Tabasco Original Red: BRING. IT. ON.

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever been out to breakfast and seen someone ask for TABASCO® Original Red for their eggs?  OK, that’s usually me!  Many times it’s already on the table, but sometimes it’s not, oftentimes it’s met with an, “are you serious” look, especially from other diners.  Hey, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.  Sometimes when another diner asks how it tastes, I’ll encourage them to try a little on a bite of their eggs.  It’s usually met with a, “Wow, I never expected it to taste like that” followed by a request for a bottle of their own.”

TABASCO® Original Red isn’t about adding heat to a meal for heat’s sake, it’s about enhancing and unlocking the flavor in foods.  A simple recipe of salt, red pepper and vinegar that is aged to perfection for three years so you’re not simply flavoring your food, you’re complimenting it to bring out it’s taste.

I use TABASCO® Original Red on a variety of things, especially on some of the healthier foods I cook, that tend to be low in fat, and sometimes can lack in flavor.  One of my favorites is ground turkey breast burgers!  Before I make the patties, I mix in chopped green pepper and onion along with a generous dose of TABASCO® Original Red.  Then I cook it in the oven or on the grill at a lower heat so I don’t dry it out (a hazard of low-fat cooking).  It’s a low-fat, super delicious explosion of flavor that won’t leave you disappointed.

OK, so we don’t always eat healthy, we love pizza as well.  I’d love to tell you I make my own dough, stretch it and spin it, cover it with our favorite toppings, add the TABASCO® Original Red and throw it in our wood burning oven, but we don’t!  We call for delivery.  TABASCO has a great resource on their website that gives you 10 ways to “Doctor Up Delivery”  Ordering pizza to your specifications can get expensive with topping costing up to a couple dollars a piece.  We order cheese and “finish” it at home.  My favorite is the Carmelized Onion Pizza (I also add chicken).

TABASCO® Original Red is also a staple during football season.  My husband is an avid Steelers fan and with the playoffs upon us he likes to create a nice spread of game time food.  Healthy eating goes out the window for a few weeks (at least on Sunday).  In addition to chicken wings flavored with TABASCO® Original Red, butter, brown sugar and a handful of secret ingredients, he also likes to have the traditional Pittsburgh pierogi and kielbasa on hand.  Here’s Game-Day Party Menu utilizing TABASCO® Original Red to make any party something people will be talking about!

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