Earth Footwear: Acclaim your FEET! *And GIVEAWAY

I’m all about trying out some new boots.  Especially ones that (someone hold me) have body-toning soles.

Wondering where you can find boots like this?  Because seriously, they do exist.

Earth Footwear.


I was sent a pair of Acclaim boots to try out.

As a mom, I’m all about finding comfortable and casual boots that I can wear out and about.  I’m also all about finding boots that have that chic factor.  What I loved about the Acclaim is that they look like riding boots. I paired them with skinny jeans and a cozy sweater wrap and viola!… I loved the look! Classic and simple. The perfect weekend boot with the kids.

But it’s beyond the comfort and style that I love about these boots…

They tone.  Actually, all of Earth Footwear shoes have body-toning soles because of their 3.7 incline. This 3.7° incline helps you strengthen and tone your body with every step.  It’s like they were made specifically for MOMS. I love it!  Plus, the Acclaim boots have stretchy material behind the adjustable buckle and near the calf so the boots fit more comfortably.

You need to check them out!

And… you need to enter this GIVEAWAY for a FREE PAIR BOOT of EARTH FOOTWEAR BOOTS!!!!!!

Tell me why you need these boots! I will pick a winner on Sunday, October 31st!!

Disclosure: I was sent Earth Footwear boots to review.

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 10.19.10
    LisaLisa said:

    Wow, this is a good Giveaway. Earth Footwear boots would truly fit me right now. As a mom with major chronic pain in my lower back a good pair of boots and shoes is what I seek to find. Not only do they have great style but they seem to offer good support. Did you say…assisting to burn that’s Awesome!

  2. 10.19.10
    Jillian said:

    I have been searching and searching for a good pair of boots and these look like what I have imagined in my mind that a good pair of boots look like! I am trying to become a more stylish mom and these were certianly do the trick for that!

  3. 10.19.10
    Danielle said:

    I have a pair of Earth shoes that I love. Had no idea they had boots too! I’m all about reasonable footwear (i.e. low heels) that don’t look like you bought them at an orthopedic shoes store. I “need” these because I have feet that hate me when I don’t ask for their opinion about whether I should buy a pair of shoes.

  4. 10.19.10
    Greta said:

    your house is so well put together!! can you come do my house?

    Well, I just don’t buy stuff for myself, so it’d be nice to have a new pair of boots for myself for the winter. I’m also very interested to see if they help my posture because it’s BAD!! And most of the other Mamavation sistas have them too so I want some!!

  5. 10.19.10
    ciara said:

    i often have a hard time finding boots that are stylish and will actually fit around my calves, and i’m sure that stretchy material at the calf part of the boot would help with that. i’ll be 44 yrs old in a little over 2 weeks, and i’ve been battling the weight thing for 12+ years thanks to hypothyroidism. i know that i would rock these boots out on campus (since i’m currently going to school), and get that extra calorie burn when i’m i’m walking around campus…not to mention those youngsters might be jealous that i’m so fashionable w the earth footwear boots. :o)

  6. 10.19.10
    kia said:

    I love these boots that look a lot like a beautiful pair of Doc Marten boots I bought in 2000 that died very recently when the long zipper broke. I did not expect to wear those boots for 10 years but they came in handy during some cold winters. I also love Earth Footwear, I have some fuzzy boots that aren’t as chic as these and I know how they feel on the body. I love the toning!

  7. 10.19.10
    Danielle said:

    I think it’s funny that the brand is marketing them as a butt toner/calorie burner in response to this whole butt toning category. I got my Earth sandals years ago because they’re comfortable and looked cute which my parents thought was funny because they remembered Earth shoes from the 70s.

  8. 10.19.10
    Marie said:

    Those boots would be perfect for a couple of reasons. First, I lover boots and I need some that are comfortable enough for me to chase after 5 year old twin boys. Second, I get plantar fascitis in my right foot and the angle of these boots would help spread my toes and give me the support my foot needs. I am on my feet a lot as a stay at home mom and part time ER nurse. It’s time to pamper my feet!

  9. 10.19.10
    Alysa said:

    I haven’t had a new pair of boots in years! I need some to wear with my skinny jeans! And I have been wanting to try out the earthwear boots 🙂

  10. 10.19.10
    Sara @Doodle741 said:

    I need these boots because they are AWESOME!! I have been looking and looking for boots and I just can’t seem to find a pair that I really want!! If I won, it would make the decision for me – and – I am sure I would LOVE them! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  11. 10.19.10
    Aine said:

    I need these to get through the snowy cold winters here in Wisconsin (while not looking like an abominable snowperson).

  12. 10.19.10

    Hi! I would love to have these boots! I have always wanted a pair of Earth shoes but I have never been able to afford them. I plan on being a mom soon and I think that having these boots will help me in ever way! Thank you for your consideration:) -V

  13. 10.19.10
    maria said:

    between my daughter & I we have a hard time finding comfy, stylish, and durable boots (or shoes in general for that matter)

    My 10 yr old daughter wears a ladies size 10 shoes, and I wear an ladies 11 shoe. I love that these boots are not only all of the above, but they are ageappropriate for my 10 yr old daughter, which is hard to find!!!

