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Whether your child is walking the hallways or doing it virtually, there are some incredible school trends on the fashion front for them right now. Dick’s Sporting Goods has you covered on the style front for back to school because they incorporate in style, comfort and play. Dick’s has always been a go-to sporting destination for us, but I was so (beyond) impressed with the incredible clothing selections and school trends that had, too.

School Trends from Dick’s Sporting Goods

School Trends for Back to School 2020

I had the pleasure to “head” to a virtual back to school event with Dick’s Sporting Goods last week and loved being on with the team and some incredible influencers as we learned some of the latest school trends and styles for back to school. As Dick’s Sporting Goods says this year, “Your Day One Starts Here” and it does! With 5 kids – who all have different styles – I loved hearing and seeing what was going to be on trend for the fall 2020 school year.

This back to school season is different for every child out there, but one thing is for sure keeping a sense of normalcy is important. I’ve always done the back to school shopping haul with the kids before back to school and even though this year is uncertain, I know my kids look forward to this shopping tradition. I’m all about school trends and what’s going to be “on trend,” so I was super excited to hear.

Nike Clothing for Youth Apparel

When it comes to fashion and style, I’ve always loved how a child can reflect their personality through the clothes that they wear. Clothing gives you the opportunity to express a side of yourself that you want the world to see. With every new back to school season, it’s always fun to know the school trends on the fashion front because there’s always a trend for every kid.

Dick’s Sporting Goods DOES NOT disappoint this back to school season. They are on the fashion front of fun, bright, bold and comfortable styles. They know that kids might not be running around at recess, but they know and understand that kids need to be kids. They know that clothing needs to be functional, practical and fun.

They’ve got it all for your kids which I think is something that many parents forget. They don’t only have you covered on the fashion and sports front, but with backpacks, water bottles, hats, sunglasses and outdoor fun. You’ll love the selections for youth, teen girls, teen boys, footwear and accessories. Brands like Nike, Adidas, DSG, Yeti, CALIA by Carrie Underwood, The North Face and Champion (to name a few!).

Nike Clothing for Youth Apparel

Some of the trends for your kids to look into for school trends are amazing this year! I’m telling you, there’s something for every kid!

Footwear: You’ll find a lot of bright colors and platforms sneakers. Some of the hottest brands? Vans, Nike and Adidas.

School Trends for Back to School 2020

Teen Males: You’ll love seeing the mix and match game ON. Joggers and shorts can be mixed and matched with shirts and pullovers. Some hot brands? Champion (love them!), Adidas and Nike.

School Trends for Back to School 2020

Teen Females: Make a statement with mix and matching, too! Biker shorts and leggings matched with bright colored sneakers. Cropped sweatshirts and wide leg pants are on trend fire, too!

School Trends for Back to School 2020

Youth Apparel: Think comfort at its finest with Nike pullovers and joggers. Look for patterns and logos on clothing. DSG has some incredible selections in the youth category, too!

I’m telling you – the school trends that Dick’s Sporting Goods is rocking this season are awesome. There are so many amazing items that you will have a tough time narrowing it down! I brought all of my kids on a shopping spree to Dick’s and I’m telling you – they would’ve (and could’ve!) bought the entire store if I would’ve let them.

My sons were grabbing everything, loving all of the sporty styles and comfortable clothes. My daughter? She would’ve grabbed every single item in the girl’s youth section if I let her! She gravitated towards all the pretty bright and bold colors.

School Trends for Back to School 2020

School Trends for Back to School 2020

School Trends for Back to School 2020

Nike Clothing for Youth Apparel

I love these school trends from Dick’s Sporting Goods, they’re perfect for the school year.  I think my kids look so cute and are so adorable. I love these bright colors and bold prints. They’re so beautiful and pretty for the back to school season. I hope that these trends inspire you and your kids to find some beautiful and fun clothes for the school year ahead.

In class or on camera, up your style game on Day One with this year’s top trends are spot on! You will love the trends and styles for all the youth and teens for them to enjoy and rock the hallways (or home) in. I’m all about finding some of the best Dick’s Sporting Goods for finding the best styles and trends of all.

I also grabbed an outfit for myself that was CALIA from Carrie Underwood from head to toe. This is the most comfortable outfit EVER! If you’re looking for a skort, this is IT!!!

CALIA from Carrie Underwood

If you’re looking for some fun things to do with teens in the summer, here are some summer bucket list ideas for teens! It’s summer – so have some fun! Make sure you follow us on TikTok where I share more of my teens, too! They got me ON TikTok!

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Fashion and beauty is so much fun in the summer and I hope you take the time (even right now!) to enjoy it! I love showing that simple styles are sometimes the best ones for you to have some fashion and beauty fun for yourself! It’s a great way to feel (dare I say it) chic and normal again right now!

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