Breakfast For Dinner = Deliciousness

I’m a big fan of designated dinner nights: “taco night,” “pizza night” and “Chinese take-out night” are among my favorites, especially on a Friday night.

But I’ve also always also loved “breakfast for dinner” nights ever since I was a little kid. It’s just a little change, but it can put a fun twist on dinner.

For these types of nights, I’ve usually always stuck to pancakes or waffles. If I was feeling unadventurous, I’d just go for a bowl of cereal. If I was feeling like kicking it up a notch, I’d make an omelet (I know – that’s some craziness right there. Watch out!).

But as I continue to evolve in the kitchen as a Shared Tastes Panel member, I’ve expanded my “breakfast for dinner” horizons, much to Brian’s delight.

Take the Hearty Huevos Skillet, for instance. This is something I probably never would have attempted before. I would have thought it looked too complicated and time-consuming. But since I have now tried a bunch of ReadySetEat recipes and know how they work (the words “quick” and “easy” come to mind), I had confidence that I’d be able to pull this off – and it would actually be good. And guess what? I was right!

Rosarita No Fat Traditional Refried Beans & Egg Beaters Mix
Almost finished!


Time to eat! Mmmmm.

There is very little prep work to be done, even though there are three different components to prepare: the Rosarita® No Fat Traditional Refried Beans & Egg Beaters Mix; the Ro*Tel Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies; and the corn tortillas. In fact, it is actually simple enough to pull together while still making sure everything is served hot – something I usually have a hard time with in the kitchen!

Brian and I both liked this recipe a lot. It reminded us of a layered dip, except that the “dip” is inside a tortilla and eaten like a burrito. Yum! It was very flavorful and definitely satisfying enough to be considered a dinner meal. And it was super simple to make!

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