Graveyard Dessert for Halloween (a Family Fave!)

Halloween is a favorite holiday for my family. It’s a holiday all of my kids and husband look forward to every single year. My husband makes a Chocolate Graveyard Dessert every Halloween season for the kids that is always a big hit. It’s a fun Halloween treat to get everyone in the spirit and it’s also really fun (and easy) to create.

Graveyard Dessert for Halloween

Graveyard Dessert for Halloween Fun

If you’re someone looking for some Halloween graveyard ideas, this graveyard dessert is one you need to make! It’s a dessert that you can get your kids to help out with and it’s also a dessert that is delicious, too (which is equally as important!).

When I stop and think about my family’s passion for Halloween, it makes me smile. I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, but I’ve always enjoyed my husband’s passion for the holiday. We’ve been together for over 20 years and he’s dressed up every single year since I’ve known him. He has a chicken suit costume that has become iconic in our family (see the photo below from 2008)!

Halloween Chicken Suit

Halloween is just a really great and really fun holiday for our family and I love sharing some fun activities and recipes that you could be doing with your family, too! This graveyard dessert is such a popular pick because you can change it up and make it different every single time you create it.

Essentially a graveyard dessert is a delicious and yummy chocolate cake. It’s just taking your basic chocolate cake and turning it into a spooky masterpiece. It’s a dessert that you can also bring to Halloween parties (when we have them again) and it will be a true Halloween hit! We used to make this Halloween dessert for the kids’ birthday parties since we have 2 late September parties.

How do you make Chocolate Graveyard Cake for Halloween?

I’m going to walk you through all of the steps for this graveyard dessert. As you’ll see with the photos I’m posting along with it, it’s super easy to make and to do.

Step #1: Grab your favorite chocolate cake mix (we love Devil’s Food Cake!) and follow the box recipe to make the batter. You will need to make (2) of them for this recipe. Each chocolate cake recipe is different, but most of them call for oil, eggs and water. Just make sure you have all of your essentials on hand for this one.

Halloween Graveyard Dessert Recipe

Mix up the batter in your mixer at home. This is my favorite part seeing everything blend together to make this yummy chocolate mix!

Halloween Graveyard Dessert Recipe

How good does this look? I just want to lick it!

Halloween Graveyard Dessert Recipe

After you have a great consistency  pop it in the oven at the said baking time and temp.

Halloween Graveyard Dessert Recipe

Step #2: Take your Candy Melts and melt them in the microwave. You will need to make sure you have a candy mold that works, too. This will be how you create your chocolate graves. This is the easiest way to make them. These also come out looking so fun and yummy!

Chocolate Cake Halloween Treat

I bought my mold at MICHAEL’S Stores, they have a bunch of fun ones for the Halloween holiday!

Chocolate Cake Halloween Treat

Then set this mold aside (all filled up!) in the fridge to harden them up. This only look about 15 minutes for us. Make sure you keep checking, too!

Chocolate Cake Halloween Treat

Step #3:  Take one of your chocolate cakes and lay it flat on the counter. Take this one and frost the top with chocolate frosting. Gave it a good lather with the chocolate and spread it out so it’s evenly spread.

Graveyard Dessert for Holiday

Step #4: Take the other chocolate cake and position your little skeletons (or whatever you have to use) and measure out where their graves will be on the cake. This is the whole fun part about the graveyard dessert.

Chocolate Cake Halloween Treat

Cut around the skeletons in the chocolate cake to create the perfect sized graves for your skeletons. You’ll need a knife for this step, so make sure your little ones aren’t near it while you do this step!

Fun Halloween Treat for Kids

Step #5: CAREFULLY lay the cut chocolate cake on top of the frosted one. Do this step slowly because you don’t want the cake to break. As you can see from above, we cut ours on a cooling rack and then slowly lift it onto the frosted cake which we just keep on a baking sheet (turned upside down to make it look extra spooky).

Place your chocolate graves above your skeletons and add any other spooky things you want to pop on there. Sometimes we add some spooky cotton balls to make it look like spider webs. Do whatever you want to do to make it look fun and scary for Halloween!

Fun Halloween Treat for Kids

Your FINAL graveyard dessert for Halloween will look magnificent! I’m telling you – it’s a perfect Halloween showcase for anyone to see and to eat! Kids love diving into this dessert because there’s so many different aspects to it. My kids go directly for the chocolate graves first!

Graveyard Dessert for Kids

I hope this fun Halloween dessert brings your family lots of smiles and fun! It’s a really cool thing to make for any party or just for the fun of it! Once you make this fun graveyard dessert, you’ll be wanting to make more and more spooky creations like this for Halloween!

Make sure you check out some of our other spooky desserts, too! We try to post some fun ones every holiday season for families. Usually my husband will make a ton of spooky Halloween treats but never take photos for my blog! It always makes me crazy because he comes up with some really fun things.

Last year he did make some spooky Frankenstein Rice Cereal Treats, along with Apple Monster Teeth! I was thrilled to see how many people tried and loved these ones for Halloween. They’re really fun to make and even better fun to eat! They’re also great snacks for playdates (when we can do them again!) and school lunches for kids (makes kids smile!).

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