Productivity Checklist to Help You Get it All Done

Anyone else craving a productivity checklist that will help them streamline and organize their daily to dos? When it comes to getting your day in order and keeping it on task, it’s not always easy. Many of us are balancing work, family life schedules and keeping it all together takes some work and juggling.

Productivity Checklist to Help You Get it All Done

Daily Productivity Checklist

When it comes to finding the perfect productivity checklist, I need it to be simple. The simpler the checklist, the easier it is for me to use it and manage myself. When I see too many boxes and too many tasks listed, I tune out.

Throughout the years I’ve set-up a system for myself where I can create and make my own daily activities checklist and it works. When I see what needs to get done and layout my specific goals for the day, I can easily make it work. I ended up creating a Golden Coil Planner (read all about it here!) because you can create and customize it yourself.

golden coil planner

I like being able to set up my top priorities and my goals for the day. There’s always wrinkles or bumps in the day where things just can’t get done. It’s great to have an area designated on your checklist where you can move things to tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about it or think about it!

Since I know everyone has their own way of working and setting up their daily schedules and to dos, I wanted to just share with you what works for me. This is essentially a page from my own daily planner. I wanted to showcase the productivity checklist that works for me and my daily to dos.

With my 5 kids and work life, I’m pretty busy. When the kids are at school I need to bang through as much work as I possibly can in the day. There’s no stopping. All I can do is put my head down and move! Keeping myself on task everything single day is essential for me. Laying out your daily activities checklist is so helpful!

I know not everyone will use it for work, but that’s the beauty of this productivity checklist. You use it for what you need it for… maybe it’s for work, maybe it’s for working out, maybe it’s for volunteering, maybe it’s for your family schedule.

Productivity Checklist

You can easily print this out here.

As you can see from the checklist above, the layout is simple. It’s easier to list your top priorities for the day first. These are your red flag, need to get done tasks for the day. Maybe it’s appointments, meetings, tasks, etc. What are 3 things that you absolutely need to get done? List those items!

Daily Journal for Working Moms

Then go to your daily tasks. I started the time breakdown from 7am-8pm. If there’s anything before or after, just add them in on your own. I love having a layout of my day in time blocks, it’s easy for me to take a snapshot of what I have and be able to prepare for it.

Daily Productivity Checklist

The last area on this productivity checklist is what you can move to tomorrow. It’s important to be able to know what can be moved. It’s refreshing to have an outline of what can easily be pushed to tomorrow without ruining the structure of the day.

The best part is as you go through all of the tasks and bang them out, you check them off! This productivity checklist works beautifully for your schedule and really helps keep you moving and successful throughout the day.

Make sure you check out Golden Coil for more information on how to create your own personal planner and/or agenda. You can put all of your needs and wants for a productivity checklist right in it, too!

I hope this helps you out in your daily tasks and to dos! I think it’s worth sharing what works because we all need to find some key things in our lives that help us stay organized. I love being able to look down at the end of the day and see an accomplished list. Checking things off my productivity checklist is the best feeling ever!


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