  14. 10.19.10
    Carrie Symes said:

    Oh I just LOVE these boots! These would be great when we end up getting a foot of snow. Plus the added calorie burn with each step is great!!

  15. 10.19.10
    lace said:

    I need these boots first of all because they are beautiful and second because I haven’t had new shoes in 6 years! (unless you count the $1 flip flops from the Gap which I don’t)

  16. 10.19.10
    Michele said:

    I would really like to win these boots because being a stay at home mom I don’t really take the time to get new or nice things for myself…..I have boots that DO NOT keep ur feet warm…:( They froze so bad last yr! I know I should just look for a warmer pair, but just hard to spend money on myself!!

  17. 10.19.10

    I am on my feet a lot! I work in an office but I am also a photographer and do most of my photoshoots outside. I would love a good sturdy boot for this time of year especially when the weather gets cooler. I also have a young son that will be running around very shortly. I would love a good pair of boots to keep my going and to tone up at the same time is just the cherry on top!

  18. 10.19.10

    OOOHHH I so need these boots! I love my Earth Footwear sneakers, but Winter is looming here in WI and I can’t really wear my daily flip flops and just sneakers anymore:) Also this mama could use a little style in my life and these boots are perfect…I spend a ton of time at the hockey rink with the kids and would love a comfy boot to look cute in! Purty please and thank you!

  19. 10.19.10
    Bonnie said:

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Earth shoes. They are the best shoes ever. My foot is wide with a high arch and these work perfect for me. A pair of boots would be awesome for my feet and back!

  20. 10.19.10
    sara said:

    i need these boots because it is turning into winter weather here and i have no boots! plus they are really cute

  21. 10.19.10
    Beth said:

    Wow…those are some awesome boot! I love them!

    Why do I need them? Hmmmmm…how about so I can keep a modicum of style and class while waiting for my daughter’s school bus when it’s too early, too dark and too cold and snowy for my slippers?

  22. 10.19.10

    I need because my buns are as flat as a pancake so I want to see what these boots can do to give more bootay!

  23. 10.19.10

    Great giveaway! I have two girls under the age of two (and the youngest is crawling!) and I am on my feet and would love shoes that help me burn calories while I’m on my feet all day with my girlies. Thanks!

  24. 10.19.10
    Angela said:

    Awesome boots!!! I would be thrilled to win these boots, considering my cat peed In my old ones… I’ve been trying to get the stink out for months, but have been unsuccessful. If I win these gorgeous boots, I promise to keep them locked safely from my naughty kitty.

  25. 10.19.10
    Rachel said:

    I just finished graduate school and now commute an hour to work several days a week, where I work with children with autism. This is rewarding but tough on the back! I also try to keep up with being a stylish mom while now working and hanging out as much as possible with my fabulous six-year-old son Lucas. What with all that I don’t spend money on fabulous quality items that will last me and take care of my body, I usually just treat myself to an inexpensive indulgence now and then. This would really be something special and appreciated, thanks for considering me!

  26. 10.19.10
    Aspen Rank said:

    I would love to win these boots! There are several reasons why I need these boots. For starters, we just got a puppy and know that we’ll be spending lots of time outside this fall and winter and know that these boots would be awesome for that. Also, my husband and I currently really tight on money and I only have one pair of winter shoes for the winter. I know that getting these boots would be awesome, I could use them all the time.Without winning, I probably won’t be able to afford any this year. Both my husband and I are full time college students, as well as him working full time and me raising our two children, money is tight, but we make do.Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  27. 10.19.10

    Ooooh would love to try these! Been eyeing this brand for a while, and would love to see if they really do feel as great as they look. I “need” them because I’m on a quest to shed the pounds and to find that perfect boot. 🙂

  28. 10.19.10

    with the Winter months hot on our heels here in the Northeast, boots are a staple… fashionable in Fall, a necessity in Winter, and great to have in Spring for those April showers. I would love to have a nice pair of boots that looks great, is comfortable AND helps me get in shape as well since boots are usually what I wear most of the year 🙂

  29. 10.19.10
    Jennifer Trueblood said:

    I would love to have these because I need a new pair of boots! And with my husband out of work and Christmas coming up, that means nothing new for mommy! Not to mention I love how they look like riding boots, low heels…I’m not the high heel type!! lol

  30. 10.19.10
    Amanda said:

    I need these boots because, well, I need new boots! I have a pair but they have higher heels and are more of a dressier boot. These look very stylish and comfortable, which is a must now that I have 2 kiddos!

  31. 10.19.10
    Norma said:

    Oh my, those look comfortable. I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Those would be perfect for keeping my feet warm and still being comfortable when having to do a lot of walking. I would absolutely LOVE to have those. I doubt I would be able to buy a pair but winning a pair would be a dream come true for my feet.

