Easy Festive Hairstyles

Sharing some super easy festive hairstyles for you to do during the holidays today. It’s always fun to come up with some festive and fun styles for the holiday, even for your hair, too. It’s creating a full holiday look that just is beautiful.

Easy Festive Hairstyles

Easy Festive Hairstyles

Creating easy festive hairstyles for the holiday season is something I love doing with my daughter. It’s just a good chance for us to sit and bond over some pretty and cute hairstyles.

When it comes to coming up with some easy festive hairstyles you just need to make sure you have some great accessories. I’m all about red ribbons and bows. I’m all about sparkles and glitter and lace. The “fancier” the better.

Easy Festive Hairstyles

The best thing about creating some easy festive hairstyles is that you can even take a basic ponytail and amp it up with the right hair accessories. You don’t have to go crazy coming up with ideas or worrying about having styles that will be intricate or complicated. The simplest is always best.

There are 3 hairstyles I want to share with you today that are Christmas Theme hairstyles and festive hairstyles that can work for this season beautifully. An insider tip for you? By just switching up the bows and ribbons you can make these hairstyles work for other holidays, too.

Simple Holiday Hairstyles:

This are 3 simple hairstyles. Please don’t think you need to be good at hairstyles before you watch these. These are all hairstyles for beginners and easy to do on anyone’s hair. This is the beauty of this channel, it’s meant for anyone to head to and try some cool and fun hairstyles.

easy messy bun with long hair

Christmas Hairstyle #1 is a Holiday Spiral Bun.

This is a hairstyle that you can do in seconds. It’s just a simple twist with an elastic band. All you need to do is a red bow for flair! Please note you can change up the ribbon color if you prefer, too!

All you need for this hairstyle is (2) elastics bands and a ribbon.

Steps for this Spiral Bun Hairstyle:

  1. Brush your hair smoothly to the side.
  2. Take your ponytail and start twisting it.
  3. Twist it tight and they start wrapping it into a bun.
  4. Once the spiral bun is created, band it.
  5. Take your ribbon and wrap is around and tie it.

Easy Festive Hairstyles

I mean, if you want easy festive hairstyles it doesn’t get better than this one. It’s classic and sweet. It’s fun and cute. It truly is that perfect, go to style for the holidays. You can also take this style and change it up by adding different color ribbon.

Christmas Hairstyle #2 and #3:

That’s right, I’ve got a double one for you here today! This is a simple style for anyone with longer hair. This easy festive hairstyle (both of them) can be worn throughout the holidays and will definitely catch some attention.

These hairstyles revolve around to long braids with ribbons. These are so simple to do and really take very minimal effort to create and style.

All you need for this hairstyle is: (6 hair elastics) and (3) ribbons. The ribbons can be any color/texture/pattern, just make sure they’re long enough for you to braid through the hair.

Steps for the Matching Braids:

  1. Make a ponytail in your hair.
  2. Take 2 ribbons and insert into the elastic band. Tuck them in so they don’t hang out.
  3. Divide the hair into 2 equal sections.
  4. Braid each section by using the ribbon as a 3rd braid section.
  5. Elastic band each section and “puff” the braid out (like I do in the video).
  6. Add some extra flair on top of the base of the ponytail.

Easy Festive Hairstyles

Steps for the next hairstyle from this one (if that makes sense, but when you watch the video – you’ll see!):

  1. Take the braids hanging down and wrap them around the base of the ponytail.
  2. Take an elastic band to secure the braids into place.
  3. This will create the braided wrapped bun!

These (3) easy festive hairstyles are perfect for the holidays. You will love seeing them come alive as you work through them with yourself or your child.

Remember that creating fun hairstyles is something that anyone can do. I started my hair tutorials because I wanted to show other moms and dads that you don’t have to be an expert at hair to create fun and beautiful hairstyles.

How to Wear a Baseball Hat with Long Hair

I was always daunted my hair tutorials I would watch and see and just think to myself, “I can’t do that!”

These hairstyles are for anyone to do. Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, babysitters. I’ve working through the tutorials slowly on the YouTube videos so you can see up close and personal. I feel like it’s important to walk through something via video rather than just photos on a page.

Let me know what styles you end up trying and doing. I would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We’re having so much fun creating videos (we’ve already shot 10 of them, but will release 2 styles a week!).

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There’s something really special about sitting with my daughter and coming up with some fun hairstyles to share. After having 4 sons, I never thought I’d be doing a girl’s hair. The fact that I am makes me so happy and I embrace this time with her.

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