How Cricket Wireless is Helping You Save Money Right Now

Now more than ever, people are looking to save money. The last 7 months have been our “new” normal and it’s become clear to me from chatting with so many friends and family online and offline that saving money is front and center for everyone.

It’s been something that my husband and I have been discussing too at home. We’ve looked at our lives and are thinking, “What big and little things can we do to save our family money?” Every dollar counts and when you stop and look at what you’re spending, you’re able to determine ways to easily save.

Cricket Wireless

I’ve appreciated seeing companies and brands that I know and love stepping up to help out, too. One of these companies is Cricket Wireless. The truth is everyone needs a phone. It’s how we connect. It’s how we share and navigate our modern world. It’s simply how many of us do our work and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Cricket Wireless

We can’t not have phone service in this day and age, but we can find ways to get the best deals and rates possible. That’s where Cricket Wireless comes in. Even in the best of economic times, smart shoppers want high quality products at a great value.

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Cricket Wireless

Since many of us are budgeting in ways we didn’t foresee a few months ago, Cricket Wireless wants their current and future customers to know that they don’t have to sacrifice on service to get a great deal. I know that for many of my friends and family out there, this is exactly what they want and need right now.

Cricket Wireless has affordable rate plans starting at $30/month before opportunities for added savings. The best part is all service plans include monthly taxes and don’t require an annual contract. So, you don’t have to worry about being locked into anything! Cricket brings value without sacrificing quality. Period. They offer a smart and friendly wireless experience and is working to give you the best 5G network experience possible at an affordable price. Talk, text, and stream on their 5G network. *Disclaimer: *Requires a compatible device and a compatible plan for 5G connection. Limited Cricket 5G availability. May not be available in your area.

Cricket Wireless

As you’re navigating to figure out additional ways to save by switching to Cricket Wireless, I want to share 4 tips with you to help you save even more right now:

1. Auto Pay: Customers that enroll in Auto Pay will get $5* off their service every month, something you won’t find at other prepaid carriers. Auto Pay can save up to $60/year. *Disclaimer: “First month rate plan charge due in full. $5 credit applied upon enrollment in Auto Pay. Credit received at end of billing cycle. Auto Pay not available with Group Save discounts or select promotional offers. Visit”

2. Refer a Friend: Earn up to $25 in bill credits for every person you refer to Cricket, with a maximum of 10 referrals/$250 in bill credits per year**. After 60 days of active service, you get $25 in bill credits and so does your friend. From your Cricket online account or the myCricket app, you can track the status of your friend referrals and your credits. • **Disclaimer: “Exclusions and restrictions apply. See for details.”

3. Ad It Up App: Customers can save money by playing games on their phone. The Ad It Up app by Adfone lets Android users earn points to redeem Cricket bill credits and gift cards. Points are earned by playing games, viewing ads, taking surveys and watching videos. The points are redeemed right through the app, so users don’t have to go anywhere to take advantage.

4. Bridge Pay: If you’re short on cash this month, Bridge Pay allows you to break your monthly payment into 2 or 3 easy payments with a 7-day extension. Customers can pay a portion of their bill when it’s due, and then pay the rest one week later. It’s a great way to maintain service and avoid a reconnection fee. Customers are charged a fee*** for the service ($5 on a single line or $10 on a multi-line account), they maintain service and avoid a $25 reconnection fee. • ***Disclaimer: “Up to $10 activ. fee and restr’s apply.”

As you can see, Cricket Wireless is looking for the best ways to serve their customers. They understand that times are different right now for so many out there. I appreciate that they’re stepping up to do everything they can to help people stay connected for work, pleasure and necessity.

Teachig your child about saving money

If you’re new to Cricket, don’t worry – you can bring your own compatible device or choose from one of theirs. They offer the newest model flagship devices along with more affordable options that are attractive and high quality, but with lower price tags. You’re really getting the best of both worlds.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored Cricket Wireless post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 10.8.20
    Tim said:

    Phones went from being large with no features, to small with tons of features, and are now getting bigger again, with even more features. I don’t even use most of the stuf on my phone, and I think I could easily survive with an ordinary dumb phone that only sends and receives calls. I am just paying for features and services that I don’t use. I like when companies offer these types of slimmed down plans.

  2. 10.8.20

    This sounds like a great way to save money on those insanely expensive cell phone bills.

  3. 10.8.20
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    This sounds like a great money saver for phone service!

  4. 10.8.20
    mami2jcn said:

    The refer a friend feature sounds good.

  5. 10.8.20
    bn100 said:

    sounds helpful

  6. 10.9.20
    monique s said:

    This sounds like a real money saver

  7. 10.9.20
    Carolyn Daley said:

    Plans starting at $30 sounds great. We are currently paying $100 for 2/lines, but the bill is usually $80 because we get $10 kickback for each line that uses less than 2GB of data every month. No taxes, no annual fees. It’s really nice.

