Holiday Bun Hairstyle – Bow Tie Bun

I’m going to be creating holiday hairstyles throughout the next month for moms. This holiday bun hairstyle is one of my favorites to do and it’s one that can be done quickly and easily by just about anyone.

Holiday Bun Hairstyle – Bow Tie Bun

Holiday Bun Hairstyle

When it comes to Christmas themed hairstyles, I’m all about coming up with some fun and festive styles. I’m someone with 4 older sons who never got to do any hairstyles other than spike up their bangs, so I’m having tons of fun with Victoria.

I created this bow tie bun on Victoria weeks ago. I actually created it by mistake, so when it turned out to look like a cute bun I was thrilled. I decided to take this hairstyle idea and just turn it into a holiday bun hairstyle. It’s amazing what you can do with a red ribbon.

Holiday Bun Hairstyle

The best thing about being resourceful is knowing that you don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money on hair accessories. If you look within your house, I promise you that you will find items that can easily be used. This is the best way to turn a basic bun hairstyle into a holiday bun hairstyle.

I bought a ton of ribbon at BJ’s Wholesale Club last holiday and I ended up not using a bunch of it, so I just added it to Victoria’s hair accessories. You can really change up the look of a hairstyle in seconds with ribbons and bows. It’s that kind of easy.

Since holiday hairstyles are so popular for women and girls, I thought this Holiday Bun Hairstyle would be the perfect first one to share as we kick off the holidays on the hairstyle front.

I knew this one was cute, but I was shocked to see how good it did on social media. The second I posted this on TikTok it got over 250,000 views in the first 2 hours! It was exciting to see because it showed me that moms and dads are looking for easy and practical hairstyles.


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Isn’t this hairstyle the cutest? Honestly – it’s one of my favorite hairstyles of all. I’m so happy I stumbled across it a few weeks ago. I want to walk you through how to do the best I can, but my biggest piece of advice is to watch the video. If the video is too fast for you, I also created a highlight of it on my Instagram account. It’s a 2 minute video tutorial.

How to Do this Cute Hairstyle:

  1. Take your hair and pop in a ponytail. You can do a straight ponytail or a 1/2 up ponytail.
  2. Take an Elastic Band and loop it over the base of the ponytail.
  3. Slowly start to fan the 2 sides out so they form an arch.
  4. Fan the 2 pieces out to start making your bow.
  5. Take the tail and tie it to the middle of the ponytail base.
  6. Add bow or ribbons.

Holiday Bun Hairstyle

Easy right? I love how it looks at the end, it’s just a precious style for anyone. You don’t have to be a child to do this style, too. This would be great on anyone, it’s a perfect festive style for the holidays ahead.

Whenever I post about hairstyles, I’ll always get some questions about hair accessories and also hair detanglers. I’m someone who has to use hair detangler spray on myself and my daughter. We have very thick hair and the tangles can get a little out of control if you’re not staying on top of them.

I shared 6 sprays that we use at home and share what I love about each of them. There’s one I use the most (hello, PANTENE!), but all of them are really good and work perfectly!

How to Detangle Knotted Hair

I hope you enjoy this Holiday Bun Hairstyle. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for on the hair tutorial front. I love sharing whatever I can on social media.

Make sure you follow along on social media on TikTok and Instagram where I post regularly. I love being able to showcase simple and easy hairstyles.



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    mami2jcn said:

    Very festive! My daughters would love this.

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    Granddaughter would get a real kick out of this.

  3. 11.25.20
    Margaret Mclachlan said:

    Love this look. I get tired of my hair. Need to perk it up. Going to try this!

  4. 11.25.20
    bn100 said:

    looks cute

  5. 11.28.20

    This is so cute! I wish my daughters had longer hair.

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    Lori Byrd said:

    Such a cute idea. Very festive.

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