1/2 Marathon: 4 Weeks and Counting…

I’m running my first 1/2 marathon in 4 weeks – or exactly… 30 days. The ladies from Eat. Blog. Run. have inspired me… and one of my very good friends Christine Koh has been my ultimate motivator. I see what these ladies are doing, and it drives me to the treadmill or street – every single day.

This morning as I was running, I couldn’t believe that the “time” is almost here.

These are some of the questions running through my mind about the big day (weird, but true):

What do I do if I have to pee? Seriously… I hear the “big shots” pee their pants while they run. Um… I’m not a “big shot.”

What do I do if I suddenly have a cramp and have to (gasp) walk? Which will ultimately piss me off to know end. After weeks and weeks of training, I’m banking on a no-cramp-run. Please, GOD!

What if it rains? I haven’t exactly been training in that kind of weather. My basement is cool, clean and I can watch whatever I want on TV. It’s a haven to workout in. I’m thinking I need to mix it up a bit over the next 30 days.

What if my mix “tape” goes awry? I’ve got my grooving songs all set-up to go! When I ran my last 5K, I don’t know how this happened… but my XMAS list got mixed in while I was running. There I am – in 60 degree weather – running to “Silver Bells” and “Here Comes Santa Claus” on the road.

What do I wear!? Yes, me… the ultimate lover of everything fashion. Maybe that’s why I’m asking the question. Being stylish and cute and trendy isn’t exactly the most important thing that day… it’s being comfortable. (Although, I do want to add some fun colors to my attire so my family can spot me!)

Can non-running people jump into the race and run with you? I could always call on my sister, brothers and mother to jump in and kick my butt if need be… is that allowed?

So these random things have been crossing my mind. Call me a total-ridiculous-over-thinking-beginner at this running thing. The one thing I am… is motivated to finish… even if I have to crawl. I will finish that race. 4 weeks… and (totally) counting.

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  1. 4.2.10

    Audrey, you are TRULY AMAZING. So brave to take this on and you are going to rock it!

    And seriously, I think your family is born to run. I just cracked 6 miles the other week and I’ve been chipping away at running since July!

    Anyway, so yes, I’m starting to think of the same things now that I’m getting into longer distances. For fuel while you run one of my friends recommended GU (these weird little gel packs). I tried one and thought it was bizarre… kind of like frosting. I wasn’t wild about it so I’m going to try the Clif gel packs next because they are all natural. Will let you know how it goes. But I think they recommend replenishing every 45 min.

    I also need to figure out water. I bought a water bottle but it seems too cumbersome to run with. Hmmmm.

  2. 4.18.10
    Karianna said:

    You are going to do wonderfully! And honestly – if you get a cramp and have to walk for a few seconds – it will still be just fine, because you’ll get your groove back and do fabulously.

    Re fuel: I love “luna moons” (blueberry and pomegranate) – but Gu in the right flavor and Clif-shots can be great, too. This all depends on your preference. I actually like the vanilla-gingerbread Gu since it evokes Christmas memories, but that sort of thing can be too odd for some folks during a run. (But hey, if your mix tape malfunctions, you’ll have the right music to go with it.) At the Disney Princess Half they gave us strawberry Clif-shots at an aide station. Lots of people hated it, but I thought it was pretty tasty — sweet strawberry jam, essentially. Again, I tied it to positive memories (my grandma’s porter-house rolls smothered in strawberry jam!) and it was those happy memories as I fueled that gave me an extra “boost” as I ran.

    As for pee: I wear a pad just in case. Nope, I’m not a “big shot” – but if the porta-potty lines are too long, letting out just a couple drops into a maxi-pad can get rid of the “gotta go” urge until the finish line is a distant memory.

    You are going to rock it, even if it rains and your mix tape goes wild.

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