5) Time Block Out Homework – In high school you will see that your homework gets heavier and heavier. You want to make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to get it done. One hack that has always worked for me and I’m teaching my own sons is to time block out homework.

Give yourself time blocks to get it done. Many times when you know homework needs to get done by a certain time, it’s easier to see that it’s doable to bang out in enough time. I’m all for giving myself set assignments and time frames to get everything done in a certain amount of time.

(6) Create a Group Text with Friends – You get a lot tossed at you in high school, make sure you remember everything. I love this as one of my top high school hacks because it’s a great way to keep yourself accountable, but also in the know. Find out who is in your classes and create a group text.

This is an easy way to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to class notes and homework. It’s key to know what you’ve got and what you have due. When you have a group of friends to rely on when it comes to questions, this is wonderful.

(7) Pause your Social Media – When you’re doing homework, one of the best hacks you can do is to pause your social media accounts. You can either have your parents do this or you can do it yourself. Don’t go on social media for a specific amount of time.

I know when it comes to social media for our youth, they’re on it all the time. When you press pause on it during certain hours it can only make you more productive. I do this myself when it comes to my regular work. It works like a charm and really helps keep in the work zone.

High School Hacks

I hope this (7) high school hacks help your high schooler out! You want them to be ready and excited for school. You also want the year to be the best year yet for them, too. I personally love seeing my sons excited for school and ready for the year to begin. It’s going to be a different kind of year, but there are some things that will remain the same and normal for them.

Check out my back to school bash post, too! I share some of the best products you need to make this upcoming year the best one yet!

Keep them positive. Keep them on target. Keep them steady. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about our family!

All will be well!

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