Things To Do in 2021

Looking for things to do in 2021? I’m hoping to make this year the best year yet. Have you sat down to really think about 2021 yet? Do you know your hopes and dreams? Do you know your goals and passion?

Things To Do in 2021

Things To Do in 2021

With 2021 here today, there are a lot of things going through my mind. I’ve been waiting for 2021 like it’s Santa Claus coming to leave a big bag of gifts! I’m so ready for things to do in 2021 because I’m ready for new beginnings.

Things To Do in 2021

I know that 2021 doesn’t mean that everything from 2020 has been lifted, but I see hope in 2021. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I see new beginnings and new chapters for me and my family. I see gatherings and fun and being together without masks (hopefully!).

I’m all about positive things and thinking ahead. I’m all about trying to find the lessons learned from 2020 and bring them into 2021. I’m all about doing whatever I can to make this year the best one yet. Isn’t that the point of life? To always keep dreaming and hoping for bigger and better things? Look to the future for hope?

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Every New Year’s Eve I sit and reflect about the year that’s about to close out. For a year that was certainly a roller coaster ride, I feel like I’m leaving 2020 behind with a lot of lessons learned for the better.

If you know me, you know I’m a glass is 1/2 full kinda girl. Always have been, always will be. I tried my hardest this year to constantly find the silver linings because I knew my children were watching how I was reacting to everything going on in the world.

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Things To Do in 2021 – More Family Time. I learned that being home every single day with my kids (as crazy as virtual schooling was and continues to be for me) was the greatest blessing of all. I’ll never get this time again. Ever. And believe me, I know it wasn’t always easy.

I had many overwhelming breakdowns over the last year – I’ve got 5 kids. 5 different personalities. 5 different kinds of students. Maybe it’s because my sons are getting older and I know time goes by so darn fast, but it was nice BEING present.

McClelland Family

Things To Do in 2021 – Know Who Is In Your Lifeboat. I learned (even more) that when the chips are down and the stakes are high, there’s nobody else I want in my lifeboat than my husband and 5 kids. They make me laugh. They make me strong. They make me better.

Things To Do in 2021 – New Goals and Dreams. – I learned that it’s never too late to go after new dreams. In a year of ups and downs with work and not knowing how everything would pan out… I turned back to creative writing. It was my “release” from the world. If you’re looking to bring someone new into your life, think about what makes you happy.

things to do in 2021

Things To Do in 2021 – Seek New Opportunities – I’ve been doing my daughter’s hair on Instagram and TikTok for the last 9 months and loving every single second. I can’t believe I hadn’t brought this passion into my content before, but so glad I have now. I also learned doing hairstyles on my daughter is like driving with my sons, lots of talking.

Things To Do in 2021

Things To Do in 2021 – Surround Yourself with Friends. I learned that surrounding myself with funny, incredible and amazing female friends (many who are family members) is the best medicine of all for anything and everything. Whether it’s a call, text, ZOOM or FaceTime, being with women who make you happy is the best.

Things To Do in 2021 – It’s OK to End Things. I learned that it was time to close the door on a few things this year and that it’s OK to do that. Not everything needs to continue in life, many times we just outgrow or have our eyes opened to the truths of people and things. It’s been freeing to say good-bye to things that don’t bring me happiness or joy.

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This year was a defining year for me with this. I’m definitely someone who holds onto relationships and things that I start, but I learned this year (thank GOD!) it’s time to let go to certain friendships, relationships and things that don’t being me joy. This has been the healthiest thing of all for me.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring me or anyone else. I just hope that it will be a good one and happy one and a healthy one. 2020 wasn’t all bad, I feel like I gained so much strength and insight. I will never look at 2020 as the year that broke me, it will be the year that built my strength up.

2021. Who knows what it will bring. That’s the beauty and mystery of life… I just know that like every year, I’m going in with my eyes wide open and my arms extended.

My hope for all of you is that 2021 is good for you. I hope it brings you everything you need and want. I hope it makes you happy. I hope it brings you health. I hope it brings you love.

Here are 25 QUESTIONS to ask yourself this year. These questions will help you out.

Happy 2021 everything!

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