FALL FASHION is my favorite fashion of all. I love sinking into warm and cozy sweaters and sweatshirts. I love wearing comfy joggers and leggings. I love booties and fuzzy slippers. I’m into all of it and love being able to stock up on some really great deals and sales right now on my favorite items.

Fall Fashion Cardigan Sweaters

Since I’m all about finding some incredible fashion and styles for a great price, I did a little DIGGING! I know that when it comes to looking for some really great items it’s all about “hide and seek” sometimes. I went out and bought about 11 cardigan sweaters and wanted to showcase my favorites that are must haves for the FALL ahead!

Fall Fashion Cardian Sweaters

These cardigan sweaters are ALL under $35 and all come recommended by me because:

  1. Comfy
  2. Cozy
  3. Chic

I feel like they cover my 3 C’s perfectly! I’m all about making sure I can “live” in a sweater, especially since it’s usually my base layer for the day when I have it on. I don’t like anything itchy or uncomfortable on my skin. I like to feel like I’m wearing a robe and that it’s just (as I like to call it) delicious to wear!

Must Have Cardigan Sweaters:

#1: Obsessed with this oversized black cardigan. I love that it’s just the perfect layer to go with everything and anything. I could even use this in place of a blazer. It’s just a great go-to cardigan. If you love the style of it, it also is offered in a variety of other colors. This knit is so soft, too! Buy this for $32.99.

Fall Must Have Cardigan Sweaters

#2 – Say hello to this camo cardigan! I’m all about camo every single day of the year, but I’m loving all of these fun sweater options. I’ve looked at a bunch of different camo sweaters throughout the last few weeks, but none have really captured my fashion attention. I love how soft and cozy this one is and I also love that it’s not too long or too short. It’s perfect. Great with jeans and leggings! Buy it here for $28.99.

Fall Must Have Cardigan Sweaters

#3 – Leopard cardigans for the fall WIN! I’m always looking for some cute leopard cardigans for the fall and winter months. What I love the most is that leopard print is a true classic now, it’s now not just a trend. It’s perfect to wear just about anywhere! This cardigan is comfortable and soft and smooth. It’s only $34.99 right now.

Fall Must Have Cardigan Sweaters

#4 – This pink fluffy cardigan is a fan fave of my daughter! I bought this one because of the color, but I wasn’t expecting how soft and comfortable it was going to be, too! It’s like wearing a robe, I’m not kidding – it’s that kind of soft! This also comes in a variety of different colors, too! This one is $29.99 right now.

Fall Must Have Cardigan Sweaters

#5 – White fluffy cardigan for the win, too! These are not from the same retailer, but look the same! This white one is just as soft and comfy as the pink one. I love that it’s just a great layer to sink yourself into and enjoy. It is perfect with tees and tanks and also works for a professional event or personal one, too. This one is for $32.99 right now.

Fall Must Have Cardigan Sweaters

I wanted to be able to share all of these with you, but I also think it’s fun to be able to share some video, too! I love talking through different pieces because it’s so much easier for me!! I love being able to share why I love something and why it fits well, too. Not to mention – I love talking through some ideas as to what cold be worn with them, too!

Loving my Fashion Deals – Daily Dose of Style Facebook Group (that I would LOVE for you to join) and I share trends and styles every single day in there, along with the best sales online for fashion.

I fully believe that you can and should be able to look your best without breaking the bank. You want to feel confident and beautiful and you CAN! I hope my info helps! We have a ton of fashion fun in there! And you don’t need to be 40 years old!!

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