  32. 10.19.10

    I am really trying to be more fashionable and Audrey I have to admit your videos and blog posts help me so much. It is funny, I can dress my girls so fashion but I always put them before me. I WOULD LOVE to have these boots to wear with my new skinny jeggings and a long sweater. I think that would be cute?

  33. 10.19.10
    Lee Ann said:

    I was in a car accident when I was 20 and broke my back in 2 places (swerving to miss a dog). Luckly I was not paralized but at age 50 now have chronic pain in my back. I have not found a pair of boots yet that would releave some of this especially during the winter months. These boots sound just awesome!! and tone to-boot!!. I am also going to Japan in December to see my niece, her husband and my 1 yr old great nephew and these would be an added plus to my travels especially since it is so cold there during the winter. Most boots are not adjustable and the heel sometimes flops up and down these just seem to be the “perfect” pair.

  34. 10.19.10
    laura said:

    i LOOOOOVE earth shoes!! i started wearing them about 3 yrs ago because of a knee injury! the negative heel design takes pressure off of my knee by re-aligning me, thus no pain meds anymore! heels are not part of my life now so i look for trendy alernatives. i really need these boots! they are tooo cute!!

  35. 10.19.10
    Caitlin said:

    Not only do I want to be a stylish mom, but I want to be a hip, fit, toned, HOT MOM! 🙂 Additionally, since I am now a stay-at-home-mom, we are now a one-income family, so giveaways are a major help!

  36. 10.19.10
    Ju Robbins said:

    What a Fabulous give-away!!! i don’t need these boots, i NEEEEEED these boots. i’m a sah mom with a hubby that works away from home during the week, so i’m left to do all the outside chores by myself, with the help of my 4 year old daughter. My lil fashionista is always after me that i need my very own cool rainboots to wear as we go about our business outside…i actually think it’s because she wants me to look as “amazazing” as she does in her various rainboots to match her mood. SOOOooo not only would i look “cool” and meet the approval of my lil helper, i will also be gettin in some extra fitness, what a bonus that would be around here!!! Blessings!

  37. 10.19.10
    Laura said:

    Would LOVE to win these boots…along with everyone else. 🙂 If I don’t wear the “right” kind of shoes, my feet, along with my lower back, give me problems. I am a mommy of 3 girls and the right kind of shoe is a must. I live in an area where there is a lot of snow so these boots will serve it’s purpose. AND I would LOVE to have a shoe that helps me tone! After 3 kids, there are some major places I need toning!! Thanks for the consideration! 🙂

  38. 10.19.10
    Ginger said:

    While thinking about how I would respond, I thought of telling you that I would likely use these as Jedi boots for my costuming excursions. You see, I am a costumer that shows up at various charity events to help raise money and/or awareness, such as Toys for Tots or Make A Wish. But, upon thinking about it, if I were to win, I’d likely donate these to the homeless shelter nearby. I know they are overloaded with women and children, so I’m sure one of the homeless mothers would be overjoyed to have a decent pair of boots.

  39. 10.19.10
    nicole said:

    I’d absolutely love these boots! Our first is due in February, and I just got to that point where I can’t wear any of my heels… including all my boots. Boots are my fall/winter staple, but I can’t justify spending the money either when we’re about to get bogged down with diapers and all of that. A flat would be awesome, and winning them would be even better!

  40. 10.19.10
    Abigail said:

    As a mother of two I’ve noticed more lower back pain than ever and if these boots offer comfort and style than these are the boots I’ve been looking for!

  41. 10.19.10
    Mara said:

    I need these boots for myself. I am constantly buying my son new clothes and shoes (and of course I love to do that). But it’s time mommy get something new too. THanks.

  42. 10.19.10
    Mippy said:


    I soooo need some winter boots!!! I live in Utah and we’ve ha snow as late a may and as early as Halloween!!!
    I had a rubber pair of boots for rain and such and a nice $200 plus leather pair that I only wore a few times, and both had to be discarded because of meth contamination from a neighbor.
    I could really use a pair of winter boots and the added bonus of the toning of the legs would be an added bonus! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win in this giveaway!!!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip at yahoo dot com

  43. 10.19.10
    Erin M. said:

    I’m a mom. Need I say more?! Thanks for the chance to win these! They look FAB!

  44. 10.19.10
    Jenny said:

    I love my Earth sandals, but am sorely boot deprived.
    I am turning 40 in the next month, and am looking for ways
    to be more fashionable and in shape at the same time!

    Thank you!

  45. 10.19.10
    Danielle said:

    As an active Mom, I am always doing something physical. After a tennis match last weekend, I had the misfortune of tearing my calf muscle. True story. And my Dr. told me to wear a small heel as I heal to take the pressure off the calf. So these boots would be amazing in that they would alleviate my pain, tone as I wear them (I can’t work out for weeks!) and eventually help to strengthen the muscle. Thanks so much!

