Easy Hairstyles When You’re In a Rush

Make sure you know how to do some easy hairstyles when you’re in a rush. It’s not always simple in the morning to get out the door, but these quick hair tutorials will help you look and feel your best.

What are easy hairstyles to do in a rush? When you’re looking for easy hair tutorials make sure you’re doing hairstyles that take less than a minute. The best hairstyles to do when you’re running late are simple ponytail hairstyles and easy bun hairstyles. These cute hairstyles are simple to create and easy to toss up and go. I’m sharing my favorite on-the-go hairstyles to do in seconds.

If you’re short on time in the morning it’s important to have 3 to 5 hairstyles that you can lean on. These are hairstyles that you can do in seconds without thought or thinking.

Easy Hairstyles When You're In a Rush

Best Easy Hair Tutorials When Running Late

You’ve all been there. You’re running late. Your hair is a mess. You’re looking at the clock and know you have minutes. You need easy, goto hairstyles.

Why is it important to have easy hairstyles on hand?

  1. Your hair can still look great even when you’re short on time.
  2. You can have some cute hairstyles without doing anything too intricate.
  3. It’s fun to be able to have your hair done for the day, it can elevate your mood.

The reason I like to stick with ponytail hairstyles and bun hairstyles on busy mornings is that these are great hairstyles for ANY level. A beginner can pull it off just as well as anyone who is advanced. You don’t have to be an expert at hair tutorials to achieve and create a cute ponytail hairstyle or an adorable bun hairstyle.

Easy Updo Twist Hairstyle

Here is a super easy twist updo for you to do on your hair or someone else’s hair. This is the cutest hairstyle when you’re in the rush and looks like it took you way more than a minute to create. It’s a fresh and adorable hairstyle for any occasion.

Easy Updo Twist Hairstyle

This is one of my favorite styles to do on my hair and Victoria’s! As long as you can twist two pieces together, you’ve got this. This is a great early morning hairstyle when you’re looking for a good hairstyle for girls.


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Easy Double Knotted Ponytail

Easy double knotted ponytail. I promise it’s super quick and really cute! If you can tie a shoe, you can do this hairstyle. It looks so adorable when it’s finished, too.

This is one of those easy hairstyles to do in a rush when you’re heading out and need your hair out of your face. It’s a sweet style that people love to look at and find really fun. It’s also part of my easy hairstyles to do with one hair tie. 

Easiest Top Knot

Easiest Top Knot Hack for you to do on your hair. I have to say, this hairstyle stays put, too and it will easily turn into one of your faves. You’re going to need long hair to be able to do this easy bun hairstyle.

Easiest top knot ever

This is a great hairstyle to do for any occasion. It can be worn to a wedding, school, work, etc. I love that it’s just such an easy and cute versatile quick hairstyle to do.


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Wrap It Up Bun Hairstyle

Wrap it all UP BUN! ♥️ love this simple bun tutorial. If you can twist hair, you can do this easy hair tutorial. It’s as easy as that when it comes to quick hairstyles.

Easy Hairstyles When You're In a Rush

This hairstyle is one of my favorites when it comes to Easy Hairstyles When You’re In a Rush. It’s one of those that you can do in seconds. It’s one that you can toss and go, which are the best kinds of hairstyles.


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Braided Top Knot Tutorial

If you’re a top knot girl, you’ll love this easy braided top knot tutorial. This is a simple one to do on your own hair or someone else’s. It’s a fun one to do and looks so cute once you’ve got it up high on your head.

Braided Top Knot Tutorial

This is one of those easy hairstyles with small rubber bands that I love because you see the braid and not the elastic bands. This is a quick one to do on your own and looks great with an added bow or ribbon.


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How can I Style my Hair in 5 Minutes?

Make sure you try these hairstyles above. These will all take you less than minutes to create in your own hair. There are also additional hairstyles that you should check out, too:

How do you Style Wet Hair in a Hurry?

My advice would be to use small rubber bands. These are easy to tie into your hair. They also stay put, too. Here are various products that we use when we’re styling that work for any length of hair.


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