  8. 10.9.20
    Antoinette M said:

    Sounds like a great option! I like the refer-a-friend credit, too.

  9. 10.9.20
    Cheryl said:

    I’m happy with our T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55 that includes unlimited talk & text, unlimited 4G LTE, mobile hotspot, taxes and fees included, no annual service contract, and much more.

    $35.00 For 2 lines with AutoPay

    There are less expensive and more expensive plans as well.

    We transferred our phones for free from Boost Mobile and received a $200 promotional credit.

  10. 10.10.20
    Mallory Turner said:

    Thanks for the info! I’ve h are good things about Cricket through friends and family too.

  11. 10.10.20
    kathy Persons said:

    I have to dins a more economical phone service Checking them out

  12. 10.10.20
    JESS WALKER said:

    I have Boost Mobile and they dont do as much to help

  13. 10.10.20
    Edye said:

    A good phone provider is hard to find! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. 10.10.20
    TIffany S said:

    This sounds like a really great way to save money, thanks for sharing.

  15. 10.10.20
    candy said:

    sounds like a good deal

  16. 10.10.20
    Renee T said:

    Thanks for sharing a money-saving tip

  17. 10.10.20
    Margot S. said:

    The Bridge Pay looks very helpful!

  18. 10.11.20
    Amber G Albertson said:

    We love cricket! We have saves so much money switching over!

  19. 10.11.20
    Brittany Gilley said:

    thanks for the tip

  20. 10.11.20
    KariLorr said:

    Most people pay way more than they should for their monthly phone bills. Pay-as-you-go phone providers are a great option for frugal folks.

  21. 10.11.20
    Dana Matthews said:

    I didn’t know this about Cricket. I especially like the Refer a Friend part of it!

  22. 10.11.20
    Tina F said:

    Cell phone plans are so expensive. Cricket sounds like a great option.

  23. 10.12.20
    Jessica Staley said:

    Phone service is very expensive but you have got to stay connected. This sounds great. I love saving money.

  24. 10.12.20
    paige chandler said:

    I just switched to Cricket and love it, Best priced pans out there,

  25. 10.12.20
    Christy said:

    This is good info. We’ve been fortunate that our employers pay our wireless bills but that may change in future. It’s good to know what service might be a good back up plan.

  26. 10.12.20
    elizabeth miller said:

    It sounds like a good money saver. I may check into them.

  27. 10.14.20
    beth shepherd said:

    I love to save money and this looks great. I will def look into it. Thank you

  28. 10.14.20
    Christina moore said:

    Sounds like a great deal

  29. 10.15.20
    kathy m said:

    this is such an awesome deal – allows you to have a phone that fits into your budget with a way to help pay your bill if things get too tight! now to make those screens larger!

  30. 10.15.20
    Natalie said:

    I love that Cricket allows so much flexibility in payment plans! It is much cheaper than my current plan.

  31. 10.15.20
    Amy Smeltzer said:

    I don’t use my phone but this is a good deal.

  32. 10.16.20
    Jenny Q. said:

    I have been using Cricket for a longtime now and I love it. It really is a great deal.

  33. 10.17.20
    dd said:

    sounds amazing and very affordable.

  34. 10.17.20
    Susan Smith said:

    I like the refer-a-friend credit. We are always looking for ways to save money on our phone bill.

  35. 10.17.20
    maria gentry said:

    I have not heard about Cricket before, so I will definitely be checking into this! It sounds great!

  36. 10.18.20
    Richard Hicks said:

    I need to check them out!

  37. 10.19.20
    Barbara Ryan said:

    I could save money on the refer-a-friend and Auto pay. I am always looking ways to save money.

  38. 10.20.20
    Kayla Klontz said:

    Sounds like a good option!

  39. 10.20.20
    Carolyn Barnett said:

    This sounds like a good deal to me!

  40. 10.20.20
    Robert Shook said:

    I like the options for this phone plan.

  41. 10.21.20
    Rajee Pandi said:

    More fun things to d

  42. 10.21.20
    Audrey Stewart said:

    I have a Cricket phone and plan. I have had mine since when they first started.

  43. 10.21.20
    carol clark said:

    this sounds better than a 280 phone bill great plan

  44. 10.21.20
    Barb G said:

    We save money by looking constantly for good deals and sales all over. Check the grocery store
    clearance items often.

  45. 10.21.20
    Tammy Pereira said:

    Phones can be so expensive! I never even want to look at my bill!

  46. 10.21.20
    Mya Murphy said:

    I haven’t used Cricket service, but the saving money thing?? I can’t help but look into it.

  47. 10.21.20
    Cassandra D said:

    A lot of great savings with cricket in comparison to other companies.

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