  46. 10.19.10
    amy said:

    Oh…I would LOVE to win these! I have 2 fashionista sisters…and several such friends…and always feel so ‘frumpy’ around them all b/c I never take the time (or $) to buy anything for me! And, with a newborn around, that’s happening even less lately!

  47. 10.19.10
    Rachel said:

    Hi We just went through a financial crisis (who hasn’t 🙂 and I’m very low on the budget line items so I’ll be wearing last years/past years boots again…UNLESS “someone” decided to gift this very special, comfy ((I love Earth Footwear!! I have RA so they are one of the best)) to a ready-to-advertise mom! I try to be hip and cool (teenagers and college kids still talk to me) but this would be just plain fun & comfort! Please pick me :)! oh and I follow you on Twitter, too 😉

  48. 10.19.10
    mgraviss said:

    I love boots, but sadly, most of mine are not conducive to carrying around my hulk of a son.(They will have to wait until he can walk). With chronic back pain (thanks to 2 herniated discs), a pair of comfy, stylish boots is a must have! Would love to own these boots in a size 7 please!

  49. 10.19.10
    Michelle said:

    I am trying to be a more stylish Mom but keep it comfortable. This would be the perfect fit!! I don’t currently have a pair of boot and really need some!

  50. 10.19.10

    It would be awesome to win these boots! I never win anything! lol! I am totally out of style. My 14 month old sure isn’t though since he gets all of my money! lol! I would definitely be the stylish mom on the block!

  51. 10.19.10
    Melissa said:

    Last year I was in the best shape of my life. My goal to run a marathon evolved into a several other races and a second marathon while 2.5 months pregnant. I miss that body! With a toddler and a baby it feels impossible to find time to exercise.

  52. 10.19.10
    regan said:

    i sooo need these boots! mine current ones are falling apart and i’ve been on the hunt for a cute and durable pair to replace them…i hope i win!

  53. 10.19.10
    Rachel Beard said:

    I just moved to Chicago suburbs from San Diego and am bracing myself for my first winter here. My husband is based in New York until May so these would be great for me to use as I snow blow my way through my first Chicago winter!

  54. 10.19.10

    I’m a single mom to 5.5 year old twins. Although fashion is changing each year I don’t have the budget to keep up with it. I’m working hard at my photography business and I’d love a pair of comfy Earth boots to tredge through mud, hills and more in capturing children in their absolute innocence and joy.

    Thanks for considering me!


  55. 10.19.10
    nicole kerns said:

    I am a mom of three and never buy anything for myself so my wardrobe is bascially jeans and tees. I would love to have something stylish and comfortable. The boots look like they can go with anything and are a nice simple style. I would love to win these boots.

  56. 10.19.10
    Ranee said:

    I need these boots first and foremost because I do not have boots. I fail when it comes to protecting myself adequately during the winter here in Indiana. I’ve been known to wear flip flops out. I’ve also been known to fall, and break things.

  57. 10.19.10
    jen said:

    I would LOVE these boots!! You ask, why?

    1. I could use a new pair of boots my last pair that were hand me downs are kind of beat.
    2. I have 6 boys & very little time, energy or $ to shop with.
    3. I think they would be very stylish for a mom of 6 boys.
    4. I really like them!
    5. I could use a little toning since my youngest is only 6 months( still on my way to the pre-pregnancy weight).
    6. I have a good size network of friends & I could promote these well!
    7. Did I mention that I really like them??
    8. You could be my best friend, 🙂
    9. I wear a 7.5 regular width in case you need that info, lol!!
    10. Thank you so much for considering me!

    Best wishes to all of the women out there hoping to be Cinderella & not the Stepsisters!!

  58. 10.19.10
    Hope said:

    Who doesn’t need to tone? And who doesn’t need a new pair of boots? You’re right! They seem like the perfect mom boots. And as a mom of 3 girlys, I need to tone and I would love doing it while looking hot!

  59. 10.19.10
    Trina said:

    I need these boots above all others! After having gone to my 20 year high school reunion recently I found that I have totally fallen out of I had my children later in life so I have a 4 and 1 year old whereas my classmates are having grandbabies:-) I was always in fashion and shape in school and right up until the Birth of my first child! Since then I forgot myself and focused soley on my children…as I should have! I only wear flip flops and tennis shoes for comfort…as that is what I’m most concerned with nowadays! When trying to look for a pair of Comfortable boots for it seemed an eternity…all I could find were UGG boots! The comfy ones made my feet look ginormous and the newer fashionable ones were not that comfy!! These boots look like they have a mix of what I crave!!! I am trying to revive a part of me I once knew in high school but feel so guilty if I buy anything for myself and not my children!!!! So please help a former fashionista out and be the start of my ReVIVAL:-)

  60. 10.19.10
    Cheri Bills said:

    I love Earth shoes. I have had 2 surgeries on my left knee, because of an accident. Earth shoes are the only shoes I can wear that do not cause fluid on my knee. My husband and I took in 2 of his grandchildren, and since then I have not had the money to buy any new ones, the 2 pair I have now are 2 1/2 years old. I absolutely love these and they make such a difference in my quality of life. Instead of limping and hurting, I can walk like I used to.

