Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair You Can Do in Minutes

Looking for simple hairstyles for long hair? I’m sharing 5 of them that are easy to do and can be done in minutes. It’s important to have your go-to hairstyles for your kids in the morning for school.

There’s nothing worse than rushing around and trying to figure out what to do with your child’s hair (on top of the morning rush).  There are also good for work hairstyles, too.

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair

Simple Hairstyles for you To Do in Minutes

It’s easier to style long hair because you have ore versatility. The simple hairstyles for long hair are endless. You can have some fun with braids, ponytails, buns and 1/2 updos. The more you get comfortable with “playing” with your hair, the more you will experiment with a variety of styles.


The easiest styles in the morning are usually braids and buns. If you’re not a good at braiding hair, you might not want to try braid styles at first. These ponytail and bun hairstyles are pretty for (pretty much) any occasion.

easy messy bun with long hair

You’ll know you’re sending your little one to school with a cute style OR you off to work with an elegant look.

Are you ready for some simple hairstyles for long hair to try on your own?

Style #1: Puffy Messy Hairstyle

This is a fun bun to create in your hair (or on someone else). This is such a fun style because it’s a cute twist on a normal messy bun. It’s just easy to create and you have this big puffy bun when you’re done. Every time I wear this style, someone comments on it!

Simple Hairstyles for Girls - Puffy Messy Bun

Style #2: Easy Wrap Low Bun

This style is so cute and really fun to wear. You’ll have people stopping you asking you how you did it! What I love about this style is that you just take your long hair and wrap it as you go around the back of your head. This style is really a great for school and work. Cinch it into place with an elastic band and then if you want, use bobby pins for extra securing.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls - Wrap Around Bun Hairstyle

Style #3: Ribbon Wrapped Bun

This style is so pretty and so elegant. Just create a bun in your hair (or on someone). As you’ll see in the video, I like to do a wrap bun, but you can do it anyway you prefer. After you have your bun secured into place, take a ribbon and wrap it around the bun. Make a cute bow on top and you have your style!

Simple Hairstyles for Girls - Ribbon Wrapped Bun

Style #4: Easy Rosebud Style

This is a fun style to do with long hair because it looks so pretty from the back. You take 2 sections of the hair and band them back into rosebuds. I promise this is a super easy style to do, just take a look at my video to see how it goes.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

Style #5: Twisted Ponytail

This one is super simple. You just take a section of hair from your ponytail and (literally) wrap it around the thicker ponytail section. It creates a fun and pretty twist down the ponytail. Just band it at the end and you’re set to go!

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

These are easy and simple hairstyles for long hair that anyone can do! I promise – just watch my videos to see how each style is done. You can also watch my TikTok and Instagram accounts!

Also, try this super fun and easy shamrock hairstyle on your girls, too. It’s a perfect St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyle, too. This might just be the centerpiece.

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