Easy Baked Chicken Dinner Recipe (and most DELICIOUS!)

Looking for an easy baked chicken dinner recipe? I’ve got it for you right here. We’re big into finding the easiest and most simple dinner options during the week. We’ve got a small amount of time to do dinner, so it’s important to make sure we take advantage of every single second.

Easy Baked Chicken Dinner Recipe

We’re in the middle of back to school and fall activities in our house. What does that mean? Kids get home from school and we’re immediately off to a variety of different things – dry land for swimming and football, swim lessons (for Victoria), baseball, flag football, Girl Scouts and swim team. Every afternoon and night, we’re somewhere!


It’s important for us to have go-to EASY recipes that we can rely on to nourish our kids and sustain our family. We’re BIG on chicken (we’re obsessed with Perdue Farms chicken!), so it’s great to have simple dinner recipes that we can create at home and everyone will enjoy.

One of our favorite recipes is an easy baked chicken dinner recipe. We love this one because it’s a healthy option, it’s easy to prepare and bake and everyone in our family (all of us) devour it! When you can find a win win win, it’s a gold crown for us!

For this recipe you need to make sure you buy the Perdue Bone-In Chicken Thighs Pack. You will thank me for this recommendation. As Perdue Farms says… To lend flavor, tenderness and a crispy crunch when baked, we keep the skin on our chicken thighs – a tasty alternative to chicken breasts any night of the week. We’ve packed one to three thighs per pouch, which are grouped in packs of three, vacuum sealed and frozen.

This is we buy them and it gives us plenty for our family!

Perdue Farms Thighs

The best part?

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Hormones or Steroids Added
  • All Vegetarian Diet

Are you ready for how to prepare the EASIEST Chicken Baked Dinner? Just for reference, we need to make 3 pans of this for our family! 🙂 I personally love to make leftovers, too because the kids will enjoy for lunch the next day. Ever since the boys started to grow like weeds when I make dinner I always think of lunch the next day, too!

I love sharing these “real” in the life recipes with you because I think it’s important to share the recipes as you go. I didn’t want to stylize these, I just wanted them to be 100% in the moment. I hope you enjoy this one!

Steps to Making Baked Chicken Dinner:

Take your Perdue Farms Chicken Thighs and place them in a baking dish. We use our 9 x 13 glass baking dish.

Once the chicken brush Olive Oil along the tops of the chicken thighs and than add:



Garlic Powder




Easiest Chicken Dinner Recipe

Easiest Chicken Dinner Recipe

Our advice? We’re BIG garlic fans, so we add a little bit more than the average. Add as much as you want so you knwo you’ll get a blend of deliciousness. If you’re a pepper fan, add more pepper. If you’re a salt fan, add more salt. Add how much you want on this one, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to adding.

Easiest Chicken Dinner Recipe

This is what it should look like before you place it into the oven. You want to make sure your chicken thighs are saturated with enough! I love adding paprika on at the end, it’s one of my faves to add on!

Easiest Chicken Dinner Recipe

Place your baking dishes into the oven (baking at 400) for 40 minutes. Make sure you check it at 30 minutes to take the temperature. You want to make sure it’s at 170 degrees.

This is what your chicken should look like when it’s done. That brown crispy skin on the chicken looks delicious! With the crisp to it, it really does add to the flavor of it. I’m telling you – it’s an easy, but hearty meal for your family.

Perdue Farms

We love to serve our baked chicken with lettuce and rice. It’s just a balanced meal for our family and it’s yummy as can be. Last night while serving this, 5 of us ate at 7:30PM and then 2 of my other guys (William and Ben) had to eat after swimming at 9PM! This is our life right now!

Perdue Farms

This is just the most delicious recipe ever. This is the easiest recipe ever. You need to add this into your dinner recipe rotation!

Perdue Farms

If you’re a chicken lover like me, here are 2 more recipes you need to make sure you try this fall and winter while the weather is turning a little chilly. I have a hearty Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe and an amazing Taco Chicken Casserole Recipe. Both of these are fan favorites for my family! Both also use Perdue Farms, which is what I suggest!

If you’re looking for some additional chicken recipes that are just as tasty as restaurant recipes, my friend Trisha has you covered she has the most delicious Olive Garden Chicken Pasta recipe that you will have on repeat. We’re BIG Olive Garden fans, so the second I saw this one, I knew I needed to try it. Make sure you bookmark this one, too, and give it a try!

Disclosure: I’m a Perdue Farms Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.

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