  61. 10.19.10
    Cara said:

    I currently have 8 week old twins, as well as 2 other children. I could definitely use the toning since the birth of my twins and LOVE boots! My budget does not enable me to buy new things, especially with 3 kiddos under 3 in diapers. It would be nice to have some new footwear when I return to work next month (high school teacher).

  62. 10.19.10
    Ellyn Adkisson said:

    I am in desperate need to find cute boots that I can take my 4 boys to all their sporting events in the winter. Plus since my husband is always traveling, I am the lucky Mom who gets to do the shoveling. We live the north suburbs of Chicago so there is plenty of snow!!! Also, who does not want to look great sledding with their kids. My boys are all old enough to go sledding that I am now required to go with. Plus my children love to be outside!! It does not matter how cold they are, we are outside. With winter being long here, soccer season is cold!!! Please help me I need some cute, comfortable foot wear!!! 🙂

  63. 10.19.10
    Caroline said:

    I need this boots because, I just moved from another country and this is my first winter. I would be very happy to have this pair of boots in my first winter, especially needed it for toning my post partum body =)

  64. 10.19.10
    kelsey fuglsby said:

    I NEED these boots to keep up with my 18 month old and the brutal Minnesota winter!!!
    Plus, they are super cute!

  65. 10.19.10

    I need these boots because my feet are always cold in the Winter! I also love Earth Footwear…Nice, quality product!

  66. 10.19.10
    Wendy Jo said:

    I need these boots. I just moved to WV from NC and I am already freezing. I do not know how I will make it through the winter at this rate.

  67. 10.19.10
    Alissa said:

    Two words….. Four Children!
    If that isn’t reason enough for new boots…for me…not the kids…then I don’t know what is!

  68. 10.19.10
    April said:

    Hi, I am in need of a pair of these boots! I have a pair of boots that were given to me 4 years ago and they are a High heel and very beaten up, plus on top of that I can’t wear High Heels, I am in 8 month of Pregnancy and need comfy boots to finish out this special time! Thanks

  69. 10.19.10
    Nikki said:

    I have cowboy boots that don’t seem quite as dressy as these and also have some super-dressy boots with heels. These would round out my boot selection!

  70. 10.19.10

    I need these boots because I am finally getting back into shape after several years, and I need all the help I can get. Plus they’re really cute and I need this pair to go with my sweater that I bought at Costco.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  71. 10.19.10
    Ana said:

    OH, PLEEZE PICK ME!!! I bought my 1st pair of Earth sandals last summer in Boston, and I literally wear them everyday. I LOVE them! So you can imagine how silly I must look in the winter wearing sandals (it’s a good thing we recently moved from Boston to Texas..not as much snow. ha!). I have winter boots (from when I lived in Boston) but they are all heavy duty, snow boots…and not cute, stylish and COMFORTABLE boots. So, you can see my need for a new pair of Earth shoes/boots. Then, I’ll have a pair of Earth shoes to wear every season of the year. FYI, I wear a size 10. My fingers are crossed.

    P.S. When visiting our friends in Boston this summer, I talked 2 of them into buying Earth sandals, too. When I find a good thing, I’ll spread the word from the roof tops.

  72. 10.19.10
    Rachael said:

    I LOVE them, I have searched far and wide for some, I need them (feet grew after last baby), I could totally be the most stylish momma in our snowy Idaho town, I would wear them everyday until flip flops are calling my name. Please Please pick me 🙂

  73. 10.19.10
    laura s said:

    I’m expecting my first child in March 2011 and I literally only wear Dansko clogs bc of my stressful job and walking/moving up and down stairs and out in the field all day. I would LOVE these boots because they look super comfortable and will help me tone up after the baby comes (and before!) Thanks for consideration.

  74. 10.19.10
    Cassie said:

    Love these boots. am in the market for good riding boots and ones that tone as I chase around the 4 kiddos would be perfect. great giveaway!

  75. 10.19.10
    Annette said:

    My BACK needs these boots! 🙂

  76. 10.19.10
    Linda said:

    I would love to win a pair of the Earth Footwear. Why? Yep it`s sure I have started my weight loss journey last week! Couldn`t really wait `till my New Years resolution, nope started last week. SO far I`v lost 3.3 pounds.. Proud? nah it was a nasty stomach bug my kids gave me! It would be perfect for living on the east coast where it gets pretty chilly some now and then ( Audrey you know everything about that huh?!) So I`ll be wearing boots ALL the time. Would love to see if I could those nice toned legs over the winter. ( hahaha it cracks me up even saying that! yeah right me and toned legs?)
    Thank you guys! This is an awesome give away.

