14 Ways to Make a Wish

Ever wonder how to make a wish? Fortunately, there are many ways to make a wish. It’s just doing it. When you make a wish you’re putting your dreams out into the universe with the hope they will happen.

How many ways to make a wish are there? Making a wish is setting an intention and desire and hoping it will happen. There are many things to make a wish on. It’s important to know the facts about wishes so when you make a wish it will come true. Making wishes helps you go after your dreams and hopes. A wish is a powerful desire you want to come true.


ways to make a wish

Wishes make people go after dreams and if you believe strong enough, the wish will be granted. As the song from Disney’s Pinocchio goes, “When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are , Anything your heart desires, Will come to you.”

It’s important to know that there are many ways to make a wish. You just need to know the things to make wishes on. Just as one would suspect there are things to make wishes upon that will help them come true.

ways to make a wish

14 Ways to Make a Wish

  1. A classic for everyone. Make a wish upon a star. Find the brightest star in the sky and make a big wish!
  2. Buy a bouquet of balloons and make a wish as you let them go into the sky.
  3. Every time you see the numbers 11:11 on the clock make a wish.
  4. Make some wishes by tossing a coin into a water fountain.
  5. When you see a rainbow make a big wish.
  6. Take a wishbone and make a big wish with someone else (one will come true!).
  7. Making wishes on fallen eyelashes.
  8. Making a big wish on your birthday candles.
  9. Make a wish when you find a penny on the ground.
  10. When you come across a ladybug close your eyes for a wish.
  11. Take the time to make a quick wish when going through a yellow traffic light.
  12. Making a wish on a 4-leaf clover.
  13. Making a wish on the New Moon.
  14. Make a wish on days with double numbers – January 1st (1/1), February 2nd (2/2), March 3rd (3/3), April 4th (4/4), May 5th (5/5), etc.

ways to make a wish

What is a WISH?

A wish is a hope or desire for something. In fiction, wishes can be used as plot devices. In folklore, opportunities for “making a wish” or for wishes to “come true” or “be granted” are themes that are sometimes used. – Wikipedia

Galaxy of Stars in the Sky

How Do You Make a Wish Come True?

There’s no guarantee a wish will come true, but it’s important to note that believing in your wish does help. Making a wish is setting your intention. You want to make sure your wish is one that is realistic enough to come true. Wishing for a billion dollars is fun, but is it realistic?

what is 11:11


Everything listed above is a wish superstition. It’s believing in a myth and knowing that through time people have made wishes like this forever. There’s wishful power in knowing that millions of people have made wishes the same way you have. Take these superstitions seriously.

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What Time Can You Make a Wish

You can start making wishes at any time of the day, but when you make a wish at 11:11 it’s even more powerful. Anytime you happen to see this time on the clock, close your eyes and make a big wish.

Make sure you take the time to make wishes in your life. Wishes give us hope and make us look forward to the future and what is to come. Remember these various ways to make a wish and bring them into your life whenever you can.

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