Model Behavior

I’ve written before about Alexander’s love of handsome shirts (a.k.a. polo tees).  The kid loves to look “handsome.”

We’ve all grown to “love” this little tidbit about Alex.  There are definitely moments in the morning when I want to pull my hair out because he’s so insistent on a particular handsome shirt, but I roll with it (as best as I can).  He’s the one in the bunch who really, really cares about what he looks like, and… well, I freaking love it!  It cracks me up and makes me smile.

Which makes this story all the better.

This past weekend Alex went into the bathroom.  Because my sons lie about whether they’ve washed their hands or not… I always listen for the water to run and make sure they’re actually washing, soaping and drying.  I hate to say it, but as usual, Alex came out of the bathroom without me hearing the water run.

Matt:  Alex, wash your hands.
Alex:  But I didn’t Pee, Dad.
Matt:  What were you doing in the bathroom?


Matt:  If you didn’t pee, what were you doing in the bathroom?


Matt:  ALEX!

He looks at the two of us.

Alex:  I was looking at myself in the mirror.

And that was when my heart melted…

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