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Have you ever been to Diana’s Baths NH? It’s one of the most spectacular and fun places to visit with your family. We’ve been there a couple of times and every single time we head back there it’s mesmerizing. It’s always so beautiful and there’s always new things to explore while you’re visiting!

Diana’s Baths NH

So what is Diana’s Baths NH? Why is it so incredible to visit? Diana’s Baths NH is a series of small waterfalls located in the southeastern corner of the town of Bartlett, New Hampshire, near the village of North Conway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s nestled in the woods and it’s like a magical little spot to stumble upon.

Diana's Baths NH

We love Diana’s Baths NH because it’s a place we can go with our family and everyone has a good time. It’s not always easy to find places to go that a 7 year old AND a 15 year old (almost 16!) will find fun. But this series of pools and cascades on Lucy Brook is that kind of place. It’s good for anyone, at any age.

Diana's Baths NH

New Hampshire Family Fun

Just so you know upfront, it’s about a three quarter mile walk on the Moat Mountain Trail. The first time we went I didn’t know the trail was that long and the kids were on the younger side. It felt like a 10 mile trek because I had brought along a heavy bag of towels, snacks and random items. The kids wanted to be held, it was crazy. The second we arrived at Diana’s Baths all was forgotten, but it made me smarter for the next time around.

Diana's Baths NH

Since it’s a visual place, I wanted to capture the family trek from beginning to end through a video. I love chronicling our outings, so wanted to make sure I had some fun with this one, too. \

If you like this video, I shared our entire experience on driving up Mount Washington, too!

As you can tell, Diana’s Baths is an experience your family won’t ever forgot! It’s now a destination we will make sure we visit every single time we’re in North Conway.

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8 Things To Know About Diana’s Baths NH:

  1. Pack light. My suggestion is to pack up backpacks and bring them. Anything you can bring that you don’t have to lug around is best. Don’t pack tote bags, backpacks are so much easier to carry and bring with you along the way.
  2. Wear shoes that you can hike and climb in. Some of the kids were in flip flops this time around and it was tough for them to navigate. Make sure you’re wearing close-toed sneakers. It will make a big difference as you walk around (I promise!).
  3. There are NO bathrooms or changing areas, so make sure you have your bathing suit on under your clothes. We made this mistake the first time we went and thankfully the kids were young enough to change under a towel. Make sure you’re aware of this one because once you get there, you’ll want to enjoy it!
  4. Make sure you “mark” a spot once you arrive. You don’t want to be carrying around all of your items once you’re there. We’ve always gone and found an area or a rock to leave our backpacks. Since you want to be careful, too – don’t bring anything that you wouldn’t want taken. I have to say though, it’s a great family spot and I’ve never worried about that!
  5. Bring bug spray! We forgot the first time and since you are walking through the woods to get to Diana’s Baths NH you want to protect yourself and your skin!
  6. Stay together once you arrive! My kids wanted to dart off, but we had everyone stick together. The rocks can be slippery and there’s so many knocks and crannies that I just wanted to be able to spot check everyone. With water safety, too – it’s important to stick together.
  7. TAKE PHOTOS! Take as many as you can while you’re there. The beauty and the back drop of it all is just stunning. You will appreciate and love the photos. Every time you walk to a new spot, you see a different piece of the beauty around you. Take it all in!
  8. You don’t need to make reservations to go to Diana’s Baths NH. I know there are spots in North Conway now where you need to make reservations, but as of right now – it’s first come, first serve. There is a designated parking area and they ask you to pay a fee to park. It’s an honor system, but everyone does and it’s only $5 for the day.

New Hampshire Family Fun

New Hampshire Family Fun

New Hampshire Family Fun

Diana's Baths NH

Make sure you take a trip to Diana’s Baths with your family if you’re in North Conway, NH or driving through in the summer or fall. It really is just a great spot to go and lots of family fun.

The address for Diana’s Baths: 3725 West Side Rd, Bartlett, NH 03812.

One other thing you need to visit while you’re visiting New Hampshire is Mount Cranmore. We weren’t able to get up there on this trip and do some of the fun summer happenings and offerings, but we have in the past and loved it.

Head here to see more about what you can do!

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    Hi Chelsea! I would absolutely love that!!! We were thinking about heading up in the fall for autumn fest!! XOXO

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