Christmas Tree Hairdo (2 Ways to Do It)

Anyone looking to do a cute Christmas Tree Hairdo? I’ve got 2 easy and simple hairstyles for you to do on your hair that you will love. These don’t take much time and will be hairstyles you want to do every holiday season.

Christmas Tree Hairdo

Christmas Tree Hairstyle for Girls

When it comes to Christmas Tree Hairstyles there are so many variations on how to make this style work. Personally I like the easiest Christmas Tree Hairdo styles because some of them look so daunting it’d be easier to just buy a Christmas tree!

My daughter loves holiday hairstyles during this time of year because every time she wears one, someone says something. It always makes her feel special and extra excited. We’ve done various hairstyles throughout the last 9 months, but these holiday ones have been popular.

We started off with some basic festive hairstyles for hair (mom and daughter!) and then we started to get a little bit more creative. She saw a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer hairstyle online and wanted me to try it. We created a cute version of it, too!

Reindeer Hairstyle for the Holidays

I have to admit, this Reindeer one is a favorite of mine! It’s also super easy to do. Make sure you check out that hair tutorial.

But let’s talk Christmas Tree Hairdo styles. These are the cutest for the holiday because Christmas trees are so iconic with the holiday. These 2 hairstyles are ones that you do need long hair, so if you have shorter hair this might be tough for you to do.

We created a video showcasing each of them for you to check out on your own and see about creating on your own.

To make these Christmas Tree Hairdo Styles even easier for you, I’m going to share with you their individual styles for you to see and follow along with, too. The trick is that you might have to watch them a few times to make sure you’ve got it.

Christmas Tree Hairstyle #1:


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For this style you’re going to need a bunch of elastic bands. My advice is to get elastics that are multi colored so they look like colorful ornaments. Take this style slow until you get it.

Christmas Tree Hairdo for the Holidays

Once it’s complete you can add little red ribbons on the bottom or little bells to make it a little extra festive. Have some fun with this style and make it pop for the holidays. This Christmas Tree Hairdo is so perfect! You’ll love it once it’s done!

Christmas Tree Hairstyle #2:


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Looking for another Christmas Tree Hairdo? Here is another video hair tutorial. This one is a pull throw braid. This is a simple style that you need long hair for to make it work. The pull through braid looks better when it’s longer.

Christmas Tree Hairdo for the Holidays

You can use whatever you want to decorate tree! We used red pom pom glued to bobby pins. We also glued a star to the ton of a bobby pin and use as a shining star. Make it cute and adorable for your child.

These are such fun styles for Christmas. These Christmas Tree Hairdo styles are sweet as can be and work for the holidays perfectly. The best is that you can really make your own mar on them. The holidays are such a fun time to have some fun and this is a cute thing to add into your holiday style!

Let me know if you try any of these fun styles!

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