Ghost Craft for Kids – EASIEST AND CUTEST Balloon Ghosts

Are you looking for a ghost craft for kids for Halloween? Here’s a super duper (DUPER) easy one for you to do with your kids. Halloween is a fun time for crafts with your kids. Decorate your house with some handmade ghosts and goblins for the spooky season ahead.

Ghost Craft for Kids

When it comes to crafts for kids, I’m all about EASY. I’m not a crafty mom, never have been and probably never will be. I can follow directions well, but when it comes to assembling crafts it’s hit or miss for me. The second I saw this easy balloon ghost craft for kids I knew it was perfect for my crafting skills.

Making Halloween ghost crafts is something that I’ve always loved to do with the boys with just plain old white paper, so having another kind of craft to do is right up my alley. I personally love seeing crafts that the kids have made around the house because it just makes my house feel like a home.

When I say this one is easy, this one is easy. You only need 4 items to make this one happen and most likely you have 2 of them in your home already (tape and marker). These Halloween ghosts only take a few minutes to put together, too. We made 6 of them in about 15 minutes! I love that we were able to decorate a wall in our house so quickly.

So what do you need for this Halloween Craft for Kids?

What you need:

White Balloons

Permanent Black Marker

White Streamers


*My advice is to get the 20-pack of balloons. We bought the 10 pack and then I went back afterwards to buy another one. Once you get going with these, you’ll make to make all 20 (or more!).

How you Assemble Balloon Ghosts:

  1. Start with blowing up the white balloons. You can make them as big or small as you prefer. Making them different sizes is fun because when you put them up at home, it will look really cool and spooky.
  2. After you’ve blown them up, take a permanent black marker and draw faces on them. You can make any kind of face you want. Make them spooky. Make them funny. Make them serious. Make them cute.
  3. Tape white streamers to the bottom of the balloons for some spooky ghost legs. These are the finishing touches of the white spooky ghosts.
  4. Then take a piece of tape and secure it to the back of the balloon. Find an area in your house where you can easily pop these ghosts up! You will love having a spooky wall for Halloween!

This ghost craft for kids is so fun! Here are the images for you to follow as you go through everything.

Here are the items you need: permanent black marker, white balloons, white streamers and tape.

Ghost Craft for Kids

Henry decided to blow up the balloons for me!

Halloween Kid Activities

This is how big we blew the balloons up for our wall.

Ghost Craft for Kids

This is the best way to draw on the balloon. We made all kinds of faces on the balloons. Don’t push too hard because it will POP!

Ghost Craft for Kids

I’m all about these fun faces! I love, love, love how amazing these look once they’re done.

Ghost Craft for Kids

Now take the streamers and start ripping pieces for the ghost legs!

Ghost Craft for Kids

Tape them right to the bottom of the balloon. We used about 3 of them along the bottom of the balloon.

Ghost Craft for Kids

Then take a piece of tape and pop it on the back of the balloon. Pop them right up on the wall and create a spooky Halloween wall!

Halloween Kid Activities

Viola! Ghost Craft for Kids!

See how EASY? I’m telling you. I ONLY do crafts that are easy. I refuse to do any that are tough to follow or intricate. I love being able to have my kids sit down and do something without me, too. It shows them great independence and I love seeing how excited they get when they finish a craft on their own. This ghost craft for kids is a true win, I promise!

Since Halloween is my husband’s FAVORITE holiday, we do lots of spooky fun here at home. If you’re not into ghost crafts for kids, I have a few other fun projects on the blog for Halloween you might love! They’re also TASTY crafts, too.

We made some Spooky Spiders with OREO cookies last year that were a big hit for the kids. These are super fun to make and also delicious!


How cute are these APPLE TEETH? These are the cutest teeth for Halloween! I’m obsessed with this cute treat for kids. These are adorable to make for kids and also really EASY to make for kids.

DIY Halloween Treat for Kids: Monster Teeth

Make sure you watch our YouTube channel for more fun activities we do as a family, too!




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