  77. 10.19.10
    Tina said:

    I have been looking for the perfect boot for FOREVER! 🙂

  78. 10.19.10
    erica said:

    Just like you I am always on the search for a great pair of boots….
    these seem like a great pair for this fall/winter. I need these because after I had my daughter my feet just are not the same. Which has lead to lots of shoes that just dont fit anymore. So a new pair of boots that would fit my feet now, would be such a blessing =) I hope you pick me!

  79. 10.19.10
    Nicole said:

    I am a mom who only buys for her kids! My kids come FIRST with everything and I am happy doing it! Other moms are walking around in their fancy handbags and boots while their kids are wearing basics, my kids are wearing the best while me well…. I am another story….. plain jeans, target tees, converse….. seriously these boots would give me inspiration….. hmmmmm maybe I can actually walk into a salon and get my hair done and a manicure…… can’t remember the last time that was….. anyway, would LOVE to win these…. they look super cute and if not, that’s fine too, I love my life showering my children with the best!

  80. 10.19.10

    Audrey! These seem like a dream come true!! Love the look and the concept of burning more calories!

  81. 10.19.10
    Amanda said:

    I need these boots because after having two girls within 14 months, my feet have grown and I now only own two pairs of shoes that fit, neither of which are boots. I sure could use some pampering, particularly as I’ve gone from couch potato to working out 6 times per week and training for a half marathon on behalf of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Zero to six miles in eight weeks – not bad! 🙂

  82. 10.19.10
    heather said:

    I would love a pair of these boots. With having a child with special needs wherever I can incorporate toning is a great thing. In Michigan we have some pretty good winters so I need good boots so that when carrying her and lifting her in and out of the car I don’t slip and fall. I hope you pick me! I will be greatly appreciative!

  83. 10.19.10
    Amy A said:

    I would love a pair of these boots. Easy to wear, comfortable, and it will keep me walking in the fall and winter, WITH the bonus of toning my muscles with the negative heels. AND they are CUTE!!!

  84. 10.19.10
    Janet said:

    I need these boots because I am the working parent and have no money this holiday season for something for myself.

  85. 10.19.10
    Sandie said:

    I’ve had 2 surgeries in 5 weeks and will have another in 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and will be starting chemo treatments after my next surgery. I own one pair of Earth shoes and love them, love them, love them! I would love having these boots to wear to my chemo treatments over the winter as I was told I have at least 6 months of treatments.

  86. 10.20.10
    Melanie said:

    Would love Earth Footwear Boots!

  87. 10.20.10
    Jennifer B said:

    I need these boots because I don’t have any nice warm ones for winter and they tone! I always need help there

  88. 10.20.10
    Rachael said:

    Oh how I would love to win these boots! I suffer from severe chronic back pain, and shoes like this actually make me feel a little better because they cause your body to self-correct it’s posture. For this reason, I’m a huge fan of FitFlops and own a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups. Toning as an added benefit is awesome, but if I’m feeling less back pain, I’m a happy happy girl.

    Additionally, I’ve lost almost 30 lbs since late spring and just bought my first pair of skinny jeans and some leggings which these boots would look just perfect with! I have plenty more to go, but I never thought I’d see the day where I tried on either of these, let alone had to ask a salesperson to retrieve smaller sizes for me!

    SO, these boots would be a fabulous addition to both my wardrobe and my daily life in general. I never win anything, so I’ve got my fingers and TOES crossed for this one – thanks for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway!!!

    [email protected]

  89. 10.20.10
    Briona Desmond said:

    Hi teach preschool and I’m a Mom on 3, ages 11, 8 and 5. My wonderful job at Preschool keeps me on my feet and then I head to the elementary school to volunteer in the class store or with reading groups 2 days a week. At 3 o’clock…this is where I say my real day begins…shuffling kids to activities, doing homework and then making dinner. I would love to be more stylish 🙂 Can these boots be the perfect anchor to any comfortable yet stylish outfit? And they tone? Amazing!!!!

  90. 10.20.10
    Tracy said:

    I am going to be honest. I have major knee and foot issues….I am 33 yrs old. I love boots…I am a little overweight and feel like crappola about myself…I am the mother of a 5 year old…we spend a lot of time outdoors…and no matter what I am wearing I am in pain! I would like something that will keep me warm…let me be active with my son…and not make me hurt so bad at the end of the day….I just stumbled across this and the boots look great…hoping you will help!

    Thanks and God Bless!

  91. 10.20.10
    E. Diane said:

    Hi, I love the shot of your kids in the review video!
    I would LOVE and NEED these boots because:
    -I have always been a fan of simple designs that go with just about everything. It just makes life easier!
    -I also love that there isn’t much of a heel on these boots. I am very tall, as tall as my husband in fact, and while I enjoy my height I like to enjoy my NATURAL height without much artificial boost.
    -With the birth of our daughter earlier this year my lifelong physical routines have nearly shattered. I used to dance, swim, run, practice martial arts, and walk literally miles and miles a day. I am getting back into walking but it is an uphill battle (literally, as we live in the mountains). I feel like regaining the strength and tone I once had in my legs is just not happening as fast as it should.
    -posture. another one I get to ‘blame’ on the baby ;-). it is a vicious cycle, I slouch, my back starts to hurt, I slouch some more, my back hurts more…, you get the idea. I would love to be once again practically pain free, especially if I don’t have to think about and force myself to consciously maintain a posture to stay that way.
    – I am bootless. I don’t know WHAT happened but I managed to completely de-sole the boots I had. Seriously, the soles came right off of BOTH of them…. one of life’s unexplained mysteries I suppose. But the fact remains I am now bootless. A bootless existence is a sad existence!

