Tooth Fairy Letter Template

It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, when one of them loses a tooth it’s important for the Tooth Fairy to make a visit. And to make it a VERY big deal. This Tooth Fairy Letter Template has saved us time after time when our kids have lost teeth.

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

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When it comes to a tooth falling out, kids get super excited. The thought of the “tooth fairy” coming sometimes can scare a child or make one super excited. It all depends on your kid. I’ve found that having a tooth fairy letter template on hand helps because it’s a fun way for them to “hear” from him or her.

When my 4 sons were little, two of them were convinced the tooth fairy left glitter and pixie dust everywhere. They wanted to stay up to see (they never were able to!), and so to play along I would always leave a little trail of glitter.

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

They also got excited every single time a letter was left under their pillow with a some money of a little toy. In our family the tooth fairy sometimes leaves little toys, not just cash. Regardless – a letter was always left for the kids. With 5 kids it became crazy, so we just decided to create a tooth fairy letter template to share. This free printable took fairy letter is a fun one.

What we did was create our own little poem for the kids. This Tooth Fairy Letter Template is fun (and easy) because everything is already there for you, easily laid out.

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Print this Tooth Fairy Letter Template out here.

Here is the same letter, but we made it look a little differently. You can print out whichever letter you’re loving and feel looks the best for you.

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Print this Tooth Fairy Letter Template out here.

If you’re loving this poem, but want to create a different layout for yourself – here’s the full poem for you to use:

I heard you lost a tooth,
I remember watching and seeing it was loose!

You were so excited to see it out,
I loved seeing you happily scream and shout!

Each tooth that you lose is special as can be,
They all come back to stay with me!

I love surprising you with some pixie dust,
Because leaving it under your pillow is a must!

Without waking you I magically get your tooth,
I promise you that you don’t move a peep, that’s the truth!

I leave behind something special just for you,
And quickly off I go hoping you’ll be excited about the something new!

Maybe it’s money, toys or a special book,
But you’ll be the first to take a look!

It’s always fun for me to leave my magic behind,
Just always remember to be super kind!

I’ll keep coming back with each tooth that you lose,
But you ultimately get to choose!

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Feel free to take this and create your own special template for your tooth fairy letter. You don’t just have to use the Tooth Fairy Letter Template that I’ve shared with you. You can have some fun making your own for your child.

This tooth fairy printable is a fun one, but there’s so many more you can use, too! I have a fun another one I’m going to be sharing later this week with you, too! Since I’m in the full WORLD of tooth fairy with my daughter, I’m having so much fun creating these.

Lost tooth

Seeing the tooth fairy through your child’s eyes make it so much fun and so magical. You need to be able to make it enjoyable and memorable for them. I know that the magic eventually goes away, so it’s so important to embrace it now while she has it!

You can also use Canva for some amazing templates, too!

This is also a great template to have on hand when you’re traveling and don’t happen to be home for the tooth fairy. This is what we did when we on vacation and the tooth fairy still came to visit.

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