Christmas Word Search Printable

Looking for a Christmas Word Search printable for your kids? Here is a super fun (and easy) word search printable for your family to do during the month.

Christmas Word Search Printable

Christmas Word Search Printables

When it comes to holiday activities, it’s important to have a list of things lined up. The worst thing is not knowing what to do with your family or your kids during the holiday season. Not every day will be a day where you can get out and do something festive.

If there are snow days. If there are cold days. If there are days where you’re just busy and need to work from home, grab printables online for your kids. This Christmas Word Search printable is a fun one for you to print and do with your family.

Family Christmas Traditions

When you’re looking at this particular Christmas Word Search, note that the words are all easy words for kids to understand. It’s one thing that I always (personally) look for when I’m looking for printables for my kids. I want to make sure it’s at their level and not too advanced.

This is a perfect Christmas Word Search printable for elementary school kids. It’s fun and colorful and festive. It’s eye-catching and so cute. It’s also just a good activity for your kids to do in front of the TV or while they’re watching a holiday movie.

Family Christmas Traditions

There are (2) versions created, both with the same words but with a different look and feel. Kids love images and things to be fun for them to look at, so I love these printables for your kids to choose from. They can do both, but note that the words are the same and the word bank is the same too.

Christmas Word Search #1:

Christmas Word Search Printable

Print this printable out here.

Christmas Word Search #2:

Christmas Word Search Printable

Print this printable out here.

We’re all looking for things to do with our families right now. Looking for printables or crafts or activities to do with our families is something everyone is trying to do. I’m all about watching the magic in my daughter’s eyes when I come up with things for us to do.

You can also create word searches for your kids, too after they complete this one. It’s an easy activity to do and it’s one that every mom or dad can do, too. I’m always trying to come up with things for everyone at home and it’s a fun one to sit and do right at home.

Opening GIfts on Christmas Morning

How can you go about doing it?

  • Sit and write down a bunch of words that reflect the topic you want to hone in on.
  • Create a grid on a piece of paper.
  • Start filling in the grid with the words that you came up with for the word search.
  • After you have popped your words in, just start filling with extra letters.

You’ll have a fun time with this activity and this will be a great activity to even have your kids do on their own, too. I’m all about making sure our Christmas Word Search printable is one that kids will get excited about doing.

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If you’re looking for additional holiday activities to do with your kids, check out this fun Holiday Word Scramble. We’ve also created a Holiday Thankful List for them to fill out, too.

It’s important to make sure you take time during the holidays to be thankful. We do this for Thanksgiving, but it’s important to do for the holiday time, too. This is a special activity for kids to do with their families because it’s great to see what they’re thankful for. Talk about what they come up with and tell them why it’s good and/or important.Christmas Word Search Printable

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    These are great to keep on hand when suddenly found delayed or a long wait. The help keep the mind occupied for seniors too!

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    This would be fun for my older daughter to do. Thanks for sharing!

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