    Rational part of post out of the way…


    Rationality kicking back in…
    Thank you for your consideration and good luck to everyone.

  92. 10.20.10
    debindc said:

    14 years and 4 children later, who wouldn’t want a pair of boots that look chic, feel good & work your body all at the same time? 🙂 They look awesome! I’d love to win a pair.

  93. 10.20.10
    Kimberly Sypert said:

    I was really excited when I first saw these b/c with a name like Earth Footwear, I was sure they were environmentally friendly. Well I did a little research and they are made out of leather. Leather is NOT environmentally friendly at all!

    From Wikianswers:
    “Real leather is an animal product, more specifically cows hide. As a result when there is a demand for leather more cows will be needed, and thus more land. When you need more land you sometimes need to cut down trees or whole forests to compensate for the cattle/herd. In addition the cattle will eat the grass taking away from valuable erosion protection. But more importantly the trees sometimes cut down to make room for the cattle will cause habitat loss, erosion, and heat control. As well many leather companies will use harmful chemicals to create the leather and thus those chemicals can be dumped in water, polluting it.”

    So I thought they were cool, until I saw they were made of leather and thus Earth destroying footwear.

  94. 10.20.10
    kl jasus said:

    i need these boots because it snows a ton up here and i don’t have a decent pair, plus i’d look pretty freakin’ hot in these boots!!
    [email protected]

  95. 10.20.10
    Kimberly said:

    I love these boots — how great is it that they look cool AND tone?!? We are expecting snow where I live next week — time to hunker down!

  96. 10.20.10
    Melissa said:

    I need comfy shoes and I hear Earth Footwear is really amazing.

  97. 10.20.10
    Michelle N said:

    These boots are so cool. I’ve never heard of this company, but since seeing them on your blog, I’ve been telling all my friends about it. I just went to their website and I love that there are vegan options. I’d wear any of them, though. I like that they have a responsible stance and a clear vision for their footwear, but they’re still gorgeous! As a mom of two, I need shoes/boots that are comfortable and practical, and of course, every girl wants to look cute too! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair!

  98. 10.20.10
    Sarah said:

    As the mother of 8 children, 7 of them being boys, I need a pair of durable, long-lasting, comfy boots to keep up with them. Through rain, snow, mud and sleet, we are always on the go and I usually wear just tennis shoes as I cannot afford boots for myself. This would be such a nice gift to me and would be a blessing beyond belief! I know their are a lot of deserving women trying for these boots and hope the right one will be chosen. God knows who needs them the most! Thank you for your consideration of me and for your time to read all these comments! 🙂

  99. 10.20.10
    Nicki said:

    These boots looks amazing and comfort is always of the utmost importance especially when running errands daily with the kids in tow. I would love to win these boots, because like a lot of Mum’s it’s always a bonus to get something for free.

  100. 10.20.10
    christy said:

    I had foot surgery last Friday and won’t be able to wear heels for 4-6 months. I NEED some cute boots to get me through the winter.

  101. 10.21.10
    Julie M said:

    Why do I need these boots you ask? Because I love Earth footwear shoes and I don’t have any of their boots yet. Is that good enough for you. hehe. Seriously though, their shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased, even if the price can be on the steep side, they are so worth it. I have 2 pair of Earth shoes so far and one day maybe I will have a closet full, a girl can dream can’t she. 🙂

  102. 10.21.10
    Eugenie said:

    I need these boots since I don’t have a pair for the winter right now. My old ones finally bit the dust at the end of last winter. These look like they will keep me warm when walking around in the snow and the fact that they will tone me is a bonus.

  103. 10.21.10
    Emily N. said:

    I need these boots because I don’t have many stylish shoes to wear this winter.

  104. 10.21.10
    Mary C. said:

    I need these Earth Footwear Acclaim Boots because of their body toning ability and boot shaft height. I really need the incline aspect of the soles of these boots to help strengthen my body. I recently walked a trail with quite an incline and realized how out-of-shape I am. These boots would gradually help me get back in shape. They would be kind of like my own little invisible treadmill I can take along with me anywhere! I do not have any tall boots and these would be super warm for the winter. Love these boots!

