New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials (AND GIVEAWAY!)

Looking for some New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials? I’ve got some great DEALS for you for the holiday from Perdue Farms and a little inside peek as to what we’re going to be making, too.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials

When it comes to coming up with some dishes for New Year’s Eve (and Day!) you want to make sure you’re making some delicious and special. It’s a NEW YEAR (thank GOD!). It’s time to ring in 2021 with some fun and (at home) pomp.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials are HOT TO TROT right now at Perdue Farms. They have amazing bundles and deals for you to scoop up now so you’ll have everything in time for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Not to mention they just have incredible items for you to enjoy with your family.

These are (3) of my FAVORITE New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials from Perdue Farms:

Farm to Table Spiral Ham and Turkey Roast Combo:

Make this year’s holiday dinner a special occasion to remember! This bundle includes a Niman Ranch bone-in spiral ham, which is seasoned with a sweet mix of maple and cane sugars and then slow smoked over applewood, and a Perdue pre-seasoned turkey roast, which is ready to cook once defrosted – no cleaning, brining or fussing necessary!

New Year's Eve Dinner Specials

This pack of easy cook roasts provides enough premium protein to feed a dinner party of at least 10 and comes with our promise that products are brought to you by small family farmers, who thoughtfully raise livestock according to our brands’ high standards — right here in the USA!

This is a great deal if you want to do (2) meats. You’ll be able to create a delicious dinner without the worry of trying to figure out what one to get.

Price point on this one is already low at $119, but it’s ON SALE FOR $99 RIGHT NOW!

Niman Ranch Frenched Rack of Lamb:

Niman Ranch Lamb Racks are a favorite of top chefs throughout the country. Bring the restaurant experience home by roasting or grilling racks with your favorite fresh herbs and root vegetables. With a classic Frenched presentation, racks can be cooked whole or portioned into rib chops or smaller roasts.

How delicious does this look? It’s one of those dishes that looks amazing and tastes amazing, too!

New Year's Eve Dinner Specials

Price point on this one is already low at $99, but it’s ON SALE FOR $79 RIGHT NOW!

Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Chateaubriand Roast:

Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Chateaubriand Roast

The most tender and decadent cut of beef you can buy! This beef tenderloin (aka filet mignon) roast comes from the prized short loin of the steer. The loin is hand-trimmed by our expert butchers into a roast size that is both easy to cook and plates beautifully.

Aged up to 30 days to enhance flavor and tenderness, this 2-pound roast serves six to eight people and boasts a rich and meaty flavor characteristic of cattle that is grass-fed and -finished. Panorama beef is USDA Certified Organic and sourced from cattle that live their entire lives on pasture and are Born and Raised in the USA®.

Note: Grass-fed and -finished beef is leaner and cooks more quickly than traditional grain-finished beef. To prevent overcooking, this roast should be monitored carefully while in the oven and checked with a digital meat thermometer until the internal temperature reaches your preferred doneness. For the ultimate steak experience, we recommend serving roast medium rare (internal temperature of 135 F).

Price point on this one is already low at $149, but it’s ON SALE FOR $139 RIGHT NOW!

These New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials (and there’s a BUNCH more!) are perfect for your feasts whether it’s with 2 people or more. I know this year is going to be a lot different for people, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing what’s best for you and your family.

We actually did a dry-run with the Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Uncured Spiral Ham. The star of any holiday dinner menu, Niman Ranch’s 8-pound, bone-in spiral ham plates up beautifully and provides approximately 10 sweet, smoky and delicious servings.

New Year's Eve Dinner Specials

The secret to Niman Ranch’s customer-favorite ham? A mixture of maple and cane sugars and salt are used to season meat, which is then smoked over applewood for up to 12 hours to seal in the succulent flavors and impart its own slightly sweet, smoky taste.

Each ham comes with a packet of brown sugar- and brown mustard-based glaze that creates a sweet and crispy crust as the ham slow roasts in the oven.Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Uncured Spiral Ham

Whether during the holiday season, a leisurely Sunday brunch or weeknight dinner, you can feel confident serving this gourmet ham to your family. Niman Ranch hams are preservative free and uncured, with no nitrates or nitrites added, and sourced from Niman Ranch’s network of U.S. family farmers, who raise heritage-breed hogs humanely and sustainably with no antibiotics or hormones — ever.

How good does this look? I feel like it’s so much fun to show the “after” so you have an idea as to what it actually looks like at home!

Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Uncured Spiral Ham

We did our dry run with salad and stuffing (which were incredible!). We will do mashed potatoes, too for a holiday meal. But the ham is incredible and literally melts in your mouth.

Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Uncured Spiral Ham

Make sure you check out some of the delicious offerings from Perdue Farms! You will love what you’re getting and will always have high quality, too! That’s a promise.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials and here’s to 2021 FINALLY being here!

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I’m also going to giveaway $25 TOWARDS your New Year’s Eve feast! Just drop me a comment below telling me who you’re spending the holiday with this year!

I will choose a winner on December 29th, 2020!



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  1. 12.22.20
    mami2jcn said:

    I’m spending it with my husband and 4 kids.

  2. 12.22.20
    Annette Prejean said:

    I’m spending it with friends and probably my neighbor. She’s older and afraid of getting sick, so she’s staying home. I will cook something for her.

  3. 12.22.20

    Spending it with my family!

  4. 12.23.20
    Monique said:

    Spending the holidays with my parents at home

  5. 12.23.20
    Amber Shaffer said:

    I will be spending it with my boyfriend and daughter

  6. 12.23.20
    Susan Christy said:

    It’s just me and my dog this year. I’ve never spent NYE (or any holiday) alone, so it’s weird. Looking forward to 2021!!

  7. 12.23.20
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    It will just be my fiance’, myself and our pets. We are keeping it small and safe this year.

  8. 12.23.20
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    I really want to dress up, order in a bunch of takeout and have a big dance party in our family room – complete with champagne and confetti at midnight!!

  9. 12.23.20
    Megan said:

    I am spending it with my hubby and 4 kids, staying at home.

  10. 12.23.20
    Morgan said:

    I’m spending Christmas with my family like I do every year. We get together and bake a ton of cookies with all the kids, they love over coating them with frosting and sprinkles. Last year we delivered a bunch to friends and family. Then usually if there is snow we will make snow men and go snowmobiling, or tubing all day. Then we will all sit down to a cozy meal, and enjoy hot coco or cider. Its soo much fun!

  11. 12.24.20
    Dawn Monroe said:

    i cant wait to spend it with my grandkids. I hop eto get some family photos.

  12. 12.24.20
    Natalie said:

    I am spending Christmas with my mom, brother, stepdad, sister in law, nieces and nephew!

  13. 12.24.20
    Monica McConnell said:

    This year it will just be me, hubby and the 4 boys. We are going to have a movie and game night. We have been staying in to try to stay safe and healthy. I miss my mom and my family but she has a lot of health problems and so I just will not risk her getting sick.

  14. 12.26.20
    Brenda Haines said:

    I will be spending New Year’s Eve and Day with my son.

  15. 12.26.20
    Silver Walker said:

    spending it with the three boys and my sister, having our own mini feast of their favorites.

  16. 12.27.20
    Manda Shank said:

    I am spending the holidays with my kids and husband.

  17. 12.27.20
    Harshul Singh said:

    I will be spending the holidays with family and two close friends.

  18. 12.28.20
    Jen Reed said:

    I am spending the holidays with my family including my husband, 3 kids (any of their friends that they invite), and my father in law who lives with us.

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