What to Wear with Black Shirt – 6 Styles

A staple that you should have in your closet is a black blouse. You can wear a variety of ways. What to wear with black shirt? I’ve got 6 styles to inspire you.

What to Wear with Black Shirt

What to wear with black shirt

When it comes to fashion and what to wear, it’s important to have key pieces in your wardrobe that you can depend on and rely on. A black blouse or shirt is one of those items. It’s simply something you need to have. When you’re wondering what to wear with black shirt or what color pants to wear with black shirt, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve always been someone who loves to find items and style them as many ways as I can. The key being that when you have staple items in your closet, you can easily style them many ways because they’re so versatile. Think about it. Black shirt, denim shirt, white blouse, jeans. These are key pieces.

How to style a look for work

I’m all about having fun with fashion and experimenting with colors and patterns and prints, but it’s important to always have a fashion foundation. A black blouse is one of those items you need to have as a fashion foundation.

If you don’t have a black shirt or a black blouse, I want to share with you some of my personal favorites. These are all under $75 and would work beautifully for work, play and everything in between. I’ll be sharing what to wear with black shirt in this post, but you need one first (if you don’t have one!).


You can’t go wrong with any of those options. They’re all so pretty and elegant. I tried to find something for every style that might be out there. Find one that works for you and your style and comfort level.

Now the fun part!

Sharing 6 different ways to style black blouses. When you’re wondering what to wear with black shirt, don’t worry – I picked items that you should have in your closet, too. If you don’t, think about investing in them. I’m included links to the items underneath each photo, too.

Style #1: Monochromatic Look

That’s right. I love dressing in one color from head to toe. This works for any color, but when you’re wearing a black shirt, black pants and black shoes it’s gorgeous! It’s such a chic and classic look. This was basically what I work to work every single day in NYC!

I have on a pair of black jeans and black booties. I feel like this look would work for anyone, too. It doesn’t have to be black jeans, it could be leggings, trouser pants or jeggings. Find what works best for you.

What to Wear with Black Shirt 

Some black jean options:


Style #2: Blue Jeans

This style is an easy one because I feel like everyone has a pair of jeans in their closet. I chose a darker wash jean because that’s what I like the best on me. You find what works best for you.

You can’t go wrong with an outfit like this. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. It’s modern, yet classic. I also love that you can be any age and still make this style work for you.

What to Wear with Black Shirt

Some jean options:


Style #3: Patterned Jeans/Pants

Last week I shared a picture of me wearing red plaid pants with a black blouse. It’s a great way to answer that what to wear with black shirt – take out all of your patterned pants/jeans. A black blouse/shirt works beautifully. Again – it’s just an easy piece to match with anything.

What to Wear with Plaid Pants

These jeans that I’m wearing here I’ve had forever. They have palm tree leaves all over them. There’s limited things I can wear with them that work, but this always works. I love having go to items like this to have.

What to Wear with Black Shirt

Shop here for plaid pants:


Style #4: Denim Skirt

If jeans work, you know a denim skirt will work. I love sharing options when it comes to work, too. You can find so many different style denim skirts, but this one has always been my favorite. It’s a classic one for work and just suits my style.

What to Wear with Black Shirt

Shop these denim skirts:


Style #5: Plaid Skirt

Again, if you’ve got plaid or patterned skirts that you’re thinking of wearing, grab your black blouse. This is another answer to “what to wear with black blouse” question. It’s so easy to have pieces like this that will match everything. This is the exact look I wore to Christmas last year, too!

What to Wear with Black Shirt

Shop plaid skirts:


Style #6: Monochromatic

This is probably my favorite look! I love the look of a black skirt with a black blouse. It’s elegant and professional. This is an easy look to toss on for work on a day where you have “know idea” what to wear! It’s a go to look for just about any occasion and will always make you feel comfortable.

How to Style an Outfit for Work

Shop black skirts:



I hope this helps you out when it comes to fashion. I love making sure I get fashion longevity out of my items. It’s important to make sure my money is being used! It’s become fun to see what I can mix and match in my closet.

See how to style plaid pants. What to wear with them herehttps://www.momgenerations.com/2020/12/what-to-wear-with-plaid-pants/


Love to see what you’ll do when you’re wondering what to wear with black shirt, love for you to share your looks with me! Make sure you’re following my fashion deals group on Facebook called – Daily Dose of Style – I share fashion deals daily on amazing pieces and the latest trends!

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