Enroll Your Tech Loving Kids at Game-U: Here’s WHY

My son Henry loves playing video games with his friends. If he could play all day, every single day… he would! But (here’s the really cool thing) he’s also equally interested in creating video games, not just playing them. Unfortunately, this is where my help as a mom stops because designing and coding video games are not in my wheelhouse.

This is where Game-U fits in perfectly for my Henry.

Game-U, putting it simply, is where kids learn to make games. Your kids have the opportunity to learn game design, coding, and robotics virtually with their STEM-based curriculum, and are paired up with a mentor.

Sounds too good to be true for your child? Believe me, it’s not. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard about for kids looking to further their love of technology and create something on their very own.

The reality of it is that many of the moms and dads that I connect with every day online share the same thoughts (including myself!) about video game playing. We don’t want our kids playing video games around the clock. We don’t want our kids to become zombies to the game playing. And we worry about the amount of game time playing they’re putting in, which is why so many of us have time restrictions in place with the gaming.

About Game-U

What I love is that Game-U is allowing kids to have that same love and passion for gaming, but in a different kind of way. They’re helping to transition your child’s passion for playing, into a passion for designing, coding, and animating games of their own.


Let me share with you more about Game-U and why you need to look into it for your kids.

Game-U is an online and after-school program designed by Game Industry Professionals which teaches kids how to design and build their own video games and robots. We cover all aspects of development including Level Design, Animation, Coding, 3D Printing, Robotics, and more!

Game-U – Where Kids Make Games from GAME-U on Vimeo.

Skills Taught:

  • Game Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork

(The second my 14-year-old son Ben saw that animation was part of the Game-U curriculum, he was excited to try it for himself, too!)


As a parent, I love seeing the skills work that kids learn because these are skills that will also set them on their way for the future. I personally think it’s fantastic that they’re also paired up with a mentor. This is something that separates Game-U from everything else.

Live Game-U Classes

You’re getting live, 1-on-1 virtual classes with industry Pros (over 80 of them!) in Game Design, Coding, Art, or Robotics. Students create games, websites, mods, robots, 3D models, illustrations, and more with a project-based curriculum and a dedicated instructor. It’s a class all on their own!


Just so you have an idea of what your child will get when they enroll in Game-U for their live classes, it’s:

Game-U Live 1:1

  • 60-minute classes
  • Learning is so fun, it’ll be your student reminding you it’s time for class – not the
    other way around!
  • Free, half-hour trial class
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Project-based curriculum developed by industry Pros
  • Work 1:1 with the same Pro instructor
  • Choose a track that meets your student’s interests and switch tracks if desired
  • Easy monthly subscription payments, with sibling discounts available
  • For students ages 6-21

One thing my son Henry asked me (immediately) when I was showing him Game-U was if it was a one-and-done type program or would he be able to continue to build and create things? The second he asked that I knew he was interested because I could tell he wanted it to be an ongoing type of thing.


The good news for Henry and other kids is that the curriculum is project-based, allowing students to continually produce new games, mods, programs, animations, character models, robots, or designs. What’s even cooler and taking it a step further is that Game-U supports students in creating portfolios of published work that they can then present to colleges, internships, or employers, setting them apart from their peers. I love that they’re getting a leg up starting as young as 6 years old!

Price Options for Game-U

The is the BIG question for parents, so I want to share exactly what the cost is to take part in the Game-U programs:

Live 1:1 lessons are offered in automatically recurring monthly subscriptions. A recurring time slot is selected for each student. A biweekly student selects a time slot that recurs every other week. A weekly student selects a time slot that recurs every week. A twice-weekly student selects two weekly time slots. Subscriptions automatically renew.

Game-U Program Price Options




On a side note, I had the opportunity to chat with the founder and CEO, Michael Kawas about Game-U and was so impressed by his love and passion for it. As a father himself, you could tell that he truly knows what kids in the technology space are looking for and is creating a safe place for them online with Game-U.

For more information, check out Game-U.

*This is sponsored posting. All opinions are my own.

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    Linda said:

    That’s so interesting to know about GameU. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    This is so amazing! My kids will definitely learn about these things at an early age.

  3. 12.11.21
    Dani Torr said:

    My son loves video games too! He just turned five years old though. Do you think he is still too young for Game-U?

  4. 12.11.21
    Ave said:

    My daughter is a huge fan of video games and would play them all day long if possible. Game-U sounds a lot of fun for kid gamers. Are the classes just in English or are they available in other languages too?

  5. 12.11.21

    This sounds like an incredible idea for kids. It seems like they really offer some amazing things for children who love gaming to work through and experience.

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    This looks great. Its an amazing platform where kids can learn game design, coding, robotics and so on

  7. 12.11.21

    This is so cool. My kids will definitely love this. They are a huge fan of games too.

  8. 12.11.21

    I love that their curriculum is project-based and it allows kids to continually produce new games, programs, animations etc.

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    Game U sounds like a lot of fun, Mu kids would love these. Checking this right now.

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    Interestingly enough, my son also loves video games, but only certain ones. Will it be possible to make a bias towards certain genres of games?

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    My kids love to be online and game and I’m always looking for a way for it to be more structured. This is it!

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