  105. 10.21.10
    Lisa Hill said:

    oh…let me count the ways why i need these boots…
    1. i am a shoe-a holic, L-O-V-E them!
    2. boots rock! EARTH footwear rocks!
    3. i need to update my boot selection.
    4. i love the science behind EARTH footwear.
    5. i am no longer allowed to splurge on amazing footwear.
    6. i am going through new shoe withdrawals.
    7. i watch children for a PT living and comfy boots are essential.
    8. i watch children for a PT living, which takes patience and therefore deserve new boot
    9. i need to revamp my exercise routine and these would help.
    10. it would be nice to actually win a contest! 😉

  106. 10.21.10

    I NEED these hot boots! I absolutely LOVE my one pair of Earth Footwear and am dying to have the same comfort in a pair of stylish boots. CROSSING MY FINGERS! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  107. 10.21.10
    Tracey said:

    I think those boots look so comfy and my podiatrist would love it if i stopped wearing the heeled boots I’ve had for 3 years that hurt the arches in my feet. I have been directed to stop wearing heels, but I just have not had the cash to invest in new fall shoes. The aspect that they not only fulfill fashion trend requirements, but can also improve on the body strengthening side – A Definite Must Have!

  108. 10.21.10
    racergirl1313 said:

    I need those boots because winters in Michigan are cold and full of snow and slush. You just can’t get around most of the winter without a great pair of boots, trust me. Also, I have always wanted to try Earth footwear, but I still don’t have a pair.


  109. 10.21.10
    Kristen said:

    LOVE these boots and would be so happy. As a mom of 3, I seldom have time to shop for myself…and these are completely my style. I would be so happy!

  110. 10.21.10
    Tim said:

    We live in Maine. My wife could use theses boots.

    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  111. 10.22.10
    Ambergi said:

    I need these boots bcause I love the way they look, I don’t have boots right now, i want to tone as I go, and look good doing it!!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  112. 10.22.10
    Jillian said:

    I just saw some really cute sweater dresses that I could wear with these boots! Really, I am stuck in frumpy mom-ville attire and am in need of some major wardrobe updating…please…please…please

  113. 10.22.10
    Shannon F. said:

    I need these boots because I don’t have a single pair! We’ve moved to central New York (after living in warmer climates where boots aren’t necessities) and Syracuse get’s more snowfall than almost anywhere else in the country!

  114. 10.22.10
    Cee said:

    I need these boots because I have absolutely no winter boots or shoes and my whole wardrobe budget has gone to tuition. I appreciate the body toning feature as well, as I have very little time to exercise with work, school, and a wonderful toddler. Thank you for this giveaway!

  115. 10.23.10
    Kelli said:

    Those Acclaim boots are gorgeous!!! Would love to have them to update my wardrobe and make me a mom with chic cool boots that would be super comfy! I love all my earth shoes….

  116. 10.23.10
    Kathy said:

    Is there a reason why anyone wants boots. i could give all lame answers here. Fact of the matter is i saw them i love them. And I would like to have them.

  117. 10.23.10
    Katie said:

    I need these boots because the only pair of boots – other than snow ones – I’ve ever had were Doc Martens. I’ve never really had a pair for every day wear and it would be fun look to try. It’s time for some new stylish ones:)

  118. 10.23.10
    meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman said:

    Well,I am entering this for my sister who just moved to a very cold area in New York and we are from Mississippi.She does not have any of the clothes or shoes she needs to live in New York in winter.These look like they are so great for bad weather and very cute too.Please count me in to win these! Thanks
    [email protected]

  119. 10.23.10
    Cris Richman said:

    I need these boots to give to my wife as one of her birthday presents.I am trying to buy her lots of items this year.She would like these,I think

    [email protected]

  120. 10.23.10
    Brenlin said:

    I need these boots because…hello!! toning and strengthening without thinking about it!! My body can use all the help I can give it. And I can look good and be good to my body at the same time!

  121. 10.24.10
    cherice said:

    Loving those boots! After having my second child my feet are a half of size bigger so now I need all new shoes and boots are a must for winter. Thanks for the chance.

  122. 10.25.10
    Karina said:

    Hi! I just found your site and it is awesome! Loving these boots alot! I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I work in a metal free warehouse. That means no heels…ever! I know….it’s not fun! It is super hard to find flats that allow you to expand your shoe wardrobe past ballerinas in the summer and Uggs in the winter. The toning features are a major plus. I hope they don’t set off the metal detectors! 🙂

  123. 10.28.10
    Diana Smith Hill said:

    I need these boots because my old pair of earth boots just dissappeared somehow in the move. I am now disabled and cannot afford a new pair. this would literraly be a God send to me!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I was just looking tonight online for boots and thinking how on earth I was going to be able to afford a pair that would last me for years like my earthboots did! This would really be a wonderful blessing!

  124. 10.30.10
    victoria lester said:

    I need these boots so I can give them to my teenage daughter as a Birtday Present coming up in December (5th). She’ll be turning 17. I’m a bit shy on my mom because I’m on a restricted income I’ve been watching my mom who suffered a stroke. My daughter has been a great help and I wish I could somehow show her my appreciate more. She doesn’t ask for alot but she deserves alot.
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

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